- Running For Your Life -

Calliope Hale, or Callie as she was known as to her family, the family members that were left alive that is, stood in front of her old childhood home by herself late one evening. With watery eyes she looked over the old burnt dilapidated house and took several deep breaths to hold back the tears as a million of memories hit her at once. Memories of her parents, her two year old twins sisters, as well as her other family members who had all lived in the house together. Once upon a time the house had been filled with love, laughter and lullabies until that terrible day six years ago.

Callie was only ten years old when the only home she had ever known, burst into flames. Luckily, she and two of her cousins, Laura and Derek, had been at school when the fire took place. The rest of her family however, had not been as lucky though. People around town who had heard about the Hale fire had called it a tragic accident. They were right about the 'tragic' part, but the fire was in no way a accident. Someone had wanted her and her whole family dead because most of them were born werewolves. Callie could never understand why someone would hate them so much to want to kill them all, sure they were werewolves, but they never hurt anybody. They had been a peaceful, loving tight knit family, who had kept to themselves until that day, so why would anyone want to hurt them?

After the fire, Laura, the oldest who had just turned eighteen and had taken on the responsibility of being their new alpha, had immediately suggested they leave town. She, like the other two, had knew the house fire was no accident and was worried that whoever set it, would come after them if they stayed in Beacon Hills for to much longer.

Callie hated the thought of leaving the town and only home she had ever known, she had already lost her family and now she was going to have to live on the run, constantly looking over her shoulder, but deep down she knew Laura was right and with her being the alpha, she knew she had to listen to Laura if she wanted to survive. She knew it was better for a werewolf to have a wolf pack and having a alpha in your pack was even better. With a pack you were stronger and had a better chance to survive. She had always been taught that a omega, or lone wolf, almost never survived alone and of course she wanted to survive. She was only sixteen, she had a lot of living left to do.

For the first three years after leaving town and living on the run, Laura stuck to her like glue. She had stepped up and took care of Callie, she knew she could never replace Callie's mother, but she tried her best. Derek would also step in and help, when he wasn't sulking and feeling guilty about the fire. He never told the girls, but he had a pretty good idea who had started the fire and spent everyday since then blaming himself for it. He had hoped Laura and Callie would never find out and for those first few years, they never questioned it, until Callie's thirteenth birthday, when her only wish was to find out who killed her family. From that day on Laura made it her mission to figure out what happened, she would leave Derek and Callie alone for months at a time as she investigated. When Derek found out what Laura was doing, he begged her to stop, but she couldn't do it, she had promised Callie and she always kept her promises. Since he couldn't stop her, Derek decided to leave them, something he hated to do, but he didn't want to see the disapproving look on their faces when they found out who was responsible and find out how he was to blame.

Callie shook her head, not wanting to remember the day Derek left. She hated that he had walked away from her, she had already lost the rest of her family and she didn't want to lose Derek either, but he at least kept in touch with her, for which she was grateful for. She pushed thoughts of Derek aside and instead thought of her parents and sisters. She knew Laura would probably be pissed that she was here, but today was the anniversary of the fire and she knew she had to visit, which was why she had skipped school, jumped on a bus and rode for four hours to Beacon Hills to visit the house like she had done the last three years without getting caught.

With her family heavily on her mind, she carefully walked up the front steps and onto the porch, she glanced off to the side and softly smiled when she remembered how her Mom use to sit with her on the porch in a rocking chair. Months before the fire, she would have terrible nightmares, nightmares about losing her family in a fire which would cause her to wake up screaming and the only way to get her back asleep was when her Mom would sing a sweet lullaby while slowly rocking in the chair on the porch. She had always wondered if somehow subconsciously she knew the fire was going to happen or maybe the nightmares were just a coincidence, either way she had not had another nightmare since the fire.

As a slight breeze blew, she could have sworn she could hear the screams of her family as the house burned like she heard that day. By the time she, Laura and Derek were returning home from school the whole house was engulfed in flames. The three quickly dropped their stuff and ran toward the house, hoping they could save everyone, but they were to late. The flames had spread to much for them to rush inside to rescue their family. Lost in thoughts from the past, she looked down at the porch in the spot where she had seen her Dad crawl out of the front door, his whole body on fire, as he tried to escape.

Callie squeezed her eyes closed, as she remembered how she had screamed for her father and tried to run to him, but before she could take a step Derek had wrapped a arm around her waist, picking her up off the ground to keep her from running toward the house. With her families screams of terror surrounding them, she had broke down crying on Derek's shoulder as he held her tight. She didn't know how long Laura and Derek had stood there watching, before turning around and walking away, leaving town for good.

