So this story was inspired by Vmk-xx and her story "Kept in the Dark". I liked the idea of them having a little Gilbert sister and her not necessarily knowing about the vampires until later on in the story so this is my try at it.

Abby: 16, dirty blond hair, brown eyes, slightly tan skin. She's a super history geek, and has skipped a grade in high school so she's in the same grade as Elena. Abby is ONLY (no romantic feelings) friends with Stefan and Damon, but doesn't know what they are. All her life she's know that she's adopted, but she doesn't know who her parents are. Yet.

Disclaimer: the only thing I own is Abby otherwise Damon would ditch Elena and find someone who would actually love him. Am I the only one who thinks that Elijah needs a love interest?

Well here's my shot I hope you like it!



I laughed as her dirty blond hair was flowing through the wind as she ran from me. She returned my laugh and continued running from me as I chased her. I didn't want to catch her though, then the game would be over.

"You're supposed to catch me!" She yelled coming to a stop in front of the large castle we were currently occupying. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her cheek softly before we began swaying softly in the wind.

"But if I caught you then the game would be over," I said and she laughed at me. I watched with amusement in my eyes as she ran over to her sister that was sulking under a tree no doubt about my brother's abandonment. He had promised her that he would spend the day with her, but he still hadn't returned from his night out.

"Come on Katerina," she smiled, "Have some fun. It's not the end of time if Klaus did not spend the day with you."

"Oh please you have it good, you have Elijah wrapped around your finger," Katerina snapped causing her sister to flinch slightly. She finally left her sister there walking back over to me. I wrapped my arm around her comfortingly before leading her into the castle once again.

"Elizabeth," I said pulling her face to meet mine. "Don't listen to her, Katerina is just merely upset."

"I know, but I wish that she would understand that it's not the end of time itself," she whispered. I smiled at her lovingly and brushed my lips against hers. She smiled and took my neck and brought her lips down hungrily to mine.

"I love you Elijah," she said.

"I love you as well Elizabeth Petrova."


I was walking around the castle with a frown etched onto my face as I thought about my brothers words that he had just told me. I had merely asked if we could postpone the ritual until I had made the necessary arrangements with the witches to preserve Elizabeth's or Katerina's life. I had no interest in sparring Katerina, but Elizabeth had told me that she couldn't live without her sister so I had taken Katerina into consideration.

I was nearing Elizabeth's room, but right when I was about to knock I heard voices on the inside. I frowned in confusion before using my enhanced hearing to listen to the voices on the other side.

"Promise you will not tell my brother?" my eyes widened at the familiarity of Niklaus's voice on the other side of the door. My heart was breaking every moment listening to her giggles.

"Do not worry Nik, he will not find out about us," she giggled out. Something wet was dripping down my cheek, but I refused to acknowledge the small liquid. I needed to find out what exactly was going on between Elizabeth and my brother.

"Good, it would be unfortunate to have him know about us," silence for a few moments.

"I love you Nik," she said. I could feel my heart collapsing in my chest. A snap ran out from the room, but I refused to move my feet from where I was currently standing. All I could do was think about the betrayal that was coursing through my veins. I had truly been a fool to believe that she had loved me, what kind of mortal could ever love a monster like myself? Niklaus though, he was worse than I will ever be. Why did she choose him? I only looked up when I heard the familiar creek of the wooden door in front of me to reveal Nik, who had a huge smirk on his face.

"I told you Elijah," was all he said before disappearing downs the corridor leaving the door wide open. All I could do was look at Elizabeth's dead face staring back at me.

I turned around on my heel, and left.

Mystic falls present day.

Abby pov

"Why can't I go?" I asked Alaric as he was helping my older brother Jeremy get ready for the masquerade ball that was going on tonight. I had really wanted to go, but all of a sudden Alaric and Jeremy said I couldn't, "I mean Jenna thought that it would be nice for me to go out." I loved my aunt and had wanted to stay and help her as well as go tonight, but she insisted that I go to the ball tonight.

"Look it's sort of an adult thing," Jeremy said smirking at me. I glared and threw a pillow at him, that he easily dodged.

"Then why are you going?" I countered lifting an eyebrow causing him to scoff and throw the pillow back at me. Ric mumbled something about both of us being children which caused me to say that I agreed with him therefore making Jeremy leave early. I frowned and went downstairs where Elena was looking at Ric suspiciously but before I could ask anything she just walked off saying that she was tired and wanted to go to bed early.

My siblings and I used to be closer than this, we used to do everything together but that all changed when Stefan Salvatore moved to town. Once my sister got together with him then I slowly lost her, then after the Founders Day Parade Jeremy started acting more distant as well. It just annoyed the crap out of me now that they refused to hang out with their little sister. Although I guess you could say I was their "adoptive sister", its true Mom and Dad adopted me just after Jeremy was born. Weird but I still loved everyone like they were my real family. I tried looking for my real parents but the farthest I got was a Jonathan, but how many people did I know who had a name like Jonathan. I hadn't told anyone how close I was, all they knew was that I was looking for my biological parents.

