With Love and happiness must come pain and sadness. One will lose their meaning without the other… Each enriches the other. This world was created to preserve this delicate balance… We exist to bring both joy and sorrow to the ones we represent… Our reason to fight is to protect their hearts from losing the meaning of their cherished bonds… Two of us shall always clash, one to nurture the pain, and the other to empower the heart's love.

However… should one stray from their duty… Then the one they represent shall only experience tragedy… regardless of role. The ones who we represent are not aware of our existence, but should calamity befalls one, the other is allowed to become whole to save the other.

There are now more bonds that appeared that never existed before… The representatives are like us… yet are different. They are not bound by fate, as if they are misplaced instead…

I, the Emperor of Calamity, cannot tell what the future has in store…

Chapter three: Pain and Sorrow

Black Matagi jumped from the roof of a three story building, landing in a crouch in the street as the cat eared Demonic Cannon User followed her, only landing not as gracefully as she landed on her rear instead.

"Nyu…that hurts…" the spectacled girl mewled while rubbing her sore bottom as she rose up.

The emo remained silent as she began walking. She shouldered her weapon before looking over he shoulder as her companion rose to her feet.

"Tell me…" Matagi demanded in an expressionless tone.

Demonic Cannon User nodded before taking a deep breath.

" For the past three weeks, this Alter Ego has been pursuing me… her hair is red… and she rides a motorcycle… I never get her face, but she always appears wherever I am.." she explained.

"Weapons?" Black Matagi asked next.

" She never used any." the spectacled catgirl replied.

The headphone wearing girl nodded before pausing.

"Quiet…" she said in a low voice.

Demonic Cannon User's cat ears twitched as she picked up a faint sound that was getting louder with each passing second.

Black Matagi held out her gunblade like a sword and stared forward as the sound, now recognized as that of an engine, became even louder.

The pair turned around as they saw an approaching motorcycle. The machine was jet black and streamlined aesthetically. Along the black sides of the bike was a decal of silver flames running across the bottom. The insides of the wheels were lacking any spokes, only a pair of rings secured to the frame were holding the tires in place. The rider was leaning forward, the hands grasping handles built into the side of the vehicle while the feet were hugging the machine, further enhancing the aerodynamics of the futuristic looking bike. Except for the ebony helmet that was visible, the rider's entire body was hidden from view by the motorcycle from the front.

As the vehicle came closer, it began to slow down. Once the rider saw the two Other Selves, she grasped one of the handles and twisted the vehicle's direction ninety degrees while applying the brakes, screeching to a sudden halt.

Black Matagi watched cautiously as Demonic Cannon User raised her firearm, gulping nervously as she watched the newcomer dismount the motorcycle.

The woman was wearing a black bodysuit that clung to her body. Her hands were skeletal from the wrist down to the fingertips while her feet were mechanical and were more similar to those of a hawk. She raised a hand up to the visor of the helmet before pushing it upwards, revealing a set of deep scarlet eyes lacking pupils with a lock of silver hair that hung near her left eye.

She noticed Demonic Cannon User's weapon before she kicked the side of her motorcycle with the bottom of her left foot. A compartment door nearby the seat opened up and ejected a double barreled firearm up into the air. The newcomer held out her hand and grasped the weapon midair before pointing it at the pair.

"Don't even think about it." she warned them in a threatening manner.

Black Matagi remained calm while DCU gulped slightly.

"What do you want from me?" the cat-eared girl asked.

The biker glanced over at the spectacled girl before glaring.

"I am looking for those who possess the flames." she explained. "I wish to see if the rumors about them are true."

The emo tensed up while getting into a fighting position before a purple flame erupted from her left eye. The biker smirked upon seeing Black Matagi's flame before holding out her gun at her.

"Excellent. You saved me the trouble of hunting you down, Other Self." she said before she squeezed the trigger.

Two black projectiles with a deep scarlet glow surrounding them went towards Black Matagi. The emo raised her weapon and held it sideways, using the blade as a shield as the bullets made contact. The obsidian projectiles shattered, generating a giant ruby red explosion that engulfed the Other Self within the flames.

