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Four days ago, Dean and Sam took care of a salt and burn in St. Louis. Early the next morning, Sam woke up to a Dean-less room. He thought he had dreamed the events of the previous two months, that he was still in 2008 and Dean was still in Hell. Slowly losing his sanity, Sam eventually saw something that gave him hope and a deadly determination to get Dean back, no matter what. Sam rescued Dean and took care of the enemy. He and Dean went to Bobby's to rest from their ordeal.


Sam wakes up alone in Dean's bed. He sits up and looks around the bedroom. No Dean.

He throws off the covers and climbs out of the bed. He runs to the bathroom. No Dean.

He runs down the stairs. Bobby, looks up and is ready to yell at Sam for sounding like a herd of elephants, takes one look at Sam's panic filled eyes, and just says calmly, "He's working on the Caddy."

Sam runs out the door, letting it slam against the wall in his rush to get to Dean.

He goes around the corner and sees Dean working under the hood of the Caddy.

Sam stands by the bench seat. Tears roll down his face as he tries not to grab Dean. But Dean's big brother radar 'blips', and Dean comes from under the hood.

Seeing Sam, he wipes his hands on a nearby rag and says gently, "I'm so sorry, Sammy", as he walks over to his crying brother. Dean takes Sam in his arms and Sam wraps his arms around Dean, grabbing on to the back of his shirt.

Sam buries his face in Dean's neck and sobs. Dean rubs his back and continues to gently say, "I'm sorry."

Sam mutters, "Is this a 'tiny setback'?"

Dean gently pulls away from Sam, so that Sam can see him smile, he says gently, "Yes. This is my fucking fault. I should have realized, if you were having trouble sleeping through the night, then not having me there when you woke up, may be a problem as well. I am so sorry, Sammy."

Sam says nothing, as he buries his face in Dean's neck again.

Dean looks down and sees that Sam isn't wearing any shoes, "Sammy, why are you walking around barefoot, you don't know what you may step on. Let's go back into the house and get you ready for the day."

He lets Sam go, and gently leads his brother back into the house. Sam holds on to one of Dean's belt loops, as he follows Dean inside. They go upstairs to their bedroom. Dean stays in the doorway and tells Sam, "Get dressed."

Sam changes into a shirt and jeans. He looks up at Dean and Dean smiles, "Still here, Sammy." Sam puts on his boots and stands near Dean.

Dean smiles at him, "Hungry?" Sam shrugs.

They go downstairs to the kitchen. Dean tells Sam to sit down at the table. He puts bread in the toaster and fills two mugs with coffee. He brings the mugs over to the table, then goes back to the counter. Sam takes a sip out of one of the mugs and places the other mug next to him. He pulls a chair next to him. Dean brings Sam's buttered toast over to the table, and sees where Sam has 'placed' him. Dean smiles as he sits down, "Eat."

Sam eats his breakfast, as Dean drinks his coffee.

Bobby walks into the kitchen. He grabs a mug of coffee, sits down, and asks Dean, "How's the Caddy coming along?"

Dean says, "I'm almost done. Maybe another hour, tops."

Bobby nods, "Good. How you doing, Sam?"

Sam looks up from his toast and whispers, "I don't feel like Rambo."

Dean laughs, "Rambo?"

Sam nods, "That's what Bobby calls me."

Dean looks at Bobby, "Why?"

Bobby laughs, "Your brother is worst than you, when it comes to protecting his brother. Do you remember what Sam told me the first time your Dad bought the two of you here?"

Dean leans back in his chair to think, then he laughs, "Mine."

Bobby laughs, "Exactly."

Dean laughs, "I thought Sammy was going to kick you in the shins, if you didn't back up."

Bobby laughs, "I wondered if John was crazy enough to give a toddler a knife."

Dean smiles at Sam, he reaches over and squeezes his brother's hand, "Your second word was 'mine', man, was Dad pissed."

