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With slightly shaking hands Maria removed the veil from her golden hair, and put it on the dressing table in front of her. She was trying to breathe calmly as she removed the beautiful, and quite modest, wedding gown she had been wearing. Oh yes, she had indeed been married today; as of today, she was none other than Baroness Von Trapp. This was still something that her brain had not yet fully comprehended. All she knew was that her husband were waiting for her in the bedroom next door, and that thought scared her quit a bit to say the least. Husband and wife…that was what they where now, but still only by name, not yet in the physical aspect of the words. She might be young and naïve, but she did know some aspects of what was to be expected of her this night. There were books, of course, which had been snuck down from the library shelves and read in a secluded corner – where no one would ever see her reading books like that. These books had not been very useful to calm her ever-growing nerves. The whole act seemed cold, mechanical and quit painful…at least for the woman.

How could it possibly be like that, when every time she and Georg had had a few moments alone in the gazebo, she always ended up with this fuzzy, warm and burning heat in the pit of her stomach? Oh, how she hoped that the books were wrong!

While she gently hung up the wedding gown, she thought back to one particular evening, when she and Georg had taken a walk around the garden…

They had walked around the gardens and ended up at the gazebo, and now they were standing close together. Maria rested her head on his shoulder and had her arms wrapped around his waist. His hands were gently stroking her shoulder and neck. Maria looked up at her fiancé – she was still trying to get used to calling him that. Her fiancé! She liked the sound of that, but it still brought forth a bit of worrying about how the whole upper-class community was taking the grand news of the Baron von Trapp marrying his young governess. They had already heard rumours and gossip about the whole affair. Georg would always shrug his shoulders when they heard new gossip from Max, who had picked it up around town. He did not give a damn about what people thought about his and Maria's engagement. All he cared about was that she loved him and he loved her; that was all that mattered. In the process, he had found out who his real friends were in the upper-class society.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Maria said and smiled. Then she lifted herself up on her toes and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. It had taken her a long time before she took the initiative to even give him the lightest of kisses. But Georg had kept reminding her that it takes two people to make a kiss wonderful. And slowly, she had become more and more forthcoming, but only when they were alone.

"Hmmm, it sure is," Georg said, and kept looking intensely down at her beautiful face. The moon had just risen and the light gave her face a soft glow. He could see the slightest hint of a blush on her cheeks. But that was almost always present, especially when they were alone. It was just one of those things he adored about her. In the days after they had gotten engaged, she'd practically had a permanent blush wherever she went or if he looked at her.

Maria saw the fire in his dark blue eyes and suddenly felt a little light-headed. She slid her arms up around his neck, lightly pulling him down towards her. Georg complied and bent his head, taking her head gently in his hands and kissed her. He had seen the silent plea in her eyes, her need to be close to him.

The kiss was warm and gentle at first, their lips doing their own slow dance of love. Maria threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer. This sparked something inside of Georg and he intensified the kiss, opening his mouth slightly. Maria inhaled sharply at the new intensity in their kiss, but she eagerly opened her mouth to his, welcoming his searching tongue.

On many occasions during their evenings alone, they would end up just like this, passionately kissing each other until they were both breathless.

Maria felt her whole body ignite with new burning sensations; a fire in the pit of her stomach spread its warmth all the way to the tips of her toes. She was so lost in the passion of the kiss that she hardly noticed what her own body was doing. Her fingers were nimbly moving around his nape and under his ears. Nothing out of the ordinary in these touches. Georg had admitted to her once that he had a rather "hot spot" just below his ears. When she had first heard this, Maria had blushed profoundly and hardly knew what to say, but nevertheless she had stored that information away until their next rendezvous at the gazebo. She was eager to know everything about her fiancé, and that including everything that he liked. Even though she would always stammer and blush whenever they spoke about intimate things like this, she also wanted to show Georg her love for him.

Without thinking, her fingers found their way around his collar and lightly caressed his neck. On this night, Georg had decided to throw a bit of his uptight attire to the winds: he wore no tie and had the two topmost buttons undone. Her delicate fingers found the open V in his shirt; his skin was hot against her fingertips. They moved slightly under the fabric, inching up towards his collarbone.

Georg had moved his hands down to her waist, gently drawing tantalizing circles on her sides and back. When he felt her delicate fingers move under his shirt, his heart beat at triple the rate, and his blood rushed in his ears. Suddenly, he felt her fingers glide down toward the first closed button, and then she fumbled a bit with it as if she wanted to open it. His hands gripped the fabric of her dress, and he made a hissing noise. If only she knew what an insane effect her actions had on him, but he knew that her experience on this matter was small, to say the least.

Her fingers made his skin burn, the fire moving all over his body, both on the outside and inside. The passion running through him caused him to intensify the kiss, letting his hand roam up and down her back, bringing her even closer to him. The intensity of the kiss and her searching fingers did nothing to cool down the ever growing state of arousal he was finding himself in.

