Chappie 7

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Rorschach in Blue Jeans



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"Help us Mr. Gru!"

I snapped into an upright position, the words still echoing in my head. My wide eyes flickered over to the clock in the corner and I gasped. A half hour had passed while I was unconscious. Noticing that the door was slightly ajar, I leaped into the air and shoved it open. I almost ran into the custodian on my way out, who apparently didn't notice the door opening on its own, as he merely strolled inside and began putting away chairs. I darted out onto the sidewalk, desperately glancing around for any sign of Vector or the girls. My heart sunk when I found no sign of either. My breathing sped up with worry. I had no idea where they could be or what Vector could be doing to them.


My gaze snapped skywards following the sound of the shout. My eyes widened and a spark of hope sprung to life in my heart as I saw a dark figure flying towards me at almost super sonic speeds.

"Jareth!" I cried in relief.

For a moment I though he was going to hit me, but at the last moment he pulled into a curve, spiraling around my body like a whirlwind, and fluttered to a stop a few feet above me.

"He's coming!" He cried happily and my attention was drawn away from him by the earth giving a great shake. I looked up the street to see the top of the rocket skidding towards us, Gru being shaken and rattled within the cockpit. It screeched to a stop a few feet from the doors and the dome covering the cockpit popped off, Gru jumping out. He grabbed the zipper on the side of the pink space suit and tugged on it, freeing himself from the garment. I couldn't help but crack a smile when I saw he was wearing his normal clothes underneath, scarf and all. He sprinted into the building bursting through the doors to see the vacant auditorium.

"Sorry, buddy, show's over." The janitor said, pushing a chair rack past him out the door. Gru slowly walked further into the room, looking down trodden. He glanced at a few of the chairs that were still there and notice the girls sign from earlier. He plucked it from the chair and I gasped upon seeing a new note on the back. "Bring the moon!" it read, signed with a big V.

"Gru, turn it over!" I called, but he merely gazed at the sign with a smile, presumable lost in his memories. I quickly got angry.

"Come on turn it over you idiot!" I yelled, getting closer to him.

"Celty, he can't hear us!" Jareth replied, grabbing my arms from behind in an attempt to calm me.

The anger and sadness building up in my heart began to overflow as tears ran down my cheeks.

"I thought you loved them!" I cried, basically screaming at the oblivious villain.

My wings gave out, leaving Jareth's hands on my arms the only thing holding me up.

"If you do, then it's time to prove it! You have to save them!"

My hand flew to my mouth to muffle my gasp as Gru's head shot up and he looked around, as though he had heard something. In rare cases, an empathy link could form between an angel and their charge. It had never been known to happen with someone else.

"Gru, turn the note over!" I called, and then watched excitedly as he cocked his head, as though listening, and then slowly turned the paper over. He gasped as he read the ransom note on the other side, then dropped the paper and dashed out of the room with Jareth and I flying after him.

I had never seen someone run so fast. We reached Vector's house in less than five minutes. Gru ran up to the door and pounded on it.

"Vector, open up!" He shouted.

A large video screen popped up out of the roof, revealing Vector's smug face.

"First give me the moon. Then we'll talk." He replied.

Gru glared at the younger man and then unzipped his jacket, reaching in and pulled out a small silver rock.

"That's the moon?" I asked.

"That shrink ray really worked." Jareth replied with a grin.

A small cylinder popped out the side of the wall, graced with an opening just the right size for the moon to fit in. Gru gazed at the moon for a moment, seeming conflicted, before holding it to the opening. It was sucked into the hole, and a few seconds later, we could see Vector on the screen holding it.

"Mr. Gru!" I heard Agnes, off-screen, shout.

"Quiet, Happy Meal!" replied Vector.

"Now for the girls," said Gru.

"Actually, I think I'll be keeping them a little bit longer," said Vector smugly.


Vector laughed. "Un-pre-dictable!"

The screen retracted back into the roof, and Gru growled in anger. He leaned down and looked into the small camera lens above the intercom.

"Listen close you little punk. When I get in there, you are in for a world of hurt," Gru hissed, his eyes cold and hard with anger. We heard Vector laugh sarcastically through the intercom.

"Oh I'm so scared." He said.

