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Are You My Daddy?



That day was suppose to be like every other day. I was suppose to wake up next to my boyfriend in bed then yell out his name. The Dragon Slayer was suppose to kiss me so I would stop yelling. The Exceed was suppose to wake up, yawn, and tease the two of us then the three of us would go to Fairy Tail and choose a mission to go on like usual. After the mission I was suppose to go to sleep then repeat the process the next day. That's what was suppose to happen. It was suppose to be like every other day. If that was true though, why was that day different? Why did it change the future of so many lives?


Chapter 1


"Natsu. You have 3 seconds to get off of me or else I will push you out off the bed" I growled.

Natsu didn't respond. He continued to sleep in his perfect slumber, his dragon drool slobbering all over me. I counted inwardly to 3, part of me really wanted to push him off the bed. Maybe that was why every morning I didn't yell it at him but instead whispered the warning quietly. It was the only time when Natsu was off guard, when he was asleep.

3, 2, 1.

"NATSU! YOU IDIOT!" I yelled rolling over to the left. Natsu flew off me and fell on the ground like a ton of bricks. I took a deep breath, finally being able to breathe again.

"WHAT THE?! WHOSE THERE?! WHERE?!" Natsu yelled jumping to his feet.

He turned around frantically trying to find the invisible enemy while I wiped the drool that fell on me with my blanket.

"Did you push me off again?" Natsu asked staring at me.

"What do you expect when you sneak in every night and sleep ON TOP OF ME!" I screamed.

"Ouch! You don't have to shout" Natsu said digging a finger in his ear.

"I do since APPARENTLY YOU don't LISTEN to ME! And another thing!-"

Natsu silenced me with a kiss. My anger towards him diminished; this always seemed to happen. Whenever we kissed I would just forget everything and focus on us. When we finally parted I sighed.

"You're lucky I love you" I mumbled walking to my dresser. Yelling at Natsu never did me any good anyway since he never listens.

"What's that? I didn't quite hear that" Natsu said amusingly.

I pulled open the dressers looking for the perfect outfit to wear today. Hmm should I go with the skirt or the shorts for today?

"Lucy! Stop ignoring me!" Natsu whined hugging me from behind.

"I'm trying to get ready for the day Natsu, I'm allowed to ignore you from when I wake up till I get to Fairy Tail" I muttered deciding to go with the skirt today. I choose out a matching shirt and tried to walk to my bathroom but Natsu was dragging me down.

I sighed, giving up, and turned to him.

"Good morning Natsu" I said pecking him on the lips.

Natsu gave me one of his signature grins.

"Morning Lucy" he said.

"She liiiiikes you" Happy yawned.

"Shut up Happy! Go amuse yourself Natsu, I'm going to take a shower" I said unwinding myself from him.

"LUCY!" he whined but too late.

I scurried to the bathroom and locked the door. I heard Natsu bang on the door for a bit before giving up. With a smirk on my face I turned on the shower and got ready for the brand new day.

"Lucy I'm hungry" Natsu said.

"Why didn't you tell me when we were at my apartment then?" I asked.

"... I don't know"

I sighed for the 5th time this morning.

"Natsu I swear sometimes I don't even know why I put up with you" I said running my hand down my face.

"Simple, because you love me" Natsu grinned.

"I'm having my doubts now"

"Really because I have no doubt in my mind that I love you"

I smiled sweetly at Natsu. Sure he was a handful when we were friends and he was even a more handful now that we were dating but in the end...

"Hey! Fullbuster! Let's Brawl!" Natsu yelled running forward.

You know what scratch that, scratch all of that. Natsu was an idiot, plain and simple. An idiot I just so happened to be in love with.

"Morning, Lucy"

I turned my head around and saw that Juvia was standing near me.

"Morning Juvia" I greeted.

She turned her head towards the boys who were currently having what I could only describe as a street brawl... that or a magic show. When people start throwing change at them I'll consider it to be the show.

"Should Juvia and Lucy go on ahead?" Juvia asked.

I nodded. "Yeah let's go, it looks like they won't be done anytime soon" I said.

I was so happy that I wasn't alone in my dilemma. The day Gray finally start dating Juvia was the second happiest day of my life, the first being when Natsu asked me out and told me he loved me. I didn't have to share my pain alone anymore with dating an idiot, Juvia knew how I felt now.

"How was Lucy's morning?" Juvia asked.

"Horrible! First I almost suffocated in my sleep then I woke up to see Natsu sleeping on top me, again! Then I had to deal with him constantly bugging me and Happy teasing us as I got ready. The only good thing that happened this morning was when I got to roll his butt off the bed" I laughed.

Juvia laughed with me, but it was a lighter, more subtle laughter.

"That never happens with Juvia, Gray usually sleeps normally" she said.

"You and Gray sleep together? Wait not like that, you know what I meant" I said.

Juvia nodded.

"Wow, Natsu only sleeps over because he usually comes in when I'm unconscious or else he wouldn't be there at all" I said.

