Take Care

Chapter 20: Caught

Rachel's Point of View:

I'm startled awake by the beeping of my alarm clock. It reads 6:00am. I groan, knowing I stayed up later than I should have last night, and reach over to shut it off. A warm arm slides against my hip as I move and I smile, knowing that Quinn is still very much asleep behind me. I roll over completely and face him, the grin on my face only widening when I hear his soft gruffle of a snore. His head isn't even on his pillow. The boy's head is pressed up against the bed sheets, nose crooked to the side. His blonde hair has a serious case of bed head, but what makes my stomach really flutter is the fact that the only item he's wearing- that we're both wearing- is our underwear.

My hand moves up to pull the covers down off his back before I lean forward to place a trail of kisses up his back all the way to his neck, cheek and then his smashed lips. One of his eyes open, the other one smashed by the bed. He groans when he sees me and closes his eyes. "What time is it?"

"It's time to get up." I thread my fingers through his blonde locks. "And it's six." He whines, kicking his feet under the covers in a small tantrum. "And you call me dramatic?" I giggle.

His arm slides up to my shoulder and then a smirk engulfs his face then his hazel green eyes open. "Mm. Well with a view like this one, why would I want to get up?" I smile against his lips when he pushes himself up to kiss my lips. "And you're way more dramatic than me, Rach."

My body hums with joy as I see that beautiful sparkle in his eyes. "As much as I don't want to say this, we have to start getting ready for school."

Charlie scoffs, lying back down. "You mean you have to start getting ready for school. I have another hour of blissful sleep." He closes his eyes happily.

I frown before smirking and moving over to straddle his hips, my bare upper body on full view. When his eyes open I get the privilege of watching his pupils dilate. "Or…" I suggest seductively. "We could always just have a little fun until then."

When my hands graze down his stomach, his breath hitches. "W-what about your morning routine?" I notice that his eyes never leave my chest.

"I suppose I can make an exception for you." I lick my lips. "Besides, I never did get to return your favor last night."

His eyebrows furrow through his lustful daze. "Yeah you did."

I shake my head. "Not with my tongue."

Quinn growls sitting up right and massaging my breasts with his hands while his lips crash against mine. I suck his bottom lip between mine and brush my tongue over it lightly. One of my hands slides down further his body and grips him through his boxers. He gasps and I take that as a chance to shove my tongue into his eager mouth. The blonde, however, soon puts me at his mercy when he rolls my nipples between his fingers and sucks on my tongue.

Okay, now I'm officially wet. I can't handle it though, because we don't have time for me, so I push on his chest to make him lie down again. Breaths heave out of his chest as he looks at me. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He questions when I yank the covers off of him and free his member from those boxers of his.

It stands at alert, straining and hard. He grooms, thank God, so when I slide down the bed into a comfortable position I take a teasing lick up his shaft all the way to the head. "I'm sure." I whisper against his most intimate area, allowing my fingertips to tease him while my tongue swirls around the tip.

Charlie groans, gripping the back of my neck softly. "Must you be a tease? Need I remind you we're short for time?"

A giggle escapes me as I place soft pecks up and down his member. "I'll stop." I promise before going to put him into my mouth. Only… we're interrupted. My door flies open suddenly and when I turn around Daddy is standing there, eyes wide before anger flashes through him. "Daddy!" I gasp, standing up and covering my chest.

"Coach." Quinn says, fear clear in his voice. He grips the comforters, covering his- I'm sure now soft- member.

My father clenches his jaw, staring my boyfriend and I down. "I want you both downstairs and dressed in the next minute."

"Daddy-" I begin.

He raises his hand in protest. "One minute, Rachel Berry." He practically growls before slamming the door shut.

I raise my hand to my forehead with a shameful sigh. "I'm so embarrassed." There's some commotion beside me before I see Quinn getting up and dressed. He grabs his shirt off the floor and slips it over his head and then moves to find the jeans I rid him of last night. "What are you doing?" I question him.

Those hazel green eyes look at me in confusion. "I'm getting dressed."

"I-I think we should talk before we go down there, Quinn."

"Rach, your dad is down there fuming over the fact that he saw you, you know. Now isn't really a good time." He's buttoning up his pants after he tosses me my own shirt.

I frown at him, angry. "Well no need to treat me like I'm some whore!" I yell, throwing my shirt on and searching for a pair of yoga pants.

I'm searching through my closet when I feel him grip my hips from behind me. "Baby, I'm not trying to be mean here. But you and I both know that Coach is going to chew my ass out over this and making him wait will only make things worse." I fight the tears that are begging to fall.

Daddy would choose that exact moment to walk in. I turn around in my boyfriend's arms and look up at him. "Just answer me one thing… Was it bad?"

