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River slowly and carefully opened her eyes to find the doctor looking at her worried. She was now lying down on the pilot seats found in the main console room. When the doctor saw her awakening, he jumped to action and kneeled next to her.

'How the hell can you not notice such a serious injury, River? I was worried!' The doctor almost shouted. River looked at him with puppy-dog eyes.

'I am sorry! I had stuff on my mind.' She said, suggestively. 'Anyway, I am sure I will be fine in no time. No need to worry about silly, old me, sweetie.' River said through gritting teeth, as she tried to stand up and failed miserably.

'River there is no way possible you are going to be fine if you waste your energy arguing with me.' The doctor placed his hands on rivers shoulders, lecturing her. She didn't seem to mind. In fact, even when he touched his hands on the injured area and transferred some of his regeneration energy to her, healing the wound, she didn't say anything. Trying to argue with the doctor is like trying to ask a wall to move out-of-the-way.

'You honestly didn't need to do that but I am glad you did because we can now get on with what I wanted us to do.' She winked. The doctor went beetroot red. He went behind the console and fetched his TARDIS blue diary. He proceeded to change the subject.

'If you are completely sure that you are fine we can check our diaries and see where we are. Ok, have we done Lake Utah yet?' The doctor said with his normal voice back. River looked down to the floor again. 'What is it River did I say something wrong?'

'Now, love, it's not you... it's just that I just saw my parents die.' River closed her eyes and placed her head on the doctor's shoulder.

'Oh. At least we are in order for the moment because that's the last place where I saw you.' River didn't move, just started sobbing quietly. ' River no, please don't cry! I am sure they had a brilliant life, resting from us and all the adventures. I visited them not long ago actually!' It was obvious he was lying. ' I can assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. Amelia finally got the fairytale she wanted. They lived together happily ever after.' River laughed for the first time in what seemed like ages.

'Happily ever after...' She repeated.

'Right then, I know you are better now but there is still no way I am going to send you back to Stormcage like this. You'll have to spend the night in my room.' The doctor told River while going back to fiddling with the TARDIS. The mood in the room lifted.

'You know doctor, I was pardoned from there ages ago. Apparently, the man that they claimed I killed never actually existed.' River eyed the doctor as he shrugged.' Wait a minute, did you say ''stay in your room''? How many times have I been there before, doctor?' She asked giggling. The doctor's embarrassment face came back and he started stammering.

'Oh, you know... a few.' River pierced her eyes right through him. ' Maybe a few more .. ok a lot but that doesn't matter at all becau-' He was cut off by River who placed her index finger on his mouth.

'Please tell me, love, how old might you be?' She asked, curiously. 'The doctor took a few moments to realise what was happening.

'River! Room now! I don't want to see you down here until the morning!' he said with a slight anger in his voice. River taken back by his voice started walking up the stairs leading to a row of corridors.

'Fine, fine I'm going but you should know that I don't sleep that long either so I will be back here soon... Or you will come up to me.' River said while blowing a kiss to him.

'RIVER!' She lifted up her arms gesturing that she was giving up and left the room. The doctor turned back to the console and continued what he called 'fixing the TARDIS'. 'Oh, I swear I'll kill her someday!' He muttered to himself.

'I heard that!' A distant shout came and the doctor rolled his eyes.


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