"MATAGI-SAN!" Demonic Cannon User cried out before holding up her weapon and pulled the trigger.

A sphere of a brilliant green energy formed at the tip of the barrel before a loud explosion was made as the thin cannon unleashed a beam roughly twenty times thicker than the barrel's circumference, carving into the pavement as the recoil forced the cat eared girl to skid back a few meters while struggling to keep a firm grip on her firearm.

The biker saw the incoming beam and dove to her left, narrowly evading certain death. She watched the beam diminish in size as it kept going straight, her eyes widening upon seeing the large, partially molten ditch that the energy projectile formed.

Frozen Tundra

A blizzard blew fiercely through a frozen landscape, filled with only snow and countless pillars of ice protruding from the ground to create crystalline forests. The only sounds was of the wailing winds that came with the blizzard, their cries mournful yet harrowing.

A lone figure trudged through the frozen wasteland, the snow going up to the waist. The body was obscured by a tattered black cloak with a hood drawn up to hide the face.

The robed person stopped upon hearing a faint roar in the distance. After standing still for several moments, the lone traveler resumed moving, only to stop several minutes later upon hearing the roar again, only this time much louder.

The figure immediately turned around and pulled down the hood, revealing to be a girl with cerulean blue hair that went to the base of her neck. Her ice-blue eyes stared emotionlessly before the cloak began to flap in the wind, revealing her to be wearing a blue vest that matched her hair with a black snowflake present on the right breast. The large zipper fastener was jet black, obviously noticeable against the vest. Her breasts were average size, but the top contoured to them slightly.

Her hands were encased in two different gauntlets. The left was black and looked more skeletal with translucent blue claws protruding from the top of the fingertips. The right arm was disproportionately larger than the left and more mechanical. The jet black hand was about five times the size of an average man's, each digit flat and elongated with a circular hole in the center of the palm. Around the wrist was an similar sized blue armlet that covered over half of the forearm, the rest of the forearm was encased in black metal up to the knee.

The Alter Ego known as Frost Hunter turned around before seeing a gigantic crystalline serpent erupt from the snow, roaring loudly before lowering its head down to look at its prey with glowing red eyes.

Frost Hunter held out her right arm to the side and flexed her fingers. She stared at the rugged monster without any fear. When the monster opened its mouth to reveal its long needle like fangs, the girl raised her right arm, palm facing forwards before the loud whirling sound of a turbine echoed from the armlet as it opened up, revealing a silver metal mesh as light began illuminate from inside. The Alter Ego then raised an hand up and pressed on a protrusion, causing a stream of pressurized wind at the monster.

The creature immediately recoiled from the coldness of the wind, screeching in pain caused by it. The coldness of the blizzard significantly paled in comparison to the wind that came from the girl's hand. So cold, that it burned...

Frost Hunter lowered her arm as it closed, returning to normal in the process. She then crouched down and leaped into the air, revealing that she was wearing shorts similar to that of Black Rock Shooter's own, but cerulean with a white studded belt as well as ebony metallic boots that went up to the bottom of the knee. She raised her right arm up again, this time her hand balled up into a fist. She descended towards the monster before delivering a devastating punch square in the face, causing it to shatter like glass instantly. Cracks formed and grew all over its body before shattering into countless shards of ice.

The Alter Ego landed on her feet, her face remaining stoic as she watched the monster crumble. Once certain that it met its demise, she turned around and readjusted her cloak before pulling the hood up again. Once finished, she resumed walking.


Shadow Eater looked at an slate gray coffin that was wrapped in several obsidian chains. On the center of the coffin was an engraving of a skull. The Alter Ego smirked at how easily he manipulated her. She firmly believed that Black Rock Shooter and her human counterpart were to blame for her losing control of her own double, leading to her near death, even though it really was her own double that broke free from her grasp. He knew that those obsessed with exacting revenge were easy to use, as long as one had the correct bait.

"Your rebirth will soon be complete, Dead Master." he said endearingly to the coffin while gently stroking it with his right hand. "Just please be patient, my dear."