His laughter causes me to push him away. How could he be so cruel? Obviously I'm extremely vulnerable right now and he laughs! "No, baby, no. I was laughing at the fact that you would even think that." He grabs my face and kisses me passionately. "It was amazing and I have no doubt that if Coach wouldn't have walked in, it would have only gotten better. It was just shitty timing." He smirks softly, moving his hands up and down my arms. "And if you really don't believe me, we can try again later, but we're locking the door." I chuckle softly, feeling a little bit better. "Get dressed and let's get this conversation with your dad over with."

I nod before grabbing a pair of yoga pants and tying my hair up at the top of my head. "Hopefully he won't kill you." I tell my boyfriend, grabbing his hand and leading him downstairs where not only daddy but also dad is pacing in anger. "Good morning, Dad. You too Daddy."

Dad glares at Charlie. "Sit." He points to the couch. "Both of you." I swallow thickly but do as he says, Quinn following closely behind me. He looks even more nervous than I am. "Leroy, would you like to start?" He asks his husband.

My Daddy clears his throat, sleeves rolled up, seething. "Shelby trusted you." He's looking at the blonde boy next to me like Quinn betrayed him. "She told us that we all could trust you not to do anything upsetting and what do you go and do? What did I walk in on?"

"I'm sor-" My boyfriend begins.

He gets cut off my Daddy. "I'm talking right now. You listen." Quinn nods silently. "I'm extremely disappointed in you. I'm not sure if you remember this or not, but my husband and I were the ones who supported your relationship with our daughter even in the beginning. I trusted you!" He finally admits. "I trusted you with my daughter and you betrayed that trust!"

"So did I, daddy." I remind him after looking at the broken face of my boyfriend. I remember him telling me that the one thing he can't stand is disappointing people. I can tell what daddy is saying is getting to him. "He wasn't the only one in that room, Daddy."

Daddy fumes, merely glancing at me before he shoots daggers at Quinn. "You're not the adult in this relationship. He is."

"It was my choice, daddy!" I yell at him. "It was my choice to be intimate with him. He didn't coax me into anything if that's what you're thinking. He didn't betray anything."

Charlie steps in. "Rach, it's okay." He tells me.

I scoff, looking at him as if he's crazy. "It most certaintly is not okay! It isn't all your fault, and to be quite frank, Daddy, we weren't doing anything wrong!"

My dad steps in at that. "Not doing anything wrong? Rachel, you're fifteen!"

"And in love!" I scream. "And for the record, fathers, I'll be sixteen in exactly a week and four days!" I stand up and storm towards the stairs.

"Rachel!" Dad calls as I scale the stairs. "Rachel Barbra Berry you get back here at once! We aren't done discussing this!"

I turn around at the top of the stairs. "Well I am done!" I reach my room and slam the door behind me. I refuse to allow them to tear down my relationship with Charlie.

I don't step out of my room until it's time to leave for school. When I reach the kitchen my fathers are gone and only my lovely boyfriend is occupying the space. "Hi." I say gently, rubbing his shoulder before heading for the fridge.

Quinn clears his throat before speaking. "Your dads aren't too happy with you."

"I don't care." I say simply, grabbing my vegan friendly creamer and placing it on the counter.

"You didn't have to say those things, Rach." He informs me and I turn around to face him at that. "I was ready to take the blame for it."

Rolling my eyes, I step closer to where he's eating. "But it wasn't your blame to take. I was in that bedroom too."

He nods in agreement. "Yeah, but I'm the guy-"

I huff. "So? I'm so sick of that double standard! Everyone just thinks that guys are to blame for girls having sex and being intimate with people, but the truth is that girls want sex just as much as guys do and my fathers need to realize that."


"No!" I cut him off. "If I didn't want to have oral sex with you than we wouldn't be having it. Correct?" When he doesn't answer I repeat myself. "Correct?"

He nods. "Correct."

"Exactly." I conclude before turning around to grab a mug and pouring myself a cup of coffee.

We both don't speak until I'm sitting across from him, drinking my coffee. "Regardless of how things are Baby, your dads will always blame me. And I'm okay with that." He stresses. "I'm the guy, I should be the one dealing with that from them."

"But you'll take it to heart." I argue back. We aren't angry with one another, per say, we're just frustrated. "And don't even try to deny it because I saw your face this morning."

He sighs, taking another bite of his cereal. "I can handle it. Besides, I do deserve it."

A rather dramatic gasp escapes me. Charlie gets up to put his bowl in the sink. "How can you even say that! You told me earlier that you didn't regret what happened between us. Y-you told me that I was- that it was pleasurable."

The blonde cups my face with a soft smile. How can he be so casual? "It was, babe. And I don't regret it. I'm simply speaking from a father's point of view." I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "If I had a fifteen year old daughter who had an older boyfriend and I walked in on what Coach walked in on, I'd barely have the restraint not to beat the shit out of him. I understand where he's coming from."

