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This was my Mother? Jenna had a look of pure betrayal and anger and I'm pretty sure mine was covered in shock and confusion.

"Hello Elena, it's wonderful to see you again," she said, "And Abigail it's wonderful to meet you."

"But you- dead?" I asked. Stefan had told me she was a vampire but I hadn't really believed it.

"What do you mean again?" Jenna asked Elena not really paying attention to me.

"You must be the woman who's dating my husband. I need to speak to Elena and I would love to talk to Abigail may I please come in?" Isobel asked. I couldn't believe it though. She sounded so emotionless and void that it made Damon seems like a bipolar man.

"No Jenna, don't invite her in," Elena said.

"I need to speak to you Elena," Isobel said.

"NO!" Elena exclaimed slamming the door in Isobel's face. I took that moment to put the ice cream down and run up the stairs tears threatening to fall from my eyes. "Abby!" I slammed my door and just slid down until I was now sitting on the floor. I couldn't believe it; I had just met my birth mother.

The next morning I woke up still sitting down on my floor, but I was awakened by someone shoving the door open. Jenna stood there.

"I'm staying over on campus Abby, I'll be back soon okay?" I nodded my head and she helped me over to be bed before running down the stairs. The second she was gone though I put my hair into a ponytail and changed into a pair of shorts and shirt before walking downstairs just as Alaric punched John.

"Abby," John started as I walked into the kitchen. I took the coffee and started making it but my hands kept shaking. "Abby, are you okay?"

"No I'm not okay, I just met my birth mother last night and she-."

"Wasn't what you were expecting," John finished for me taking the coffee mug out of my hands and pouring it for me. "I know that you haven't met her, but can you please give her a chance?" I thought about it for a minute before nodding my head.

"Hello Abigail," I turned around slightly choking on my coffee to see Isobel there. She had a small smile on her face as she walked into the kitchen. "I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you the last time I was here."

"When was the last time?" I asked as John left the room and I sat down across from Isobel.

"Before the Founder's Day parade I had come to get a device from Damon, and to meet Elena. It's safe to say that she doesn't really like me," Isobel stated. I shrugged my shoulders just as Stefan, Elena, and John entered the room.

"You invited her in?" Elena snapped at John.

"She information on Klaus, please just listen to her," John practically begged. My ear's perked up at the mention of Klaus. With all the things going on with Elijah I hadn't thought much about Klaus.

"Since I was last here I've been doing anything possible to make sure that we keep Elena and Abigail alive," Isobel said sitting down next to me. John was going to say something before Elena interrupted him.

"No you don't get to talk okay not after everything you've done?" John nodded his head and Isobel went on.

"Where you able to find Klaus?" Stefan asked her.

"No, but there are these rumors that Katherine's little sister doppelganger is alive," Isobel said looking at me.

"Nothing about Elena?" I asked her my heart starting to pick up its pace.

"A few things here and there, but mostly about you. They say that young blood is better for any spell or sacrifice meaning that Klaus will most likely take you if there's a possibility," Isobel explained to me and I actually thought that I saw concern in her eyes.

"And that wouldn't happen if Elijah was still around," I shot daggers at Elena, Stefan, and John.

"Yes I heard about your relationship with Elijah from John, I'm not sure if it's a smart thing or a really dumb decision," Isobel said to me a small smirk coming onto her face.

"Anyway any vampire that wants to get in with Klaus is going to be lined up to take Abby away and Elena if given the option," John added going back on topic. I guess the Mother Daughter talk would have to wait until later.

"I'm not buying any of this the last time you were here you made it clear that you didn't give a damn about me and now you want to help me," Elena said to them. "Abby?"

"What reason do they have to lie Elena, they're our parents," I replied, but Elena just shook her head at me.

"Isobel's been helping all along," John added trying to convince Elena to see reason. "Klaus hasbeen obsessed with finding Katherine, it would only take one word from any of those 1864 vampires to spread word that she wasn't in the tomb and was still alive, and that would bring him straight here to the two of you. So we killed them."

"And almost killed Stefan and Damon in the process," Elena argued.

"I have a safe house I can take you both to the deeds in your name so no vampire can get it, not even me," Isobel said. "Let me help you." I got up and was about to say something but Elena beat me to it.