I watched as Gru pulled back his fist and punched the lens, shattering it. We heard Vector give a small yelp of fright and a small laugh in the background.

"He is gonna kick your butt," we heard Agnes say matter-of-factly, and I cracked a smile.

My smirk faded when the roof opened and several missiles shot out. They flew away into the distance then made a 180 and came flying back toward us. Gru's eyes narrowed in concentration, and he began to run toward them.

"What are you doing, you idiot?" I cried, starting to move forward, only to be blocked by Jareth.

"Watch and learn," he said with a smirk. Time seemed to slow down as I stared in shock at Gru. I watched as he jumped onto the first missile, ran along the length of it, and then jumped over the following one, swinging and twisting his way through the barrage. He landed, unharmed, as the missiles flew past us and blew a great hole in the gate. Gru emerged from the smoke and began to make his way up the pathway. Vector's shark jumped from the moat, teeth bared, and Gru punched it out without even turning to look. We gasped as the top of Vector's house lifted off and started to fly away. Gru, thinking fast, ran up the side of the pyramid behind Vector's house (which by some work of fate, I had not noticed until now) and leaped, grabbing onto the bottom of the escape pod. Jareth and I gave chase as the pod took off at high speed, rocketing away through the sky. We finally caught up, and grabbed a small protrusion in order to keep our balance.

"I have to get to the girls!" I yelled over the wind.

"How?" Jareth replied. "There aren't any doors on this thing."

I closed my eyes and focused hard. A few moments later I opened them once more, my irises now glowing blue with energy. Jareth gasped as he looked at me.

"You can meld?" he exclaimed. Every one angel in a thousand has the ability to meld through solid objects. I just happen to be one of them.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me," I said with a smile, then pushed my body through the metal side of the pod. Once inside, I saw Vector sitting at the wheel, in a curved orange chair, and the girls trapped within a large glass bubble hanging from the ceiling. My attention was suddenly drawn away from them when I noticed the moon, which was sitting on a small table off to the side, start glowing and suddenly get bigger.

"Oh yeah, Jareth, that shrink ray really worked!" I cried sarcastically.

The girls then noticed the moon's growing state and began calling to Vector for help. A moment later, the now exercise ball sized moon crushed the table rolled to the side, its massive weight dragging the ship to the side. Vector dragged the ship straight again and turned around, just in time to have the growing moon roll forward on to him, crushing him against his chair. The ship tilted again and the moon rolled backwards, bumping into the glass bubble, knocking it free and causing it to shatter on the ground. The girls, miraculously uninjured, fled from the moon still rolling around the ship. Suddenly, a door in the side of the ship was pried open and the girls ran out onto the resulting ramp.

"Mr. Gru!" They cried, seeing Gru standing on the wing of his own ship a few yards below.

"Girls, you are going to have to jump!" He called, holding out his arms.

"Jump?! Are you insane?!" Edith cried.

"Don't worry, I will catch you!"

"You gave us back!" Margo yelled, clearly worried by his promises.

"I know, and it was the worse mistake I ever made. But you have to jump now!"

Edith looked at Margo, who hesitantly nodded. The blond grabbed her younger sister and dashed down the ramp, screaming as they soared through the air. Gru caught them and handed them off to two waiting minions, before turning back for Margo.

"Margo, I will catch you. And I will never let you go again." The villain said, love radiating through his voice. The eldest paused for a moment before bending her knees to jump. She was only a few feet off the ramp however when Vector appeared behind her and grabbed her jacket, yanking her to a halt.

"Let go of her!" I cried, flying back inside of the ship. The moon had rolled to a stop and I smashed into it, and then darted outside just before it crashed into Vector from behind, sending Margo flying through the air. I zipped down, grabbing the thick wire that currently connected the two ships and yanked it into her way, allowing her to grab it.

"Margo, I am coming!" Gru yelled, sliding his way out onto the wire. He was almost to her when Vector's ship tilted again and the wire came loose and the two of them plummeted.

"Margo!" I screamed and my eyes darted around for a rope, a cable, anything! They landed on the minion standing closest to me. I suddenly remembered what had happened in the break room and, in a desperate gamble, grabbed him by the goggles and shot down over the side of the ship. My minion grabbed the arm of the minion next to him who in turn did the same. The domino effect continued till I was dragging an entire chain of minions after me. I hurled them with all my strength towards the two and the first in the chain grabbed Gru's hand, yanking him to a stop. Gru caught Margo and held her tightly against his chest.