"Juvia enjoys sleeping with Gray, it's quite cozy" she said.

"Man I wish Gray would teach Natsu how to sleep" I sighed.


I looked up, hey when had we entered Fairy Tail?

"Morning guys" I smiled and waved.

"Don't change the subject, what you say about Gray sleeping with Natsu?" Erza asked.

I blushed. "NO! Not like that! I meant as in sleeping way, like how to not roll over in your sleep and crush people" I said waving my hands frantically in front of me.

The members of Fairy Tail all gave a sigh of relief and returned to their business.

"You should have said so in the first place Lucy, good morning" Erza said greeting us.

"Morning Erza" I said.

"Morning" Juvia said.

"So... where are your boyfriends?" Erza asked.

Right when she said that we all heard an explosion in town.

"That would be them" I said walking around Erza.

I walked over to a table and pulled a seat out for myself.

"LU-CY" Happy yelled flying above me.

He landed on my head.

"Who's winning?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, I remembered I was hungry though so I flew off ahead" Happy said.

"Oh, I didn't see you sneak in last night, how'd the mission with Wendy and Charle go?" I asked him.

Happy jumped down from my head and onto the table.

"Great! Wendy was a big help and Charle accepted the fish I offered her!" Happy cheered.

Seems now that everyone in Fairy Tail was finally getting together.

"LUCY! WHERE'D YOU GO?! YOU MISSED HOW I KICKED GRAY'S BUTT!" Natsu yelled running towards the guild.

"NATSU!" Happy yelled flying towards him.

"Happy! Hey partner! Where'd you go?" Natsu asked pulling him in a hug.

Aw a boy and his cat, so cute.

"Mira, could you get me some fire for Natsu? A fish also for Happy" I asked her.

Mira nodded behind the counter before she walked off. If I know Natsu he's going to brag to everyone how he beat Gray, beg for me to go on a mission, look over the mission board, finally decide on one, and then realize he's hungry just as we're about to leave.

"So you guys should have seen the fight! Gray came at me like whoa and I was all like bam and-"

I shook my head, I wonder if Natsu knew my daily routine? Me waking up yelling at him, yelling at him in the guild, yelling at him during our mission... I sure yell at Natsu a lot. I should probably work on that.

"Lucy! Are you listening?" Natsu asked.

"Yes Natsu, you were like bam and stuff"

Natsu pouted. "Not stuff, good stuff. I won" he said.

I blushed lightly as I patted Natsu on the head, he was such a cute dragon when he wanted to be.

"Good job" I told him.

Natsu grinned and stood up, "Alright so let's go on a mission!" he yelled.


"What?! Why not?!" he whined.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Weren't you complaining about being hungry before you fought Gray?"

Natsu slumped down in the seat next to me.

"Thanks for reminding me... I'm hungry" he said.

Happy fell off Natsu's shoulder and slid onto the table.

"Aye, sir" he said weakly.

Right on time Mira placed his fire plate in front of him and a fish in front of Happy. I pulled out my wallet and paid for the food while Natsu took one whiff and started devouring it.

"Tmamhpks Lmghy" he said... I think.

"Just eat Natsu, I'll find a mission for us" I said getting up.

As I walked to the mission board I looked around Fairy Tail. Mira was behind the bar wiping a glass, Cana and Elfman were near her drinking, Erza was talking with Lisanna, Jet and Troy were surrounding Levy while Reedus painting a picture of them, Juvia and Gray were sitting close together in their own little world, the Thunder God Tribe was surrounding Laxus and everything was just... the usual. Not a thing out of place... if you don't include Gildarts standing in the entrance.




"Hey Gildarts back!" Warren yelled.

The gang was about to crowd him and welcome him back home but they paused... what was in his hands?

"OH MY GOD! YOU HAD ANOTHER DAUGHTER!?" Cana yelled from her seat.

Indeed, Gildarts was holding up a little girl. She had to be around 6, not more than 8 years old. The little girl looked up from the ground and towards me... well it felt like me but I wasn't the only one standing in her line of sight so it could have been at any of us.

She had snow white hair down to her shoulders with a hint of curls at the end. Gildarts was holding the little girl up by her bright yellow backpack. She was in a pink pastel frilly dress, perfect for a cute girl like her, with a pale white bolero jacket over it.

I couldn't believe that was Gildarts new daughter, she looked to cute to be related to the man. Gildarts was a tall, ruffed up, muscular man and this little girl... she was adorable.

"Put me down, put me down" the little girl whined.

And her voice... it was so CUTE! No way was this Gildarts daughter, uh-uh, I won't believe it.

"No she's not my daughter, I already have one perfect daughter so why would I need another?!" Gildarts yelled fan-girling about Cana.

"If she's not yours then whose is she?!" Cana yelled.

Gildarts shrugged. "I don't know, I found her standing outside the place when I got here" he said.

Why would she be waiting outside? Hold on, why would Gildarts just pick up the little girl in the first place? Isn't that like kidnapping?

