WOW: Prepare. Those Winchester brothers are babysitting (don't know why, they just are). It's not going well.

A dialogue-only story composed of three separate 100-word drabbles

A/N: (possibly spoilery - I don't know) This came to me after watching 'Wendigo' earlier in the week, and when stroppy Sam grumbles 'so now we're babysitting?' Images of brothers and bedtime stories flashed before my eyes ...

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I think you already know that.

Chapter 1


"Once upon a time there was a brave and handsome Knight called Sir Dean. He was King Arthur's most loyal and trusted knight; especially after that dick Lancelot ran off with his wife, Gwyneth … Gwen …"

"Guinevere, Dean."

"Yeah, whatever. He was honourable and loyal and was prepared to die horribly for his king. His armour shone like burnished gold and the sunlight glinted across his broad breastplate and burned brightly off his enormous codpiece."

"He wielded the deadliest lance in the world and together with his mighty steed, Black Beauty, he…"

"That name's been taken Dean."

*Sigh* "Black Babe, okay Bitch?"