"I've got you." He said in relief, the girl clinging to him.

I smiled and then my strength gave out, sending me falling earthwards. My eyes slid closed as the wind whistled past me, waiting for the impact. I was dimly confused when, instead of hitting the hard ground, I collided with something soft. My eyes flickered open part way, and I say Jareth smirking down at me. His arms were wrapped around my back and knees, holding my bridal-style tightly against his chest.

"Hey there stranger." He said and I didn't even have the strength to lift an arm and smack him. I had to settle instead with a gentle smile.

He flew me back up onto the wing of Gru's plane, where all three girls were embracing him. Suddenly, the thrusters on the bottom of Vectors escape pod fired, sending both Vector and the steadily growing moon, rocketing away into the air. A few seconds later, there was the sound of a faint explosion followed by a burst of green light. We looked up to see the moon back in its original place.

"Gru: 1. Vector: 0." I said quietly before passing out from exhaustion.

"Ok girls time for bed." Gru said one night a week of so later. He had basically had to force Miss Hattie into letting him re adopt the girls. It hadn't been too much trouble explaining to the girls he was a villain, and not a spy, as he had apparently told them. They had figured it out once they found out he wanted to steal the moon.

"Tonight, we are going to read a new book." It had become Gru's habit to read to the girls every night.

"This one is called 'One Big Unicorn' by…who wrote this? Oh! Me! I wrote it!"

"Wow, he's quite the artist," I said, genuinely surprised by the quality of the homemade book.

"You should see his design note books." Jareth replied form his position next to me.

"All right, here we go." Gru announced, flipping the book open as the girls climbed into their beds.

"One big unicorn, strong and free, thought he was happy as he could be." He read.

"Then three little kittens came around and turned his whole life upside down."

I grinned at the picture of the kittens. They looked just like the girls.

"Hey, that one looks just like me!" Edith shouted excitedly, pointing to the cat wearing the pink hat.

"What are you talking about? These are kittens. All similarities to persons living or dead are completely coincidental." Gru quickly lied and Jareth gave a badly muffled snort.

"They made him laugh. They made him cry. He never should have said goodbye." He continued, his voice going soft for a moment.

"Now he knows, he could never part, from those three little kittens that changed his heart. The End."

The girls smiled and curled up under their covers as he stood, closing their eyes.

"All right. Good night." He said, walking over to the door and turning off the light. He seemed about to leave but then paused and looked back over to them. Quietly, he walked back over to Agnes's bed. I smiled as he leaned down and kissed her on the head before moving over to Edith. Lifting her hat out of the way, he kissed her too on the forehead and I laughed as she secretly smiled as he was walking away. He walked over to Margo's bed and gazed down at her fondly before leaning down to repeat the action. Before he was able to though, Margo suddenly sat up, catching him around the neck in a hug.

"I love you." She whispered, and Gru's eyes went wide in surprise before his lips curved into a smile.

"I love you too." He replied, hugging her back before laying her down on the bed, giving her a kiss on the head. He straightened back up and gave her one last smile before exiting the room.

I myself was suddenly caught in a hug as Jareth wrapped an arm around my waist, pressing his face into the crock of my neck.

"Night," He mumbled and I returned the embrace with a smile.

He eventually released me and then not-so subtle tried to wiggle his way out the room's small window. I grinned as the frame released him with a small pop and he flew off. As soon as he was out of sight, I reached into my pocket and pulled out what looked like a white smart phone. Instead of the Apple symbol, however, there was a small pair of wings. I tapped a few buttons and held it up to my ear, waiting for someone to answer.

"Hello?" a voice asked on the other end.

"Hey Boss. It's Celty. I was wondering if you could give me a ten minute visual audio clearance." I asked the man.

"Sure." He replied a slight knowing tone to his voice. A timer appeared on my phone screen and a tingle ran through my body.

"Thanks Boss." I replied. I then disconnected the call and quietly made my way from the room.

The night was quiet as Gru made his way towards his bed.

"Gru Prestupnyy Braginski². We have some things to discuss."

Gru whirled around to find me standing in front of his window, silhouetted by the moonlight.