"You want to help? Then get the hell out of my house," Elena said. I sighed and watch as she and John left. I ran out with them while Elena was talking with Stefan.

"Wait Isobel!" I yelled running out of the house after grabbing my sweatshirt. Isobel smiled and turned around for me. "I have so many questions."

"Come," Isobel said leading me towards her car. There was a man in the back, obviously compelled, and I slid into the passenger side next to Isobel. "What questions do you have?"

"If I'm still a year younger than Elena, how?" I asked. "I mean why?"

"After I gave Elena up I became depressed and John was there to try and help me back. A few months later I found out that I was pregnant with you. At first I was filled with joy because I thought that I could finally have a child of my own, but after you were born John had convinced me to give you to his brother because he knew that they could give you a much better life then me ever could," I felt bad for her. Giving up two children to the same people even if it was for the best. We came up to a gigantic old house that was being foreclosed later this month. The man brought in her stuff and she was holding a bottle of wine. "I know that our meeting seems brief, but I have business that I have to take care of some business right now." I nodded my head and walked back to the car where another man was waiting to take me back.

He dropped me back off into the house and I changed into some actual jeans and shirt to go out to the Grill for lunch. It was a very lonely afternoon that was spent practically walking around town sorting through my thoughts. Everything had been happening too fast. Meeting my birthmother, Klaus drama, and the fact that Elijah was still dead. I had tried calling Damon a few times to see if anything was going on only to find out that he was taking Bonnie and Jeremy to the witch burial ground confirming my thoughts on the location.

Caroline called and asked if I had seen Matt at all and I told her no. I did tell her that I would keep an eye out for him around town. It was starting to get late in the afternoon when I was walking off towards my car that I had driven here when excruciating pain erupted in my skull and I fell to the ground.

Elena's pov

"You lied you did find Klaus," I said following her out to the cemetery. "Did he compel you?" I asked once again.

"If he did then I couldn't tell you," Isobel replied kneeling down by tombstone and brushing the leaves and dirt off of it.

"So you lied you did find Klaus didn't you, he knows where Abby and I are. Are you taking us to him now? What is this?" I asked looking at the tombstone.

"My parents, you and Abby's grandparents, had me buried here when it became clear that the police weren't going to find my body. The still come here every week and bring me flowers, even if there's no one here," she said gravely before turning me, "I have a secret to tell you Elena. During the time that I was conceiving your sister I had been with two men."

"What's that supposed to mean, John's her father isn't he?" I asked.

"Only on paper, her real father was another man," she said.


"Maybe there's a part of me buried here, the human part, the part that used to dream about meeting her daughters," Isobel smiled at me. "Instead you got to meet the other part, the other part that would betray her own flesh and blood."

"What do you mean?" I asked but her phone started ringing. Isobel answered it and I could barely make out the voice on the other side.

"I have Katherine and the moonstone," the voice said on the other side. He said something else but I couldn't make it out.

"I'm done," Isobel smiled sounding relieved. I looked at her confused before she hung up her phone and looked at me. "Can you apologize to Abigail for me, I never wanted any of this to happen to either of you." then she took her necklace and threw it to the ground flames engulfing her. I gasped and watched in horror as my birth mother burnt to death in the sunlight. It was awful to hear her screams but I scooped the necklace up in my hands and held it to me tightly.

Stefan came to pick me up and took me home holding me the entire time.

"Why did they let me go?" I asked Stefan as we sat in the boarding house.

"Because Klaus already has what he needs," Damon snapped throwing something the second he got into the house. It took Stefan five minutes to get Damon calmed down enough to tell us what was going down.

"What are you talking about Damon?" Stefan growled.

"He took her, Abby's gone."

Abby pov

I woke up on an unfamiliar couch groaning I thought to myself how many times I had gotten kidnapped. I guess that this would only be the second time, and that had turned out well. After all I had met Elijah the last time, but something told me that this wasn't like all the other times. I sat up and tried to move only to see that Ric was facing Elena and his back was towards me.

"Zdraveń≠te, Katerina, I have missed you," Ric said and smiled at Katerina, or Katherine. She looked very frightened and really nervous in front of this man.

"Klaus," she whispered. My eyes widened and I stared at Ric, or Klaus.

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