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Don't Stop Loving Me : A Finchel Story!

Disclaimer: i don't own glee our the characters all rights are Ryan Murphys

Chapter 1. Where are they now

Rachel Berry, the talented glee club student was now a broadway star, with six Tony

Awards. The only thing she didn't have was love. " Hello Rachel," said Jacob Ben Israel in his pervish

voice, " want to go out with me ? " Rachel turned around and saw that Jacob hadn't changed alot since

high school , except that he got rid of the jewfro. " Hell to the no," said Rachel. " I'm just kidding, your

still not over Finn are you," asked Jacob.

It's been six years since that fateful week that ended with her dumped, after she told

Finn about her kiss with Puck ( a.k.a Noah Puckerman) . " You said you would never breakup with me," said

Rachel. " Because I thought that you wouldn't make me feel this way," said Finn through his tears. that was

the las time they spoke.

" Dude, stop day dreaming and help with you restaurant, " said Puck. " Ok, I'm coming,"

said Finn. " You wer thinking about her again, " said Puck. " Who's thinking about who, asked Kurt,

Mercedes and Quinn. " Finn here is thinking about our ex classmate Rachel," said Puck. " I'm so not thing about

Rachel," protested Finn. Though he actually was. " Finn, it's ok to think about her, its been six years since we have

seen her," said Kurt. " "What were thinking about that has to do with Rachel," asked Quinn and Mercedes. " I was

thinking about the day that I broke up with Rachel," said Finn. "Dude, its been six years,' said Puck. " Hey, she was my

girlfriend, and I stil hate you both for what you did,' said Finn.

Rachel was walking with Jacob and said," No Jacob, I'm not over him." I can't believe it has

been six years since Finn broke up with me. I've won six Tony's , broke cause all the directors want someone with a

plastic nose, I don't have a good job, and I'm lonely. My broadway dreams crashed 3 years after Igraduated from

NYADA and starred in six musicals at the same time. This year it all came crashing down win the producers and the cast

agents told me I had a huge nose nad was to small. Sometimes I wish that I had friends to talk to instead of my dads.

My dad's Leroy Montie Berry and Hiriam Morrison Berry were dissapointed. " Honey, Rachel,

sweetie, why don't you move back in with us and quit that dive of a bar,' said Leroy Berry. I love them I really do but

I want to be independent. "Starlight, I agree with daddy, you'll be safer here," said Rachel's dad Hiriam. They are so

overprotective. "Dad, daddy, I just want to be independent," said Rachel. " We know, we just love you," said Leroy.

" I know," said Rachel.

" Finn, what's the plan for tonight," asked Kurt. Checking the inventory, Finn said, " Well, I was

thinking Mercedes could perform four songs, Quinn can perform three songs, Puck two, you Kurt can perform four

songs, and that will be all for tonight."

Chapter2. The Run In

Jacob has calmed down since high is one of those tabloid reporters." Rachel, what do you think of this story 'Jane Plum star of Love to Love You is homeless' ," said Jacob. " Well thats very far fetched but you got to do what you got to do to make money," I said. We were headed to the HappyNights grocery store.

"Hey Finn, you need to go to the store, you have no food," said Kurt. I know that I need to go to the store he doesn't need to remind me." Kurt since your complaining that I don't have food your coming grocery shopping with me at HappyNights grocery store," I said. " Fine Finn, but absolutely no junk food," said Kurt.

'I absoulutely love vegetables', thought Rachel." Wow Rachel, look how ripe thes strawberries, raspberries, and cherries are," said Jacob. "I think I might buy some so I can make a fruit salad," I said. " Rachel your fruit salads are the best," said Jacob. " Well thank you Jacob, your the only one willing to taste it," said Rachel.

"Finn, I thought I told you that you are not getting junk food," Kurt huffed. " Kurt come on they are just raspberry donuts," said Finn, "thats practically half fruit." 'I think you only want them because raspberry reminds you of Rachel Berry,' thought Kurt though he wouldn't say what he thought out loud."Finn, a donut that is filled with raspberry jelly is not a fruit," said Kurt. They were not paying attention to other customers while heading to the fruite aisle. As they were turning the corner the crashed into a tiny brunette.

"Ow," said Rachel when some tall man walked into her.' People should watch where they are going,' thought Rachel. "Opps, sorry miss, I wasn't paying attention," said the the tall masculine man standing over her. As Rachel stood up she got a good look at the tall man and instantly knew wh hea nd his companion were." Finn, is that reallly you," asked Rachel nervously.

Finn felt instantly guilty when he accidently knocked over the tiny bruenette.." Ow," he heard the tiny bruenette say. There was something familiar about her voice. Finn had to apologize to her, so he said," Opps, sorry miss, I wasn't paying attention." Slowly she stood up and looked at Kurt and him instantly recognising them. It wasn't until he heard the tiny bruenetted say," Finn, is that really you," that he recognised the beautiful bruenette. "H-hello R-Rachel," he stuttered.

" So how are you Finn," asked Rachel politely. " Well, I'm doing well, I own a bar in Tribeca, what about you Rach," said Finn. Kurt and Jacob were watching their friends interactions and thought,'you two are totally still in love.' Rachel took a deep breath and answered," Well I'm doing fine I work at a bar on the lower east sid, live around there too, and won six Tony awards for doing six different musicals." Kurt was tired of being ignored by the other two and said,' Hello Rachel, it's been a while." "Hi, Kurt, it has been awhile ,oh before I forget you guys do remember Jacob," Rachel said shyly. All three men shook hands.

Rachel looked down at her watch and saw it was getting late."Well, I hate to interupt this mini reunion, but I have to work tomorrow," said Rachel. " It was nice to see you Rach," said Finn. While Finn and Rachel exchanged goodbyes Jacob and Kurt gave each other their friends phone numbers. They said their goodbyes and went home.