Bobby laughs, "What was his first word?"

Dean smiles, "'Dean'. Sammy would tell Dad, 'Dean mine', and Dad would tell him, 'Say 'Dad', Sammy'. Sammy would shake his head and say, 'Dean mine'. Dad finally gave up after a week or so. Eventually, Sammy did say 'Dad', but Dad wasn't even there to hear it."

Sam finishes his breakfast, he grabs the empty mugs and his plate and goes to the sink to wash them.

Bobby glances at Sam's back and looks at Dean. Dean nods and says, "Sammy, what do you have planned for today?"

Sam turns away from the sink and looks at Dean, he whispers, "There's some more supples I need to order."

Dean nods, "Good, then you can keep me company."

Sam smiles, and turns back to the sink.

Bobby gets up from the table and says, "I'll call Hank, and let him know that he can pick up the Caddy around noon, is that good?"

Dean nods, "More than enough time for me to finish up with the car AND fix Rambo." He smiles as Sam, finished doing the dishes, looks at him.

Bobby goes back to his library.

Dean stands up and walks out of the kitchen, with Sam following close behind. Dean waits as Sam goes to the sofa to get his laptop case. They leave the house and walk to the Caddy. Sam sits on the bench seat and powers on his laptop. Dean goes back to work under the Caddy's hood.

Sam stretches out his leg and touches Dean's leg. Staying under the hood, Dean says calmly, "Still here, Sammy."

Sam nods, even though Dean isn't looking at him, "Ok."

They continue to work in a very comfortable silence. Dean gets into the Caddy's driver side and starts the car around eleven o'clock. He tells Sam with a smile, "This repair has been fixed, now onto my next repair."

Sam lowers his eyes and whispers, "I don't think I can be 'repaired'."

Dean snorts and sits next to him, "Sammy, I should have woke you this morning, before I got out of bed, instead of just leaving you."

Sam says nothing, putting his laptop over to the side. He looks down at his hands.

Dean squeezes one of Sam's hands, "Sammy, you got past Broward County, you will get past Pheartown."

Sam looks up at Dean, tears running down his face, "Dean, for me, Broward County only happened a few months ago."

Dean gently pulls Sam into his arms and whispers, "Shit, I completely forgot," as he holds Sam tight.

For the second time in the same morning, Sam buries his face in his brother's neck and cries. Dean rubs his back, and whispers, "It's ok, Sammy."

Sam pulls away from Dean after a while and wiping his eyes, whispers, "Just when I think I'm ok, I find out that I'm not."

Dean looks at him gently, and says, "Sam, you WILL get past this. You know why?"

Sam sniffs and asks, "Why?"

Dean smiles, "Because you have an awesome big brother, who loves you."

Sam slowly smiles, "And you have an awesome little brother, who loves you."

Bobby laughs, "Am I interrupting something?"

Sam and Dean look at Bobby.

Dean laughs, "No, we are just thankful that we have each other. We are also, thankful for you, Bobby."

Bobby rolls his eyes and tells Dean, "You're welcome, but don't get me involved in your little lovefest. Hank is on his way over."

Dean nods, "Thanks, Bobby." He turns to Sam, "Rambo, behave."

Sam smiles and says nothing.

Dean and Sam move the bench seat out of the way, and get into the Caddy. Dean drives the car onto Bobby's driveway, facing the main road. He and Sam get out and go into the house.

A half hour or so later, Hank knocks on Bobby's door. Bobby goes out to talk to him. Hank gets into his Caddy and drives out of Bobby's driveway. Bobby comes back into the house and hands Dean an envelope. Dean looks at it and looks at Bobby.

Bobby smiles, "Idjit, you did the work, you get the money."

Dean smiles, "Awesome."

Sam laughs, "Guess who's paying for dinner."

Dean smiles, "Not a problem."

Dean glances as Sam and says, "I'm going to give my baby some attention now."

