2:The sorting:

"Attention please students." Said Dipette on the platform where the Sorting Hat was.

"This evening a new student will be sorted, she's in her 6th year, she came from the front in France

against Grindewald, I would ask you not to ask her too many questions and to welcome her...Miss Hermione Granger!

PDV Hermione:

I walked fro the doors my head high and proud, I don't smile, I can fell eyes looking at me but I keep looking in front of me.

They probably all know that I'm a muggle-born, after all "Granger" isn't a wizard name is it?

I arrived on the platform and Dipette put the sorting hat on my head.

"Well well, a time traveler"

"Yes well listen , I don't want to be impolite but but I really don't like having all the attention on me so if could you just put me in Gryffondor quickly that would be great.

"I'm sorry, but I can't."


"Because you are not the same person you were 5 years ago, but don't worry, you'll like this house.


I was a bit surprised but still happy, it could have been worse, I really didn't want to end up with Voldy Jr and for some reason I would have felt insulted if I was in Hufflepuff, I'm sorry but after everything I've been through, only be able of loyalty would be really insulting.

I sat away from the other students so that I didn't had to talk to anyone.

After the fest I followed the rest of the Ravenclaws to the common room.

The room was bigger than the Gryffondor's, the walls were deep blue and the floor was made of gray wood, there wasn't a fireplace but the room had a lot of study table and even a little library.

But the major change was the huge statue of Rowena Ravenclaw on the wall opposite of the entrance.

I went into the 6th years dormitory and saw a bed with the trunk that professor Dumbledore had provide me?

I immediately closed the drapes and put wards around my bed. I cast a charm that change me into my nights clothes and went to bed.

I couldn't sleep, probably because I didn't train that night, since the the fiasco at the Ministry last year I've trained every night in duel and muggle combat, I was now an expert with knifes and swords, even if I doubt the sword will be useful I liked training with it.

After listed every type of muggle combat by alphabetic order I finally fell asleep.

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