Hi guys! I hope you like my very first fanfiction! I am Erika and I LOVE doctor who! This is my first story about doctor who and hope it will be worth your time. I am just going to get straight into it then! Thanks for reading. By the way- I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. THE BBC DO.

She ran and ran. River knew she was not the kind of girl who would just stop. At least not for the doctor.
It must have been a week since she first landed on the planet of Flamoosh (random name) and she was still running from the sontaran fleet. Nothing could stop her... except maibe a dead end. She came to a stop as she reached a blank wall at the end of a long maze. She was stuck.
But River Song never stops. River saw the leader passing towards her as she had nothing but blankness in her head. Her vortex manipulator, probably the only thing that could have saved her, beeped as she reached for a gun. Immiadiately she started typing a secret messege on it.
'You know boys, even at times you think you got me I still have a plan B. How do you think I get out of Stormcage so well?' She said still typing. The sontarans now turned to face her.
'What do you think you are doing?' Shouted one of them obviously impatient. Then again sontarans don't have any patience at all. She kept calm, no change of emotion.
'Oh you know, texting a boy.' Suddenly, there was a sort of whirling sound in the backround. River backed away as the TARDIS started materialising infront of her. She had this grin on her face, happy but suggestive. As it had fully reachead it's dark blue colour, River stepped forward, glancing back at the lonely warriors.
'That will be my ride. Call me!' Completely in shock, the sontaran leader sprang in action and sprinted towards her but he was too late. River had already entered the bigger-on-the-inside blue box.

Ooh! Misterious! More coming soon as Ihave already written it in my story book. I just have to stop procrastinating and type it up. Anyway, untill next time!