A new Hermione


Professor Dumbledore was drinking a cup of tea, a book of transfiguration in his hand, when suddenly a blue light flashed in the room and a young girl fell on the floor.

"What the..."

He rushed to her side.

"Mrs Slivedy!" He called with the floo network

"You called me professor?...Merlin, what happened to her!"

"I don't know but she's in bad shape"

"Lets take her to the Hospital wing!"

POV Hermione:

I opened my eyes, everything is still blurry but I can see I'm in the Hospital wing.

Did we won? Who was killed? How did the Deatheaters enter Hogwarts? So many question in my head.

"Ah! Your finely awake!" Said a voice next to her.

"I'm Mrs Slivedy, how are you feeling dear?" She asked me with a worried voice.

With a small voice I asked "Where is Mrs Pomfrey?"

"Who is Mrs Pomfrey?"

"Hogwarts's nurse of course!...We are at Hogwarts, right?

"We are at Hogwarts but there isn't any Mrs Pomfrey working here."


"How are you Miss?"

I turned my head and saw professor Dumbledore enter, except he was a Dumbledore much younger than the one she knew, his beard was red and a lot shorter. I had an odd felling and then I remembered the spell.

"Much better thank you, could we talk in private professor?"

"Of course." He then put a spell around us to make sure we won't be heard.

"Now, Miss...?"

"Granger, Hermione Granger."

Anf I told him everything that happened that night.

"Well Miss Granger, I never heard a story like this one before, anyway we are the 24th of September 1943, I think that for now you should continue yous studies here.

In witch year are you?"

"I'm in my 6th year sire."

"Alright, you'll also need a story to justified you arrival here.

We'll say that you came from Franc and had to leave because of Grindewaldand and since you are a Muggle-Born you won't have to change your last name"

1943? It sounds familiar...OH NO! I arrived in Voldemort's 6th year, OH MERLIN! It's ok Hermione, just be calm, avoid him and everything will be fine.

"Well" said Dumbledore "Now we are going to see the Headmaster to explain him all that."

Office of Headmaster Dipette

"Oh dear! What a terrible tragedy!" Said Dipette

"Of couse you can stay here Miss Granger!"

"Tank you so much Headmaster!"

"Your welcome, well it's going to be time for dinner, I'll show you the Great-Hall and you'll be sorted into you house.


This a translate of my 1st story and since I'm french I would need a Beta, so if anyone is interested please let me know.

I haven't finished my 1st story, so I have a lot of ideas but I don't exactly when to put them, also if you have ideas please tell me.

And now: In witch house do you think Hermione soulde be sorted? Ravenclaw? Slytherin?