"Who…" He began then cut off in shock when my wings extended to their full twelve foot span.

"I am Celty Avalon, your girls' Guardian Angel." I replied. Gru seemed at a loss for words.

"I've been watching you Gru."

"W-watching me?" he stuttered, finally finding his voice. I nodded in reply.

"Yes, and I've decided your about the best dad those girls could possible have. But there are certain things we need to be on the same page about." I announced.

"What sorts of things?" He asked, seeming baffled.

"For one thing, you are not to allow them to grow up to be super villains, 'cause I'm pretty sure that's what Edith's gunning for."

I saw a smile a smile play at Gru's lips at the announcement.

"Second, you are to keep them happy and healthy to the best of your abilities."

"I was going to do that anyway!" He replied and I grinned.

"And third, you are to swear to me that you will protect them against all danger, even at the cost of your own life."

"I swear to do so." He replied with a nod and I held out my hand for him to shake. A moment later, a loud beep came from my pocket. Fishing out my phone, I saw I only had a minute left.

"I'm almost out of time." I said out loud, and then turned to once again look at Gru.

"Just remember, Jareth and I will be watching, so don't try any thing funny."

"Jareth?" Gru asked, not recognizing the name.

"Everyone had an angel Gru." I said smiling when his eyes went wide with realization. I looked down to see my skin glowing brightly.

"Goodbye Gru," I said, and then disappeared from his sight in a flash of light. The only remnant of my being there was a small white feather that slowly drifted down and settled on the floor.

Gru bent down and picked up the feather, staring at it as I swept unseen out the window and flew up to settle on the roof.

"Celty!" a voice gently called and I turned to see Jareth flapping towards me.

"Sebastian called me. He says that Vector just got dropped off at his house!" He told me, a flicker of worry lacing his voice. We had discovered that the dorkish villain had been trapped on the moon and that his father, the proprietor of Gru's bank, was sending a rocket for him. We couldn't exactly keep a look out ourselves, having to handle a house full of girls, villains and minions after all. Instead, we asked Sebastian, another angel and a friend of ours, to keep an eye out for us.

I sighed. Apparently my work for the night wasn't done. Fishing my phone out, I once again called Ichijo.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Hey, it's Celty again. Can I get another clearance period, please?" I asked sweetly.

"Two clearances in one day? What are you up to?"

"Protecting my girls, sir."

(One hour later, Vectors house.)

"I hate him!" Vector yelled, stomping about his living room. "I swear I'll get him and his little brats if it's the last thing I do!"

"VICTOR PERKINS!" A voice boomed, and Vector spun around to see me appear in an explosion of light. I was wearing full silver battle armor, sword drawn, a fierce expression on my face.

"Your soul is destined for Hell! The only way to avoid damnation is to swear you will never go near Gru or his family ever again! Do you swear up on your life you will follow this rule?" I announced, an aura of power radiating from me

"I-I-I swear!" He cried hysterically.

"Good. " I said turning to go as though to go. Suddenly, I paused, as though remembering something.

"Oh, one other thing."

In a split second, I was in front of his, my blade pressed against his throat. I gave him my 'you're gonna pee your pants now' smirk.


I watched as his eyes rolled back and he collapsed onto the ground, having fainted from fear. I gave a short laugh then snapped my fingers and vanished.

(One month later.)

The meeting hall under Gru's backyard buzzed quietly with activity. But this time it was not one of Gru's speeches the massive crowd of minions had come to see, as their boss was sitting at the very front of the group right alongside his mom. They were here for something a bit different this time.

The lights suddenly went dim and the crowd quieted. Gentle piano music started and three spotlights came on, each illuminating one of the girls. They had planned a private recital, since Gru hadn't been able to see their first. They gracefully jumped and twirled around the stage to the music, even somewhat clumsy Edith. Jareth and I fluttered about lazily a few yards above the stage, watching the performance.

"They really are good." My dark-haired friend commented.

"Of course they are. Don't you know how hard they've been practicing?" I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him.