I roll my eyes at him again. "That's such a guy thing to say. If it was your son getting head," He laughs at my word choice. "then you wouldn't blame either one for it. Hell, you'd probably high five him and smirk at him."

He shrugs. "You're right." My eyes widen. I honestly didn't expect him to admit it. "To a father there is a difference between his daughter and his son. I could barely stand it when my mom brought home her dates. I couldn't imagine my own daughter wanting to have sex. Your dads just have to adjust, Rach. How they adjust isn't up to you. They'll blame me for a while but then one day they'll accept it. But you have to talk to them, baby. No yelling. Just a conversation about it without me there." I pout. Why must he be right all the time?

It's lunchtime when Quinn pushes me against the lockers and kisses me hard. I moan, wrapping my arms around his neck. His hands slide around my back to hold me against him.

"Mm." I groan, barely able to pull away from my boyfriend's lips. "What's this for?"

Then his lips are back on mine, sliding his tongue into my mouth desperately. I grip his hair, feeling my heart tickle at how happy he makes me. "Finn," He grumbles, fingers tightening on my back as his lips move to my jawline.

I laugh softly, the laugh morphing itself into a moan when he sucks at my pulse point. I close my eyes in pleasure until my lovely boyfriend is ripped off of me and daddy is gripping his collar. "I'm really tired of having to see you all over my daughter, Charles." He says.

"Daddy," I begin. "Now isn't the time."

His brown eyes meet mine before he releases Quinn from his grip. "Your dad and I would like to speak with you." He glances at my boyfriend before back at me. "Alone."

Quinn reaches beside me and grabs his book bag. "You got it, Coach. I'll just go to lunch. It is pizza day after all."

"Baby?" I ask, and he turns around before realizing what I want and kissing me softly. "I love you."

He smiles broadly. "I love you too." And he walks away, heading towards the cafeteria.

I look up at daddy and force a smile. "What would you like to speak about?"

The man's face softens slightly. "We'll talk about it in Hiram's office." I follow him there. Dad is at his desk doing paper work when we walk in. He sees me and smiles softly.

"Aw, the protocol daughter returns from her tantrum." I take a seat in front of his desk besides daddy. "Will Quinton be joining us?"

I shake my head. "No. Your husband forced him away."

Daddy rolls his eyes. "Please, he gladly went away."

Dad clears his throat across from us, removing his glasses. "All right. Let's get to the actual topic we came to discuss. Leroy, there will be no yelling from you. Rachel, you will not be disrespectful to either of us. We need to discuss this like adults."

"She's fifteen, H." Daddy cuts in.

My Jewish father holds his hand up. "I'm aware, honey. However, she is engaging in adult things and I think-"

"She is engaging in adult things that she shouldn't be, Hiram. In love or not she's too young to be having sex."

I step in at this point. "Like you didn't have sex when you were a teenager!"

"I was much older than you, young lady!"

"If I was your son then you wouldn't be having this issue! You'd encourage it if anything."

"Don't you tell me what I would and wouldn't do!"

"Then you don't tell me what I should and shouldn't do! It's my life, Daddy!"

"Enough!" Dad yells angrily at both of us. He's standing up, leaning over his desk. "Since the two of you refuse to stop bickering then I will talk and both of you shut-up and listen." When we both don't respond he sits back down and takes a deep breath. "We'll start with you, Rachel. Honey, I understand that as a teenager you have certain urges. I was a teenager once."

"I'm assuming there's a but here coming." I cut in.

Dad sighs loudly. "But," there it is. "Your daddy and I are just concerned about the emotional side of this new development in your relationship with Quinton. Rather or not you think you're ready for sex-"

I groan loudly. "We aren't having sex!" I say it loudly enough for dad's secretary to hear I'm sure. "I know you may not believe me but ask Quinn. We aren't ready for sex."

"Just oral sex." Daddy grumbles.

Dad raises his hand at us yet again. "Stop. Leroy, you're acting like a child. You caught your daughter doing something with her boyfriend, something I personally know you've been doing since you were sixteen so stop being a hypocrite." Daddy opens his mouth to speak but Dad cuts him off. "No. I know you don't like what she's doing, but I also know you're not naïve enough to believe that no matter what you say she'll stop being intimate with him so let's come to a happy medium. Leroy, before you open the door to Rachel's room, you'll knock. Rachel, try to wait until you're sure that no one will walk in before you and Quinton start… you know."

I smile softly. "Thank you, Dad. I will."

"However, seeing as how it happened under your mother's roof, when she gets back your daddy and I will be informing her of your actions."

My jaw drops. "Dad, that's not fair!"

Daddy laughs. "Sounds fair to me."

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