Sam takes a deep breath and says, "Ok. Maybe Bobby has something I can read?"

Bobby nods, "Help yourself."

Dean stands up, "You want me to wait?"

Sam takes another deep breath, "No."

Dean nods, "I'm going to move her around the corner, where your throne is, ok Princess?"

Sam smiles, "Jerk."

Dean laughs as he leaves the house.

Sam hears the familiar growl of the Impala a few minutes later, and has a brief moment of panic, that Dean is leaving him behind. Sam closes his eyes, listens to her growl and in his mind, sees Dean driving around the corner. At the right moment, her growl ends and a minute or so later, Sam hears the driver's door open and then close. Dean is still here.

Sam opens his eyes and see Bobby looking at him with concern, "You ok, Sam?"

Sam nods, "I'm going to look for something to read now."

He goes into Bobby's library and finds a beat up copy of 'Robinson Crusoe'. He grabs it and after smiling at Bobby, leaves the house. He goes around the corner and smiles when he sees the bench seat in front of the Impala. Dean is under the hood, muttering to himself. Sam sits down and kicks Dean's leg.

Dean stays under the hood and says coldly, "They're lucky I saw what they did to my car, AFTER they were already dead, otherwise, I would have killed them myself."

Sam holds the book tightly and says nothing.

Dean comes out from under the Impala's hood and walks over to Sam.

Dean sits down next to Sam, takes the book out of Sam's hands, puts it on the ground and holds Sam's hands in his, he says gently, "Not to mention, what they did to you."

Sam gives Dean a weak smile. Dean smiles back at him.

Dean gently asks, "You ok?", Sam nods.

Dean smiles and hands Sam back his book. He gets up and goes back to the Impala.

Sam opens the book and starts to read, looking up every now and then, to make sure Dean is still there.

Around five, Dean decides to stop and see if Bobby is ready to go get dinner. Dean and Sam push the bench seat out of the way of the Impala. They go inside. Bobby agrees that he is hungry.

Dean washes his hands as Sam leans in the doorway of the bathroom.

They grab their jackets and get into the Impala.

They drive to the Good Eats Diner. Patty remembers them, and puts them once again with Judy. They enjoy their meal. Dean pays the check, with Sam taking care of Judy's tip. They pick up some groceries in a nearby market, then get back into the Impala to go back to Bobby's.

Dean grabs the remote and sits on the sofa. Sam sits at the other end. Bobby sits in a chair. They watch tv and talk.

After a while, Sam yawns and tells them "good night". Dean and Bobby both say "good night." Sam goes upstairs to bed.

He grabs his stuff and after a quick shower, gets into his bed. He can hear the tv, but more important, he can hear Dean and Bobby talking. Facing Dean's bed, Sam falls asleep.

Dean and Bobby stay up a little longer, than they also go to bed.

Sam wakes up. He is facing Dean's bed and Dean is asleep, facing him. Sam looks at his watch. 3:05am. Taking a deep breath, Sam closes his eyes.

The owner of the Broward County Mystery Spot pulls the trigger and Dean goes down.

Sam wakes up screaming his brother's name. Dean is out of his bed and gathering Sam in his arms within seconds. Sam holds on to Dean, as the tears fall from his eyes.

Dean says gently, "Hellhounds?"

Sam just shakes his head and holds Dean tighter.

Bobby runs into the room. He sees Sam crying in Dean's arms. Dean smiles at him and says, "I got this, Bobby, thanks." Bobby nods and quietly leaves the room.

Dean lays back on the bed, keeping his arms around Sam. Sam puts his head over Dean's heart. Dean strokes Sam's hair until Sam falls asleep. Dean soon falls back asleep as well.


Dean wakes up the next morning, Sam is still fast asleep.

Dean debates waking Sam up, but since he doesn't want a repeat of yesterday, he gives Sam's shoulder a squeeze.

Sam slowly opens his eyes, "Huh?"