Suddenly, he felt that her fingers had successfully opened the button, giving her access to even more of his warm skin. Feeling her fingers move on his skin made his insides boil over with such intensity that he forgot everything about propriety and let every emotion come out. His hands moved downwards and ended on her lower back. While still kissing her with so much passion, he pulled her lower body flush against his now very prominent arousal, all the while making an unearthly growl in the back of his throat.

When Maria heard him growl, and felt his arousal poking her stomach, something made her freeze up. She broke the kiss and, with a horrified expression, she look to where her hands were located. In a state of shock she tried to back away, but his arms were still holding her ever so close to his body. Shaking her head, she pushed with her hands on his chest, trying to make him let her go. It took a couple of seconds before George realized what she was trying to do. He let his hands drop to his sides, his fingers shaking slightly.

"I'm sorry… I don't… I didn't… I…oh, dear God, what have I done… it wasn't… I mean… I…" Maria rambled, shaking her head and placing her hands on her now flaming-hot cheeks. She felt so horrid about what she had done that she couldn't even make herself look into his eyes. What must he be thinking of her now, losing control like that? It was not like she had any experience in these matters, but she did know that she had crossed a line that was not proper in anyway.

She was so flushed that she didn't knew where she would look, and it didn't help to focus on the knot of his tie as she usually did when she was in a bit of an embarrassing situation, as he was not wearing one at the moment. Neither could she focus on the topmost button; this only reminded her of where her fingers had just recently been.

"Maria! It's all right…I…" Georg tried to still her rambling, but she just kept mumbling a long line of "I'm sorry". Then she slowly backed away from him, still holding her hands to her shaking head. The expression in her eyes told a whole tale of complete horror and disbelief in what she had done.

Georg knew that he had to think fast before she would turn around and run away from him; he could see the growing panic in her eyes.

"Maria! Please stop!" Georg raised his voice slightly, trying to get her to be quiet.

The urgent plea in his outburst must have reached something in Maria; she stilled her rambling and, with dread in her eyes, she dared to look into his eyes. What must he be thinking of her now, throwing every propriety and self-control to the winds? They would be married in a couple of weeks, and then, andonlythen would it be alright to go beyond this line of intimacy. Her cheeks turned an even deeper crimson red when her thoughts wandered even further than just unbuttoning his shirt.

She scolded herself for even letting her mind wander down that path, and lowered her gaze to the top of his chest. When her mind began to wonder what was hidden under the next button, she quickly moved her eyes down, looking straight down at his shoes; that would be the safest place to look at a time like this.

"I'm so sorry… I just didn't… I…" Maria started to mumble again.

"Shh, please stop, you shouldn't apologize for something like this. You have done nothing wrong, nothing at all." Georg tried to calm her down, and reached for her hands. She felt the warmth from his hands, and her deceiving body and mind began to work against her attempt to focus on something other than wishing to open yet another button of his shirt. Georg felt her hands shake a little and saw the turmoil in her eyes. In a way, he could see why she would be upset with herself by doing something like this, but deep down he was also thrilled by the fact that she obviously had some hidden desire to explore more of their intimate relationship. She might not be ready to admit to this at the moment, but even so, he couldn't help smiling down at her. At that moment, she chose to look up at him.

"Oh, Georg, please don't laugh at me… I really didn't know what or why I tried to… well you know." Maria nodded her head down at his still open shirt, her mind playing games with her again. Just one more button, wondering what lay beneath the offending fabric of his shirt. The second these thoughts entered her mind, her face became an even darker shade of red (if that were possible). Then she focused on his shoes again. Much safer.

Georg saw all of these emotions run through her eyes, and became serious again. "Darling, I'm not laughing at you, only smiling. Because I can't help but feel like the luckiest man alive, having you in my arms, clearly loving me so much that you can't wait to learn more about me." He lifted her head with one of his fingers, trying to make her understand. But she still looked somewhat horrified by what she had done.

"Oh Georg, Idolove you and I love spending alone time with you. But everything is still so new for me, and I have no clue whatsoever about how to do things the right way." Maria shook her head, and tried to look down again, but Georg would have none of that.

"There is no right or wrong way to do things, even though going where you just did might be best kept waiting for our wedding night in two weeks time." George smiled again, hoping that she wouldn't misunderstand him. He didn't think it was even possible, but he saw her cheeks going the deepest red they had ever been.

"I'm sorry, I had no intensions of doing that, it just…happened, I suppose." Maria gave him a half smile; seeing him so relaxed about it made her ease up slightly.

"I know, darling, but that doesn't mean that I didn't like your actions. You have no idea what you do to my state of mind, do you? When I kiss you, I too lose all sense of the world around me." George leaned in and gave her the gentlest kiss of all. Maria loosened up and leaned in for another kiss, sliding her hands up his arms. They stayed like this for a few moments both, thankful that they had found love.

After a some time they broke apart, both smiling, Maria still blushing a little at her actions. The blush intensified just at bit when Georg, with a wink, closed the open buttons. Then they walked back to the house, both looking forward to the coming wedding in two weeks.

"Maria? Are you all right, darling?" The knock on the door was light and a little hesitant.

To be continued...

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