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Thanks to his Mom, Sam Winchester left a timeline where his brother was dead and he was put into a future where he was able to rescue his brother from a vampire, his own soulless twin, and even an angel that was full of more crap than a manure factory.


Sam opens his eyes slowly. He looks out the window near his bed and sees that it is still dark out. He glances at the clock on the nightstand. 3:55AM. Sam yawns and rolls over to his right side, looking at the other (Dean's) bed ...which is empty? Sam sits up quickly and puts on the light that is on the nightstand in between the two beds.

Sam looks to his left, towards the bathroom. In the almost two months that he has been in 2010 with Dean, Sam has awaken many times in the middle of the night to Dean not being in his bed. Dean has learned that if he doesn't want panic eyed six foot four inches of baby brother waiting for him when he opened the door, he should put the light on. But there is no light on. Sam looks once again at the other (Dean's) bed and realizes, that not only is it empty, but it is still MADE.

Sam throws the bedsheets off and gets out of the bed. He runs into the bathroom and puts on the light. The room is empty. Looking at the counter, Sam sees only his toiletry bag and one toothbrush. Sam doesn't hear the soft whimper he makes as he backs out of the room.

Turning around, he sees his duffel under the window. In his mind, he can see himself dropping it there, as Dean (where is he) dropped his against the wall by the door. Sam goes around the other (Dean's) bed and looks. No duffel. Once again, Sam whimpers.

Taking a deep breath, Sam grabs his socks and boots, puts them on, grabs the room card and leaves the room. He walks past the Impala and stops. She is covered in dirt (no, no, just like when Dean got taken away by the hellhounds). Sam takes a deep breath and continues to the office across the parking lot.

Sam walks into the office, slamming the door against the wall. The nightclerk, who had been sleeping at the counter, jumps up from his chair and looks at the wild eyed tall man that just walked in.

Sam comes over to the counter and in a shaky voice asks the clerk, "Where is my brother?"

Ted, the nightclerk, stands behind his chair, wanting to be as far away from Sam as possible, answers "Brother? You checked in by yourself".

Sam stands there speechless. He glances down and sees the sign in book sitting open on the counter. He looks at it and sees 'Sam Frey', but he doesn't see 'Dean Henley'. Although he can remember watching Dean sign the book, just a few hours ago. Looking up at a very frightened Ted, Sam backs away from the counter and with a whispered "I'm sorry, guess I am still asleep", Sam leaves the office.

He walks slowly across the parking lot, back to his (their) room. Passing by the Impala, he thinks that she looks like he feels (abandoned, alone, unloved, needing Dean). Sam walks back into the room. Seeing the tv remote on the other (Dean's) bed, he picks it up. He puts on the television. There is a re-broadcast of a newscast on. Sam steps closer to the television to see the date clearer. August 20, 2008.

Sam gasps, turns the tv off and throws the remote on his bed.

With a sob, he walks to the other (Dean's) bed, and lays down, curling into a fetal position.

It was all a dream: Mom, Dean, the vampire, Dean, his soulless double, Dean, the angel, Dean, Crowley, Dean, Dad, Dean. Fifty seven days that were all a dream.

Sam doesn't fight the tears that fall from his eyes, nor does he fight the sobs that seem to tear through his whole body. This is like watching the hellhounds rip through Dean all over again.

Dean is still dead. He is still in Hell, and Sam? Sam is still all alone.



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