Dean smiles, "I want to give the Impala an oil change."

Sam gives him a sleepy nod and rolls onto his side.

Dean gets out of the bed and pulls the covers up to Sam's shoulders. Giving his brother a kiss on top of his head, he then grabs his stuff and walks to the bathroom.


Sam opens his eyes. He is facing the window. He sits up and doesn't see Dean. He remembers something about 'an oil change' and smiles to himself. He knows where Dean is.

After putting on his shirt and jeans, Sam goes downstairs. Bobby is eating breakfast.

Bobby looks up and smiles, "Good morning, sunshine."

Sam smiles, "Morning, Bobby." He makes toast and grabs a mug of coffee. He sits down at the table.

Bobby asks, "If you don't mind me asking, why are you so calm this morning?"

Sam smiles, "I know where Dean is. He told me earlier."

Bobby nods, "He wondered if you would remember. I guess you did."

Sam nods, "I did."

They finish their breakfast. Sam washes the breakfast dishes. Bobby goes into his library.

After finishing the dishes, Sam gets his book from the sofa and goes outside.

He sees the bench seat back in its place, in front of the Impala. Dean is underneath the car. Sam sits down and gently hits Dean's foot with his own.

Dean laughs, "You ok there, Sam?"

Sam smiles, even though he knows Dean can't see him, "I'm great."

Dean laughs again, "That is fucking awesome."

Sam laughs and opens his book.


Sam finally sleeps through the night, two nights later.

Dean wakes Sam before he leaves the bedroom, every morning. Sam wakes up calm and relaxed, knowing that Dean is nearby, not gone.

Sam and Dean stay at Bobby's for almost a week.

All the supplies Sam ordered, slowly start arriving at Bobby's.


Sam finds them a hunt in Idaho. They are leaving the next morning.

Dean is giving the Impala one more lookover before calling it a night.

Sam comes outside.

Dean closes her hood gently and smiles at Sam, "Ready to get back to work?"

Sam nods and holds out a small wrapped present, "Merry Christmas, Dean."

Dean eyes the present, "Christmas?"

Sam smiles, "I'm a couple of days early, but I want to give you this now."

Dean continues to eye the present, "I have nothing for you."

Sam smiles, "I've had my present for a while now."

Dean looks up at him, "Which was?"

Sam laughs, "You."

Dean rolls his eyes, "Sam, Castiel got me out of Hell three months after your little crossroad drama."

Sam punches Dean's arm with his empty hand, "Do not mention his name."

Dean rubs his arm, "Fuck, Sam, that hurt."

Sam gives his brother a bitchface. He takes a deep breath and says, "Obviously, I didn't appreciate you coming back to me, otherwise I wouldn't have done all the fucked up shit that I did."

Dean snorts, "Sam, we've already talked about this, I forgave you. Maybe you should forgive yourself."

Sam shakes his head, softly he says, "I can't Dean. When I saw my evil twin in that alleyway, I wanted to kill him for JUST standing there."

Dean says gently, "Why didn't you?"

Sam looks down at the present for a second, then looks at Dean with shiny eyes, "I was too busy holding you."

Dean smiles, "Mine."

Sam weakly smiles, "Exactly. Now open YOUR present."

Dean takes the present from Sam's hand and unwraps it. It is a ringbox. Dean glances at Sam, who smiles, Dean opens the box. It is his silver ring.

Sam smiles, "Look inside."

Dean takes the ring out of the box and looks. He laughs when he sees 'Jerk' engraved inside.

Sam, pulls the cord out of his shirt, and says, "Next jewelers we pass, I am having 'Bitch' engraved on this one."

Dean laughs, "Does this mean we are going steady or something?"

Sam smiles, "Or something."

Dean smiles, "Thank you, Sam."

Sam smiles, "You're welcome."

They walk into Bobby's house.

They watch tv with Bobby for a while, then go to bed.

They leave early the next morning.



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