- I Spy With My Little Eye -

Early the next morning, Callie slammed on the brakes and parked the car in front of the old house. She quickly shut the car off and exited the vehicle before running inside the house, yelling out Derek's name in a slight panic. The night before after grabbing food and a few supplies they would need to stay in the house, she had left town and made her way back toward Derek only to find the woods covered with every Beacon Hills officer as well as state police.

Knowing that Derek would want her to stay away while the police were around, she had stood at the edge of the woods, out of sight and called his cell phone. She was about to give up hope that he would answer and begin to expect the worst, when he finally did answer, although before she could find out what was going on, he gave her a gruff "can't talk" then hung up on her.

She spent the rest of the night driving around, wondering what could be going on and occasionally calling Derek's cell phone again with no answer, until she felt like it was safe to return home and could finally find out what exactly happened

Once inside the house, she glanced around the living room as she called out his name again. She ran over to the stairs and rested her hand on the handrail as she looked up toward the second floor. She took a deep breath to control her own racing heart as she listened for his, she knew he had to be somewhere near by cause she could smell his recent scent in the air, she just needed to locate him. She opened her mouth to yell for him again, then snapped her mouth shut when she finally heard the beat of his heart coming from behind. She quickly turned around and breathed out a sigh of relief when she say him standing in front of her, all in one piece.

"What the hell happened last night?" Callie asked, as she rushed toward him and hugged him. She tightened her arms that were wrapped around his waist then added,"when I saw cops here last night, I thought something terrible had happened to you."

"Shh... it's ok. They weren't here cause of me." Derek said, as he lightly patted her back, hoping to calm her down.

Callie held on to him for a few extra minutes, then she dropped her arms and took a quick step back. Now that she knew he was ok, the anger was starting to set in. Before Derek knew what was happening, she laid her hands on his chest and gave him a hard shove back as she called out angrily,"why didn't you call me back? All you said was 'can't talk' then hung up on me. I was worried sick about you!"

"I'm sorry. I was a little busy at the moment." Derek said, as he held up his hands in surrender.

"What happened?" Callie asked again, then added,"if the cops weren't here for you, why were they here?"

"Someone else found Laura before I could." Derek answered softly.

"What?" Callie asked confused.

"Right after you left, I went into the woods to search for her, but before I could, two joggers showed up and found her. They are the ones who called the cops." Derek explained.

"That explains the cops then." Callie mumbled, then asked,"but wait, you said you were busy... busy with what?"

"The police were not the only ones in the woods last night." Derek answered vaguely, as he pulled a inhaler from his pocket and tossed it to her.

Callie looked down at the inhaler and read the name on it, it was Scott McCall's inhaler. She remembered Scott, he was best friends with Stiles, but that still didn't explain anything. She looked back up at Derek and handed the inhaler back before saying,"I still don't get it."

"There were two teenage boys in the woods too, one of them dropped that." Derek explained, then added,"the one who dropped that was also bit last night."

"What?" Callie yelled out in surprise, then added,"you should have really led with that. There was a alpha in the woods last night?"

"Yeah and I'm guessing that's who you saw in your dreams with Laura. Whoever it is killed her and become alpha." Derek said, then added,"I tried to track him, but I lost him."

"Wow." Callie whispered. She couldn't believe this was happening. Losing Laura was bad enough, but now there was also a crazy alpha running around biting people and turning them into werewolves. The only bright side to all of this, if there was one, was there was no way they could just leave town now. Apparently this alpha, whoever he was, was planning something and they needed to find him and stop him.

"Why is a alpha, whoever he is, turning people?" Callie asked out loud.

"I don't know." Derek answered with a shrug, then added,"but we need to find him and stop him."

"We should probably try to help Scott too. The poor boy probably has no idea what is going on with him." Callie added.

"Who?" Derek asked confused.

Callie chuckled and rolled her eyes at her clueless cousin as she pointed to the inhaler still in his hand then said,"Scott McCall. The boy who got bit."

"Oh right." Derek said, he had honestly forgot what the boy's name was, but he knew she was right. They needed to help Scott, he was one of them now, besides if people found out what he was, he and Callie could be found out too and he was going to do all he could to protect his last living relative.