A little while later I got thirsty so I went downstairs to get a glass or water, like any normal person would do, but instead I saw Elena sneaking out of the house. So little Miss Princess is sneaking out? Interesting, must be meeting Stefan or something. Always Stefan.

"Hey Abby?" I heard Jenna call out from the kitchen.

"You know that you shouldn't be walking around right? Doctor's orders," I told her raising one eyebrow at her.

"Very funny, but I feel fine. Can you take this to Mayor Lockwood?" She asked handing me a sleek cream envelope.

"Sure, be back soon Jenna," I kissed her cheek before grabbing my car keys and heading out to the Lockwood mansion. I was actually very thankful for Jenna giving me something to do. With the year getting close to winter break all of the classes were getting easier and therefore there was no homework being given out. Elena was always busy with Stefan, Jeremy was doing god knows what, and Jenna had Alaric. Making several very lonely nights alone in the Gilbert house.

When I got to the mansion I was in awe by how lit up the place was for the ball. I felt a stab of jealousy shoot through me remembering that I technically wasn't supposed to be here.

I don't know what happened, but one minute I was shutting the door to my car then the next I felt agonizing pain in my back, then my shoulder. I cried out and fell to the ground in pain. When the pain started to appear on my hand I pulled it to my face and watched in terror and amazement as a deep cut pierced through my hand. Tears streamed down my face as I cradled my hand praying that the pain would stop.

It took several minutes, but the pain stopped temporarily. Forget the bloody envelope I was going to the freaking doctor's office while, in the meantime, I try to figure out how the hell this happened. I whimpered in pain when my cut hand touched the car. I felt so lightheaded, but I needed to get out of here. Something was eating me in my head.

Get away, go far away, and don't come back for a while.

Before I could open the door a rag was pressed up against my mouth, then everything went black.

Third person

It was barely sunrise when a car pulled into a small gravel field. It parked mechanically right next to a black car where the driver was hiding his face from sunlight. The man, which just pulled in, got out of the car and walked robotically over to the driver where the window was being pulled down slightly.

"Where is she?" The driver asked his voice filled with no emotion.

"In the trunk," the other man replied. "I did exactly what you said."

"Good put her in the back," the man did what he was told and walked back to the car opening the trunk to reveal the girl. Her dirty blond hair was sticky and had yet to be combed in a day and her navy blue t-shirt, along with her black sweatpants, was covered in the blood from the night before. The man took the girl in his arms and placed her in the back of the car.

The driver looked and the girl through the rearview mirror and smiled when he saw the face. The man walked around after closing the door to face the driver.

"Thank you for your help," the driver said with a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

"Anything else?" the man asked robotically as if under a trance.

"Yes, come closer please," the man did what he was told and the window was rolled down even more than it already was. "Closer," the driver beckoned him closer. The man did as he was told and leaned closer to the man. The driver grinned exposing the fangs and biting savagely into the man's neck dropping him to the ground when he was dead.

Perfect, the driver thought to himself driving off with his prize.

Abby pov

I groaned feeling groggy when I woke up. I tried to move my hands to rub my head, but they wouldn't move as well as my eye lids. They just wanted to stay closed. That was when I was aware of two arms wrapped around my carrying me. When my eyes finally decided to cooperate I saw that a man with shoulder length light brown hair placing me a makeshift couch. I looked around the entire room to find that it was like some sort of parlor room like at the boarding house. Except this one had chipped pain and damaged floorboards like no one had lived here for a while. I was brought back to the real world when I made a strangled noise and the man shushed me.

It was like waking up from a dream when he got closer to me. I let out a small scream when his face changed and bloody veins appeared under his eyes and they turned a crimson red color. What horrified me the most was the sharp white fangs that were exposed when he opened his mouth?

"Just a taste," the man said, but right when he started leaning in I let out a full scream.

"Trevor," another voice interrupted the man, Trevor from doing whatever he was going to do to me. My guess was that he was going to bite me or something. I started shaking and holding my knees together tightly while the two continued with their conversation, "Control yourself," the woman snapped looking at me with sympathetic eyes. Trevor looked back at me with a smirk before looking at the woman.

"Buzz kill," he said before leaving the room leaving me alone with the woman.

"Please let me go," I begged the woman who was just standing there looking at me as if she was studying every aspect of my body.

"I can't," the woman said solemnly.

"Please, what do you want? What are you?" I cried burying my head in my knees a small sob escaping my lips. Every emotion was making its way to the surface and I felt like I couldn't control anything.

"You don't know do you?" the woman asked looking at me.

"Know what? What are you?" I asked again, but the woman sighed before sitting down next to me.

"I'm sorry I just can't believe that they never told you. I'm Rose by the way," Rose told me. I sniffed and wiping my eyes with my forearm.