With that terrible day still fresh in her mind, Callie opened her eyes and went to take a step toward the front door, then paused when she smelled something in the air, she wasn't as alone as she thought she was. She quickly spun around and glanced at the surrounding woods, hoping to see whoever was around. When she thought she saw someone dart behind a tree out of the corner of her eye, she cautiously walked down the porch stairs and planned to walked toward it, hoping to catch the person off guard. She had only taken a couple of steps when she found herself laying flat on her back, staring up at the dark sky. Someone had knocked her right off of her feet.

Callie felt her heart race with fear, worried that it was a hunter that knocked her down. She had never had to fight a hunter before and even though she was sure she could take one on, she was still a little worried cause she was all alone in the woods, hours away from her remaining family who had no idea where she was.

Fortunately for her before she could fully begin to freak out, the person that knocked her on her back came into view above her, causing her to breath out a sigh of relief when she saw it was Laura, although that relief was only brief when she opened her mouth to speak.

"What the hell are you doing here Callie? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Laura asked angrily, as she held out a hand, offering to help Callie up.

Once on her feet, Callie shot the older girl a grateful smile, thanking her for the help while she dusted off the dirt from her red leather jacket and black skinny jeans. Once all the dirt was gone, Callie looked over at Laura and said,"I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have come here, but it's the anniversary of the fire and I... I don't know, I guess I just wanted to remember them and remember what it felt like."

"Remember what what felt like?" Laura asked.

"What it felt like to have a family. What it felt like to have a home." Callie answered softly.

Laura sighed, feeling bad for the younger girl before saying,"you still have a family Callie, and a home too."

Callie shook her head then argued,"I have you and Derek and that's it. Not saying there is something wrong with you two, but Derek left us years ago and you're always gone, which leaves only me and as far as a home, I don't have a home. I have abandoned buildings and houses that we've been bouncing around for six years."

"You're right, I'm sorry, but you know we can't stay in one place to long. There are hunters all over, looking for us, looking to finish what they started years ago. But you're wrong about me never being there, I am there Callie. Yes I leave for days at a time to make sure things are safe for us, but I come back. I promised you in the past I'll always come back and I meant that." Laura said, as she stepped forward to hug Callie.

"I'm just tired of running. I want a life, I want a home." Callie cried out, then softly added after the hug,"I want my home."

"I know and one day we will have a home. Maybe not this one.." Laura said while gesturing toward the house, then continued,"but one day, when it's safe, we will have a home again. I promise, but for now we need to leave here. I know for a fact that hunters still visit this area looking for werewolves, even though they killed most of them, they still come through town to make sure none have came back."

As much as she hated to leave, Callie knew she was right as she nodded her head in agreement. Laura wrapped a arm around Callie's back as the two girls begin to walk away from the house. They had only taken a few steps when Callie looked at her and asked,"how did you know I was here anyway?"

"Your school called and said you didn't show up today and with it being the anniversary I figured you came here like you did the last couple of years." Laura answered.

Callie looked over at her in surprise, she never knew Laura knew her secret, she thought she was a lot stealthier than that. Laura laughed at the expression on her face then said,"don't look so surprise Callie. Did you really think you could sneak around, leave town and your alpha would never know about it? I always know where you are kid."

"Guess I can't get nothing past you." Callie mumbled.

"Nope and don't you forget that. I'll always know your secrets." Laura playfully warned her.

Callie chuckled at her comment then grew serious as she asked,"has Derek called today?"

"No, not yet." Laura answered sadly. She knew how much Callie looked forward to his phone calls, especially on a day like today.

"Maybe he forgot what today is." Callie suggested quietly.

"Don't worry, he'll call." Laura promised her, then added,"Derek would never forget to call you. It's just sometimes he's not to aware of what is going on, he's to busy beating himself up about things."

"Why does he feel so guilty about the fire anyway? None of us could even imagined something like that would happen." Callie asked.

Laura shrugged then said,"I don't know. He just always has blamed himself for it, but will never explain why." Laura answered, feeling bad for her brother. He might only be two years younger than her, but she will always view him as her baby brother.

"But he shouldn't feel bad. Whoever did it should feel bad, not Derek." Callie pointed out, then added,"although for someone to do that, it must mean the person has no conscious so I guess they wouldn't feel bad."

"Very true. It takes a very cold hearted person to do that." Laura agreed.

"And here I thought hunters lived by a code, but I guess I was wrong." Callie said bitterly.

"Maybe it wasn't hunters." Laura pointed out.

"But I thought you always said it was hunters that set the fire." Callie said, feeling confused.

"I just assumed it was hunters, I mean more than likely it was hunters, but I don't have any proof." Laura explained, then added,"yet."

"You've been investigating the fire." Callie stated, as she came to a stop and looked at Laura with a shocked expression on her face.

"Just like you, this isn't my first time visiting Beacon Hills." Laura said.