"Well since inhaler boy is around your age, I think you should be on new beta duty. Which means, you should probably enroll at the high school to watch him. Do whatever you have to do to get close to him and keep him from shifting in front of anyone. Cause if the wrong person finds out what he is..."

"I know. It could be bad for all of us." Callie said, interrupting him.

As Derek nodded his head in agreement, she turned away from him and begin to think of a way to get close to Scott. Like Stiles, she figured Scott wouldn't remember her from long ago too, but maybe she could find something that was important to him and try to bond with him over that. She softly smiled when she thought of something that use to be important to Scott, his friendship with Stiles. She figured the two boys were still friends, but she would never use Stiles to get close to Scott, although if she got to be around Stiles while getting close to Scott, that would be a added bonus.

"I know what you're thinking." Derek suddenly said, taking her by surprise.

"Y-you do?" Callie asked, worried he really did read her mind somehow. She knew he would be disappointed and would probably yell at her for thinking about a boy at a time like this. Derek use to always tell her relationships were a waste and love was a lie. He would tell her she needed to stay away from boys, especially humans, cause humans would never understand or accept what they are and she would only end up hurt in the end or worse.

At her question, he nodded his head then said,"I bet you're already thinking about what your classes are going to be like and what your first homework assignment is going to be."

Callie gave him a short laugh, relieved that he didn't know what she was really thinking, then said,"yep, that's it. You got me Derek."

"I know you love school and I don't want to take that from you, but just remember what your job is ok." Derek said to her, as he laid a hand on her shoulder. He wished he could send her off to school as a regular teenage who thought about boys and homework, but she wasn't like normal girls, she had to constantly look over her shoulder and be careful. All he could do was hope that one day, she could have a normal life, it just wasn't going to be today.

"Don't worry, I'll keep a eye on him." Callie promised him, as she turned to leave the room. She needed to grab her suitcase from the car and find something to wear for her first day at school, she would also need to stop somewhere on the way to grab last minute school supplies. While thinking about everything she needed to do, she happened to think of something else, which caused her to turn around and ask,"hey, what's your job?"

"What?" Derek asked confused.

"Well my job is to keep a eye on Scott, but what is your job?" Callie asked.

Derek folded his arms across his chest as he thought about her question. He knew exactly what he was going to do today. Find the other half of Laura's body and bury her before anyone finds out what she really was. He was also hoping he might could steal the other part of her body from the hospital but figured that would be a long shot. Although he didn't want to tell Callie any of this and upset her, but he could tell her what else he planned to do.

"I'm gonna find the alpha." Derek finally answered, then added."and I'm gonna make him pay for what he did."


Close to a hour later, after getting changed for school and picking up the supplies she would need, Callie was now sitting in the front office at Beacon Hills high school with another brunette girl who was also a new student. At the moment they were waiting for the principal, who wanted to go over the rules with them and answer any questions they might have before showing them around.

As she waited, Callie glanced around the office. The front office was a lot like other school offices she had been in the last few years. There was a front desk where the school's secretary sat as she took care of everything. Behind the desk were a few offices for the principal, vice principal and the school's counselor. Off to the side were a few chairs, which was where she and the other new girl were sitting at the moment.

When the other new girl started tapping her foot nervously, Callie glanced over at her and silently watched her. From the foot tapping and the racing heart, Callie knew the girl was nervous and she felt bad for her, starting a new school was stressful, she should know after all the different schools she had went to.

When the girl turned her head to see Callie watching her, she gave her a apologetic smile, then said,"sorry. I'm just a little nervous."

"It's ok." Callie said with a friendly smile on her face.

"I'm Allison Argent by the way." Allison said, as she held out her hand.

"Argent?" Callie asked with a surprised expression on her face. As if things weren't bad enough already, now there were hunters in town, and not just any hunters, it's the Argents, who happened to be some of the best hunters around.

"Yeah. Have you heard of my family or something?" Allison asked, when she noticed the look on her face.

"No, of course not. I just never heard of that name." Callie lied, as she flashed her another friendly smile and quickly shook her hand.

"Yeah it's not very common I guess." Allison said, then asked,"and you are?"

