E/O Drabble challenge, word: prepare

Summary: Tag to 3.18, No Rest for the Wicked. When push comes to shove it turns out that hope is a bloody treacherous lifeline – and still you can't let go of it...

A/N: Just wanted to send some hopeful thoughts (yeah, despite everything I just said about hope) to all the people who have to face that SOB of a "Frankenstorm" – I hope you are going to be fine!

They say hope dies last, and all his life he'd considered that friggin stupid because hope wasn't exactly part of a solid strategy and he had always preferred planning to praying. So looking back at the past few months only to realize that they had been a goddamn show sponsored by hope – it almost made him laugh. Just that he couldn't, because every nerve and muscle in his body screamed with terror and he could hear them coming and his heart was trying to push its way out of this doom and he JUST WASN'T FUCKING PREPARED TO DIE TODAY!