"Who never told me what?" I asked not really wanting an answer.

"I just can't believe that your family wouldn't tell you about vampires," I felt my eyes go wide at the actual term. I had come to the feeling that was what Trevor was, but in some part of my mind I needed to hear it aloud before I actually started believing anything. Rose spent the next few minutes, or hours I wouldn't really know I was too busy being amazed by the stories that Rose had taught me.

"So why did Trevor take me?" I finally asked the question that had been nagging on my mind since she had started explaining to me what vampires were.

"Captivity has made you pushy?" Trevor said walking back into the room with a book in his hands before snapping it shut and looking at me, but I refused to meet his gaze, "What do you want to know beautiful?"

"Why am I here? Rose said that you two were running from someone," I didn't miss the slight look of fear in his eyes before they became emotionless again.

"He made the same mistake that countless others did, he trusted Katerina Petrova," Rose sneered out the name.

"The girl that my sister looks like?" I asked double checking and Rose nodded her head.

"Yes and now we are running from the Originals," before I could ask Trevor continued, "The first family, first vampires, scary people. Rose and I pissed them off," Rose cleared her throat shooting Trevor a look and he sighed, "Correction I pissed them off, Rose had my back, and now we've been running for half a century."

"So where do I fit in to this?" I asked feeling a little bit of sadness for them being punished because Trevor was manipulated by some girl. I still felt some sort of hate for them kidnapping me, but I wasn't heartless like some people *cough, couch* Trevor.

"I would like to know this as well, I thought that we were getting the doppelganger," Elena.

"Slater found a painting of her and Elijah together, I figured that an old love would be worth more than a doppelganger that he doesn't even need," Trevor said shrugging his shoulders but I was confused.

"Elijah is the Original right?" I asked and Rose nodded her head at me. "Wait did you just say 'old love'?" I gasped making Trevor chuckled before he frowned and disappeared out of the door at a speed that I couldn't see. Stupid speed.

"He's here," Trevor said sounding panicked walking in the room as if he had never left. "I need to get out of here."

"I already told you, you have to trust me," Rose argued getting up and walking over to him. They both looked so scared that it was hard not to pity them. "What are we?"

"We're family, always and forever," Trevor said looking at the ground. Rose said something to Trevor that I didn't hear before walking out of the room. I got off of the couch and tried looking around the room to find anything to protect myself. It was useless though, but I was scared and Trevor's pacing was certainly NOT HELPING.

A second later the door reopened and I gasped at the man next to Rose. I had expected an old man or something like that, but no. This man was the definition of gorgeous. Dirty blond hair only a few shades darker than mine and dark green or brown eyes, and a suit. Damn he looked good in a suit. His eyes seemed to widen slightly, and out of the corner of my eyes I saw Trevor flash over next to Rose. When I focused in front of me I jumped seeing Elijah not a few inches from myself. His arm reached out and wrapped around my waist pulling me to him roughly. My body seemed frozen as he leaned down and brushed his lips against my neck causing me to shiver. Well Trevor did say that I was like the doppelganger of his lost love or something.

"Human," Elijah breathed out lifting his head from my neck, but not moving away from me at all. "That's impossible." I found myself looking at the ground avoiding his gaze, but too soon did I feel a finger come up to the bottom of my chin and tug it upwards so that I was looking directly at him. He leaned down and brushed my lips against his, but I still refused to move. When he pulled back he had this ridiculous smile on his face. "Hello there."

Elena pov

I got up late and found myself looking at a goofy smile on Stefan's face.

"Good morning," he whispered pecking my lips with his. I smiled and returned the kiss happily.

"Good morning," I said.

"More like afternoon," I heard a voice from the doorway. My eyes widened when I saw Jenna standing in my doorway with a smirk plastered on her face. I blushed and Stefan hid himself in my hair trying to avoid Jenna's gaze. "Just be thankful that you're fully clothed Salvatore."

"Consider this payback from when I found you with Alaric," I playfully teased her feeling happier than I have ever since the Founders Day parade. It was Jenna's turn to blush and scoff at us. She was about to leave before a look of realization crossed her mind and she looked back at us.

"Hey Elena? Can make sure to remind Abby if she wants to go spend the night with Bonnie or Caroline that she should call and make sure that it was okay with me first?" Jenna asked looking around the house, "I haven't seen her since I sent her out to deliver the note to Mrs. Lockwood."

When she left I called both Bonnie and Caroline asking if they had seen Abby, my adoptive sister. When they both told me no I started to panic. Where would she be?

"Stefan," I whispered willing myself not to cry or over panic.

"Come on, maybe Damon was bugging her last night," Stefan said holding out his hand for me. Damon and Abby had a bickering relationship ever since he came to Mystic Falls even though none of us had told her anything about vampires.

I just hoped that she was alright.

So that was my first attempt :D let me know if any of you liked it!

Love to all.