"What have you found out so far?" Callie asked, feeling her heart race. She couldn't help but wonder if this could this be the moment when she finally learned who was responsible for killing her family, like she had been wishing to find out for years.

Laura looked at the younger girl and thought about how much she should tell her. She knew she had promised her that she would find out what happened, but she had hoped to solve the mystery before telling her anything, she didn't want to get the girls hopes up. After everything she had been through, the last thing Laura wanted to do was get her hopes up, but she did deserve to know what she had found out so far. With that thought in mind, Laura opened her mouth to tell her the few things she did know, but before she could say a word, she heard a twig snap in the distance. Someone else was in the woods with them.

"Well? What did you find out?" Callie asked again, when Laura didn't answered the first time.

Laura held up a hand, telling the other girl to the be quiet, as she glanced around the dark woods, her normal eye color had disappeared and were replaced with the alpha red color. She listened in closely and picked up multiple heart beats surrounding them at the moment and if she had to guess from the scent she was picking up on, it was hunters surrounding them.

"What is it?" Callie whispered, her brown eyes turning into a yellowish gold color as she too glanced around, trying to see what Laura was worried about, but couldn't see a thing. She used her other werewolf abilities and knew instantly they were not alone.

"How many are there?" Callie asked fearfully, as she looked at Laura.

"At least three, maybe more." Laura answered, as she continued to look around, hoping to pinpoint exactly where they were.

"What should we do?" Callie asked. She hoped no matter how many hunters there were, the two of them together could take them on.

"On the count of three, I'm going to run to my left. Hopefully that will lead them away from you. Then I want you to run to the right and don't stop for nothing. I'll meet you at the old park that we use to go to as kids. That's where I parked my car." Laura said quietly for only Callie's sensitive ears to hear.

Callie quickly shook her head then said,"no, no Laura. We should stick together."


"Laura! Don't do this! Don't leave me!" Callie pleaded.

"... 2 ..."

"Please! Please, don't do this. If they catch you, they'll kill you." Callie cried.

"... I love you Calla Lily ..." Laura whispered, calling her by her old family nickname.

"Laura please! I can't lose you. You and Derek are all I have. Please!" Callie begged, feeling tears fill her eyes at the thought of losing her cousin. If the hunters are the ones who set the fire, then maybe a code did not exist in which case if they were to catch Laura, she had no doubt they would kill her, then they would come after Derek, leaving her completely alone, until they killed her too.

As much as Laura hated to leave her little cousin, she figured this was the best way to get them out alive. With her being the alpha and the more experience werewolf, she should be able to led them away from Callie then hopefully throw them off her trail long enough to meet back up with her and if that plan didn't work, well at least Callie would make it out and she knew Derek would step up and take care of her.

Feeling good about her plan, Laura mouth the number '3' then took off with a flash, leaving Callie alone.

Callie gasped at the sudden departure then took a deep breath as she wiped the few stray tears from her face before running as fast as she could through the woods like Laura told her to do. She didn't know how long she had been running but she could tell she was about half way through the woods. She knew within a few seconds she would be on the other side of the woods and come out at one of the back roads, then she could make her way to the park where she would wait for Laura. But before she could make it to the road, she heard a gun go off in the distance and came to a stop, worried that Laura was shot. She thought about retracing her steps to look for her until she heard the bullet hit something hard, like a tree, not flesh, causing her to breath a sigh of relief. Whoever had tried to shoot Laura had missed. She was still thinking about forgetting the plan and search for her until her sensitive ears picked up Laura's faraway voice, telling her she was ok and to keep going.

Callie faintly smiled, leave it to Laura to send her a encouraging message even while in danger. She opened her mouth to whisper her own message back, but before she could say a word, she heard a whistling noise as a arrow came flying toward her.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn't fast enough before she felt the arrow go through her left shoulder. She gasp in surprise at the sudden pain, but refused to cry out, not wanting the hunters to know they had hurt her. She bit her bottom lip so hard she could taste blood as she reached up with her right hand to pull the arrow out. Once it was out, she tossed it on the ground, taking a couple of deep breaths to fight through the pain. She quickly removed the leather jacket she had been wearing, revealing the grey tank top underneath before placing her right hand on the wound as she waited for it to heal. Once she was sure the wound had closed up, she removed her hand and glanced down, seeing the bright red blood on it. She wiped her hand on her black jeans, hoping she got all the blood off of her. Then she pushed her sweat soaked hair from her forehead, leaving a trace of blood on her face before she took off running again.

While she continued to run, she glanced behind her a few times, trying to see if anyone was running after her. She was pleased to hear noone coming toward her, as she ran out onto the road. She paused for a moment to catch her breath then gasped in surprise when she saw a car heading straight for her. She held out her hands, hoping the car would stop in time, but just in case it didn't, she closed her eyes and waited for impact.


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