The Alter Ego smiled as he felt the coffin pulse slightly in response.

"I know, I am just as excited as you are, but I cannot rush the process, otherwise you will not be fully restored." he spoke to the Other Self that was inside the coffin.

The man then turned to face another chained up coffin that was nearby Dead Master's, and his smile turned into a scowl. He glared at the engraving of a clenched fist on it as it violently shook, as if something was trying to break free.

"As for you, wench. You are not going to hinder my plans any longer." he said vehemently. "Thanks to you, some of the Other Selves and Alter Egos are aware of my plans… And I can't allow you to have your way."

The Alter Ego held out his hand as a large ebony rod erupted from the ground. He grasped it and pulled as hard as he could, revealing it to be a spear with the serrated gray spearhead protruded from the mouth of a bleached human skull as well as long black feathers tied to the weapon by ebony string.

He twirled the Shade Peircer, his weapon, once before plunging it into the coffin at an angle.

"Your will is admirable, despite everything I've thrown at you, you refuse to give up hope. You really do live up to your name in more than one way, Strength." he commented before retracting the spear, which was now covered in white blood. The coffin shook violently once again before becoming still once more. Shadow Eater grinned before shouldering the Shade Piercer before going over to the coffin that held Dead Master.

"Please bear with me for a moment. This will hurt for only a moment." he said apologetically to the coffin before thrusting the spearhead into the coffin. He immediately withdrawn the weapon, which now clean of all signs of the white blood. "Now, all we have to do is wait, my dear."

"My aren't you the sadist?" White Rock Shooter said as she walked into view from behind one of the coffins.

"Ahh, White-chan, what brings you here?" the Alter Ego asked with a warm smile.

The white doppelganger of BRS smirked as she walked forward.

"I'm pretty bored right now, do you know of anyone that I can play with?" she asked in a sultry manner.

Shadow Eater paused to think for a moment before smirking.

" There's a rogue Alter Ego wandering the Tundra area, I am quite interested in recruiting her for our cause. Her name is Frost Hunter, based on Void's reconnaissance." he replied. "Also there's another Ego that's currently engaged in combat with two Other Selves, her name is Brave Shot."

White Rock Shooter smirked as she listened in mild interest.

"I was hoping for capturing someone that's more of a challenge." she remarked in mock boredom.

"I suppose there's the Other Self known as Black Gold Saw." Shadow Eater mused loudly. "She actually has the potential of having the Flame."

The Outsider's smirk grew even more upon hearing the last part.

"Someone capable of having a Flame?" she asked in genuine interest.

"Correct, not all Other Selves or Alter Egos with the Flame have it when they first come into existence. Certain conditions must be met before the Flame is awakened. It varies for each one. Some must be near death to awaken it, while others gain it upon merging with their human half. " the Alter Ego explained calmly. " The colors can represent many things, not just untapped potential, but also things like how much power they have, their dreams, or the personality they have. Even their very destiny can be determined by the color alone."

"I see. It would be most helpful if one fully knew what each color meant." White Rock Shooter pointed out as she walked over towards Dead Master's coffin. "I know that those with the violet flame are the most destructive of all."

Shadow Eater nodded while resting the Shade Piercer horizontal on his shoulders while wrapping his arms around it.

"I don't know a lot, but I am aware what three colors represent: Purple, blue and red." he said.

"Red represent those that seek to control all. Usually they are ruthless and cunning in combat, never stopping until victory is guaranteed for them. Their human counterparts are alone, and crave acceptance. Also, they can possess potentially powerful abilities, such as creating servants or be able to watch things without being there in person for example. They tend to be powerful in close range combat, but are focused on offense only, therefore, if outmatched, they're vulnerable.

"Blue Flames represent those that cherish bonds and will do anything to protect those they love dearly. The fighting style of them is a mix between melee and or long range, but usually specialize in multiple weapons. Just like their human halves, they have indomitable willpower, never giving up on achieving their goal of protecting their cherished bonds. However, this will is also their weakness, as if they fail, they will descend into despair and insanity. The easiest way is eradicating whomever they're fighting for.

