Megan pov:

They're everywhere. Street corners, abandoned warehouses, even old restaurants that have been closed down because they were "hygiene hazards". Well these creatures are more than hygiene hazards. They're death threats. You don't even want to know what they are. Their skin is decaying and almost mouldy. Their eyes are filled with nothing, so their stare is soul piercing, and sends shivers down your spine. They look like corpses which have been dragged out from their graves. Have you guessed yet? Yes, zombies.

"Ha! You can't catch a ball to save your life!" Catherine shouted to me from the other side of the small field.

"And you're so perfect aren't you? Here, catch this!" I threw the ball across the field and over the fence to the old cemetery. I may not be good at catching, but I can throw.

Catherine wasn't happy though, "why'd you do that? She screamed, "you know the stories about that cemetery. I'm not going in there!" I can't believe she actually believes that rubbish. 'people go in but never come out', ha, don't make me laugh.

"Fine, I'll go in then". I didn't realise it then, but I was just about to make the biggest mistake of my life.

So we walked in...

Catherine pov:

We'd just walked into the graveyard when the gate slammed shut behind us, not ashamed to admit I let out a little scream. So did Megan though!

"Just the wind right Megan?" I breathed out in one breath, my heart racing. I swear I just heard something,

"Did you hear that? It... It sounded like groaning?" I grabbed onto my friends hand in a death grip for reassurance if nothing else.

That's when she stopped, screamed and grabbed my hand back, before picking up the ball that was now at our feet and threw it of something that grunted and shouted,

"Braiiiiiinnsssssss!" What the hell? Now I could see it was an old man? He looked like he was decomposing on the spot, Gross!

"Haha Megan he wants to eat your brains" How I can make a joke right now I don't know but here it goes " You don't have any!" That's when she slapped me on the back of the head.

"Seriously? Now of all times, A zombie wants to eat us and your laughing?" She asked me, oh well I thought it was funny. But when I saw the zombie coming closer i jumped and ran, dragging Megan behind me.