He had just opened his mouth to answer when we both noticed movement down near the sound board. Another minion had approached the one controlling the music and was glaring at him. The sound minion asked the other something and, instead of getting an answer, was shoved of the stage, letting out a small cry as he fell. The aggressor then began to fiddle with the board and the piano music screeched to a stop, replaced with an upbeat pop song. The girls were surprised at first but then Agnes's eyes suddenly lit up. She began dancing to the new song as the soft blue lighting changed to bright orange and red. The others soon joined in as well and the minions in the audience began to cheer. Gru and his mother looked around in confusion.

"My baby moves at midnight, goes right on till the dawn" The stereo speakers boomed and I pressed my hands over my face as I recognized the words.

"Oh no! Not this song!" I cried, trying to block out the Bee Gee's song.

"What? What's wrong with 'You Should Be Dancing'?" Jareth cocked his head in confusion.

"Don't ask," I sighed. The experience was almost to horrible to even think about. Ichijo had discovered several years before that I'd never seen the movie. He then proceeded to duck tape me to a chair and forced me to watch it with him.

"Oh come on. It's not that bad!"

I turned to glare at him and gasped when I saw his wings.

"Jareth, look!" I said and he glanced over his shoulder to see his primaries were a sparkling white. He looked at me and smirked.

"Look yourself." He said. I glanced over my shoulder in confusion and was horrified to find my own flight feathers black as death, the result of what living with a super-villian could do to the minds of three young girls.

"We'll turn you into a Blackie³ yet!" Jareth said with a laugh. He grabbed my hands and spun me in a circle, forcing me to dance with him. I eventually began to loosen up and even started to smile a little as we both began striking moves. I looked down to see Margo run to the edge of the stage and motion to Gru to come up.

"No, I'm fine. Go ahead." He called and she rolled her eyes. Running down to him, she grabbed his hands and dragged him out of his seat, pulling him up the steps.

"No, no, no!" he cried, pulling free of her grip and fleeing back down the stairs. She moved aside with a smile however as a flood of minions carried him unwillingly back up onto stage. They set him down and he looked around, and then began to nod his head to the beat. My jaw dropped in amazement as he struck a pose and leapt into a perfect replica the Jon Travolta dance routine from "Saturday Night Fever". I winced and Jareth laughed as he tried to do the splits and possible broke some thing. The girls crowded around him as he straightened up and looked around in surprise as the lift they were standing on began pushing them sky wards. Jareth and I spiraled upward as the roof opened and I stared in wonder at the huge full moon before us. I heard a gasp and whirled around to find Gru and the girls had been lifted up behind us. I myself gasped when I realized Gru was staring right at us.

"He can see us." I whispered in amazement. Gru's vision flickered from me to Jareth, who smirked and gave him a small salute, before the villains face broke into a wide smile. I too smiled and grabbed Jareth's hand, the two of us turning to grin at each other.

I was not only going to have to deal with my girls being raised by the world's most famous super villain, but I'd have to control my almost demon of a friend as well.

This was gonna be fun.

Ichijo: Well I guess our roll in this story is done guys. Curtain call time!

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Stormy: What are you guys doing?

Celty: Taking our bows. The story's over, right?

Stormy: Hell no! There's still tons of stuff I'm gonna have you guys and Gru doing past the plot line of the movie! Next comes Christmas.

Jareth: Oh, well I feel kind of stupid now.

Stormy: Seriously guys! You were sitting there and watching while I wrote the next chapter!

Celty: Oh, well we weren't actually paying attention to what you were writing. We just assumed it was yaoi (4) or something.

Stormy: (blushes) Oh, shut up. (turns to audience)Sorry that my next chapter couldn't be up by Christmas. My mom won't let me type on Christmas. On to the ender!

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0- This set of lines is from a production of the play Pippin that I was in.

1- Luca is the main character in another of my fanfics, Storm Rising.

2- As one of my reviewers has pointed out, (thank you The-Fabulous-Person!) Gru's name really is Felonious Gru. However, I didn't know that when I first wrote this. I really like this moment so I decided to just keep my made up name for him. Prestupnyy is Russian for Felonious and Braginski is the last name of the personification of Russia in the anime Hetalia.

3: Blackie is basically just an angelic term for someone with purely black wings. It's meant usually to be an insult of sorts, as someone with black wings really sucks at being a Guardian, but Jareth uses it as an endearment.

4: Yaoi is a fangirl term for BoyXBoy pairing. Which I very rarely write, mind you.