They have a faster healing rate, and significantly superior endurance compared to those of the other colors, therefore drawn out fights will favor them.

"The Purple flames are perhaps the trickiest to figure out, as there's two varieties of them, the natural and feral. Those with the Natural flame are seeking for something while their human selves have experienced great tragedy in their past. The despair is intertwined with their powers, and they can't use them without risking losing themselves to the lurking pain. The fighting style of them tends to be a mix like those with a Blue Flame, however, they restrict themselves to only one weapon, although some are not afraid of fighting barehanded too.

"Ferals are those who lost themselves to their despair and pain. They crave only battles, and enjoy themselves when facing a powerful adversary. They don't fear anything, nor let anything hinder them. Engaging a Feral solo is suicide, as they have weapons that are suited for all ranges, let alone having strength on par with, if not superior to, the Other Self known as Strength, no pun intended. Also their endurance surpasses even those of the Blue Flame. They are monsters that truly must be feared."

"Interesting. But if I recall correctly, you yourself have a flame, it's green, correct?" White Rock Shooter pointed. "What does green represent?"

"You are far more observant than I originally thought." Shadow Eater said before closing his left eye for a moment before opening it as a neon green flame came to life. "But what you said is not true. I may have a Flame, but it belongs to the Other Self that I've taken as my host. "

"Your host? I never heard that before." the Outsider mused while leaning against a large tombstone.

"I don't have an actual physical form, unlike other Alter Egos. The appearance that you see me as is how I see myself. Why do you think I am called Shadow Eater exactly?"

Ruined City

The biker known as Brave Shot charged forward, holding out her firearm while opening fire upon Demonic Cannon User. The cat-eared girl panicked momentarily before leaping into the air, unleashing a volley of smaller projectiles at the Alter Ego.

The girl rolled to the left to evade before she spun the gun in her hand before flicking her wrist, causing the firearm, the Brave Gunner, to twirl in the air. She swiped at the air, catching the gun upside down before she grinned. The firearm glowed a brilliant scarlet before it began changing shape, turning into a tonfa like weapon with a large sickle like blade attached to it. The glow retreated revealing the hand grasping the handle while it was attached to a jet black blade that transitioned into a brilliant scarlet at the sharp edge of the weapon, known as the Brave Edge.

"I must prevent the prophecy from coming true…" the Alter Ego declared as she swung her weapon, causing DCU to use the barrel of her cannon to intercept the attack. Sparks flew from the collision of the two weapons.

Brave Shot immediately grimaced as she felt a kick to her side, followed by a long ebony blade descending upon her from above. The Alter Ego attempted to leap back to avoid the strike, but was caught off guard as the sword blade's tip began glowing for a moment. She evaded being bisected, only to be caught in an explosion caused by the violet projectile that came from Black Matagi's gun blade.

"Black Matagi-san!" the spectacled Other Self remarked in joy as she saw her comrade step out of the smoke, her outfit slightly singed and torn in various areas. Her exposed eye was currently engulfed in a purple flame as a scowl was present on her face as she glared over to where their attacker was.

Brave Shot stepped out of the flames, her helmet was missing completely in various parts, revealing her to have dark gray hair that went to her waist while the color transitioned into a deep scarlet. Ash gray blood oozed out of the cut that was present on her right cheek. Her bodysuit was missing the right sleeve from the wrist to the elbow, revealing a navy blue line tattoo of a bird's extended wing along the forearm.

"So… You really are the real deal..." the Alter Ego said before smiling a bit. "Are you in league with the one who represents the Emperor?"

Black Matagi only shook her head in response while Demonic Cannon User only blinked in confusion while lowering her weapon slightly.

"I see…" Brave said while closing her eyes. " Any further fighting will be pointless…"

"Umm…" the cat-eared Other Self spoke up. "If you aren't going to fight us now, why did you say you have to stop some prophecy from coming true?"

The Alter Ego chuckled humorlessly before opening her eyes again.

" Ever heard of the Legacy of the Beast?" she asked.

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