"Oh sorry. I'm Callie Kent." Callie answered. She was relieved she had thought to use her Mom's maiden name instead of her real last name. The last thing she needed was for a Argent to know she was a Hale.

"It's nice to meet you." Allison said smiling.

"You too." Callie said back, making a note to herself to stay away from Allison in the future.

"So where are you from?" Allison asked, trying to make small talk.

"All over. Moved around a lot." Callie answered vaguely.

"Same here. The last place we lived at was in San Francisco, which was actually the first city we lived in for longer than a year. Very unusual for my family." Allison said with a small chuckle, then added,"sorry, I tend to ramble when I'm nervous."

Callie opened her mouth to tell her it was ok, but before she could say a word, she heard a loud ringing noise coming from Allison's bag. She bit her bottom lip to keep from cringing at the loud, annoying ring. Thankfully, Allison heard the cell phone ringing as well, although the sound wasn't as loud to her regular human ears as it was to Callie's sensitive ones.

Allison pulled her cell phone out of her bag then said with a sigh,"it's my Mom again. I'll be right back."

Callie nodded her head as Allison quickly stood up and walked outside to get a better signal and find a quiet place to answer the call. Once alone, Callie looked down at the floor as she tried to ignore all the different noises as students walked up and down the hallway. She heard every conversation, chuckle, sigh and shoe scuff against the floor. The sounds were overwhelming and making her head hurt. She was close to screaming out in frustration when she heard a familiar voice over all the other noise. A voice that instantly calmed her and made her smile, it was Stiles's voice.

Her smile grew as she listened to his excited chatter as he talked to Scott about the upcoming school year as they got closer and closer to her. She couldn't help but chuckle when she watched him walk by the office and saw her sitting there. He came to a complete stop as his mouth dropped open in surprise. She gave him a small wave when their eyes locked, causing his heart to begin to race. She couldn't deny that felt a small thrill at knowing she made his heart race. That had to be a good sign right?

Stiles couldn't believe his eyes as he continued to stare at her, the girl that he couldn't stop thinking about lately, she was here, at his school. This was the greatest thing to happen to him since... well he couldn't think of anything to compare it to at the moment cause all he could think about was her, the mystery girl. His mystery girl.

He opened and closed his mouth a few times then reached out to slap Scott's arm, hoping to get his attention and finally show him that he wasn't imagining things cause she was here, she was right in front of him, but while he had stopped to stare at the beautiful girl before him, Scott had continued to walk away, as he headed for his locker.

Callie raised her eyebrows as she wondered if Stiles would came over and talk to her. She had thought of standing up and going to him, but before she could make up her mind, he turned away, breaking eye contact, as he glanced around for Scott. When he saw Scott standing at his locker, he looked back over at Callie again and stuttered a few times as he held up a finger, hoping she would know what that meant, as he raced off to grab Scott. Unfortunately right after he rushed off, the principal finally showed up and called her into his office.

Stiles didn't say a word as he raced up behind Scott and grabbed his arm, pulling him back toward the front office to prove to him that the girl was real. When he made it back to the spot where he had saw her, he felt his heart drop when he saw that she was gone.

"Dude, what is your problem?" Scott asked, as he jerked his arm away with a confused look on his face.

"She... she was right there. Where did she go?" Stiles asked out loud, as he pointed to the chair she had just been sitting in.

"She who?" Scott asked, still feeling confused.

"The girl. The one I told you about." Stiles answered.

"Ok look, this was funny for about a minute, but now I'm really starting to worry about you." Scott said with a concern look on his face, then suggested,"maybe you should go get checked out or something."

Stiles rolled his eyes then said,"there is nothing wrong with me. I swear to you, she is real and she was sitting right there just a second ago."

"Sure she was buddy." Scott said, as he patted him on the shoulder.

Stiles opened his mouth to argue with him, but before he could say a word, the bell begin to ring, signaling the start of their first class. Scott kept his hand on Stile's shoulder as he said,"come on, let's go to class."

Stiles sighed as he walked along with his best friend. He knew for a fact he had just saw her, there was no way he imagined or dreamed that. He just hoped he saw her again and soon, before Scott sent him packing to the crazy house.


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