Chappie I

S.M Lucania: Hello my peoples! Oh it has been so long since I've uploaded something! Almost a year since I last put up a chapter of Storm Rising. I really should get to that… But before that happens, I'd like to present "Angels Incorporated: How may I help you?" This as gone from an idea I got while watching Despicable Me to a short story (that really wasn't that short) that I did for Creative Writing to the fanfic you see before you now!

Celty: (appears out of nowhere) Why in the world did you write this for class anyway?

S.M: Hey, blame my teacher. He said we could do fanfiction. By the way, why are you here?

Celty: Boss sent me to keep an eye on you.

S.M: (shrugs) Ah, all right. Can you do the disclaimer for me?

Celty: Sure.

(Turns towards camera)

Celty: Storm-Maiden-Lucania does not own Despicable Me or any of the characters appearing in this fanfiction, excluding Jareth, Ichijo and myself. Despicable Me belongs to Illumination Studios.

S.M and Celty: Please enjoy!

I paused outside the pair of large oak doors, tugging nervously on the hem of my vest. My outfit wasn't exactly what you would call "conservative". My light-blue hooded vest ended just below the top of my ribs, a silver zipper gracing the front, one that was partially unzipped no less, with matching silver trim around the arm openings and edge of the hood. Low ridding cargos of a unique greenish-white color lay upon my legs, tucked into thigh high pointed downy grey boots. Fingerless gloves of a similar shade covered my hands. I took a deep breath to calm myself and knocked on the door.

"Enter," a warm male voice announced from the other side of the wood. I tugged the door open and poked my head through the opening.

"Um, you said you wanted me, Boss?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes, I did Celty. Please come in." he replied with a smile and I followed the suggestion, stepping into the large room and closing the door behind me.

My boss was a young guy, looking somewhere around 24, with sandy red hair. He was dressed casually for being at work in a simple white button up shirt and black slacks.

"I wanted to discuss a new case with you. You've been given three new charges."

I visibly relaxed, glad he wasn't firing me, as I had feared, and then quickly became excited. My last case had ended several months before and I had begun to miss being out in the field. I composed my self when he chuckled at my wide smile, clearing my throat.

"Who would these new charges be, sir?" I asked, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

He pulled a file folder from a drawer in the desk he was sitting behind and spread it out on the table, attempting to hide his smile.

"Your new charges will be these three girls." He replied, flipping the file open to reveal a smattering of papers and three glossy photos.

The photos each showed a different girl, ranging from around 5 to youngest appeared about 6, with big brown eyes and black hair sticking straight up from the little tie on her head. The second girl seemed around 8, her shoulder length blond hair hidden under a pink beanie hat that partially covered her eyes. The eldest of the trio, who seemed about 12, had long chocolate hair held away from her face in a pony tail, stray strands looping down around her ears. Her eyes gazed from behind brown framed glasses, a determined look in their depths. None of the three seemed to know they had been photographed.

"This is Agnes Simone, Edith Woods and Margo Glass, respectively. All three are orphans." My chief explained, pointing to each girl in turn. He held up a hand as I opened my mouth in question, effectively silencing me. "We will discuss the events surrounding their circumstances later. Right now I need you to get out in the field and begin guarding them." He replied, handing me the file.

"Yes, sir!" I replied stepping away from the desk and saluting him. I relaxed my tense muscles, ready for duty.

Glancing over at his desk before I left, I smirked upon seeing the name plate reading "Ichijo Kami".

"Ironic that God's last name is 'God'" I thought as my wings spread out behind me.

S.M: Sorry that this is such a short chappie. They'll get longer. Please feel free to ask any question and point out errors. There are probable some scattered about the entirety of the story that I missed during editing. Reviews will be appreciated and flames will be used to cook Celty and I's s'mores. Speaking of, I'm hungry.

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