"Hey kid, why are you here?" Gildarts asked lifting her towards his face.

The little girl started kicking and squirming.

"Momma help me! Beat up the bad man!" the little girl said.



"MOMMA!" everyone yelled.

Whose adorable, sweet, lovable kid was this?

"Alright stop biting, here" Gildarts said dropping the kid.

The little girl took off running, even the way she runs was cute.

"Hey aren't you forgetting something?!" Gildarts called out.

The little girl stopped and turned around. Gildarts lifted up his cape, at the bottom of it was a little animal gnawing away on it.

"Cappy!" she yelled running back for the animal.

"Akiyuki!" the animal said growing wings and flying to the little girl.

Wings! Talking!

"That's an Exceed!" Natsu yelled spitting out fire.

"Natsu. Eating. Mouth. Close." I said.

He was setting a bad example for the adorable little girl. She caught her Exceed and hugged it closely. I could not believe the sight, an adorable little girl hugging an equally adorable little cat... with wings, Exceed whatever. I only wished I had my camera, this was a once in a lifetime picture.

"Bad Cappy, stay with me okay?" the little girl told her Exceed, Cappy.

Cappy was a brown Exceed... and I guess the reason his name was Cappy was because he was wearing a cap over his head...cute. The cap was green, much like the karate gi he was wearing; the belt to the gi was purple though. I guessed it was to match Cappy's purple eyes.

A brown Exceed with purple eyes wearing a green cap. He had to be the cutest out of Happy, Charle, and Pantherlily; that and the smallest. I was guessing that Cappy was still a baby Exceed.

"Yes" Cappy said and licked his nose.

I swear I was about to faint from the cuteness these two were emanating. The little girl held Cappy close then started looking around the room. Again I felt the feeling like she was looking right at me, but then again she might have been looking at my direction.

"Momma!" the little girl yelled and ran... in my direction... staring at me... oh no.

The little girl pounced, I was barely able to hold my hands out in time to catch her.

"Momma, oh Momma" the little girl said rubbing her face in my shirt.

"MOMMA!" the guild yelled.

Oh god.

"Um... do I know you little one?" I asked.

The little girl looked up at me.

"Don't you remember me Momma? I'm your adorable little girl, Akiyuki" she said.

Well she knew my secret nickname for her but HUH!

"Akiyuki?" I repeated.

She nodded.

"Yeah Momma and this is Cappy my kitten. Do you remember us now?" she asked.

"I can't say I do kid, sorry" I said placing her down.

"Lucy... you had a kid... I'm a Dadda?!" Natsu yelled spitting fire out.

"Natsu! Of course not! I think I would have noticed it I was pregnant!" I yelled.

"Pregnant? Is that how you lay the egg?" he asked.

The guild groaned. I wasn't going to touch that problem with a 10 foot pole, let's focus on Akiyuki shall we?

"I'm sorry but you must have me mistaken with someone else, Erza go get Master. Maybe he'll know something" I said.

"Right" Erza said and walked off.

"No Aki's not mistaken! You're my momma, Lucy Hearti, Lucy Hearti... Hearti-"

"Heartfilia!" Cappy said.

"Yeah! Lucy Heartfilia! Momma look at you! Your standing and tall just like me!" she said and hugged my leg.

I just discovered I might have had a secret child without noticing it. I needed to sit down before I faint.

"Natsu, help please" I said.

He stood up and walked towards us.

"Hey little one are you hungry?" Mira asked walking towards Akiyuki.

I sent a silent thank you to her as she distracted the little girl. Natsu helped me over to the table; I sat down and took a deep breath.

"Are you alright Lucy?" he asked rubbing my back.

"If a little girl and her pet cat came to you claiming to be your daughter would you be alright Natsu?!" I asked.

Natsu paused before answering cautiously, "... no?"

I sighed and placed my head in my hands.

"Oh no Momma's sick" Akiyuki said.

I lifted my head up and saw her standing in front of me, licking a lollipop.

"Would this make you better?" she asked holding it out for me.

I smiled kindly at her gesture. "I'm alright, it's yours"

"Thanks Momma, thank you Smiley" Akiyuki said turning over to Mira.

"Smiley? My name is Mira-nee" Mira said.

"Don't you mean Mira-oba" Natsu laughed.

Mira glared a death glare at him. "Mira-nee right Natsu?"

"Right Mira-nee" Natsu said cowering behind me.

It was pathetic and yet kinda cute at the same time. I laughed lightly then noticed the little girl was still staring at me. I stared back... her eyes looked pitch black. Snow white hair and charcoal black eyes.

"What is the problem now?!" Master yelled coming into view with Erza.

Everyone in the guild pointed at Akiyuki.

"Oh! It's Jii-chan! Hi Jii-chan!" Akiyuki yelled waving at him.

Jii-chan? That was Natsu's nickname for Master.

"Who is this?" Master asked.

No one knew, except for the girl in question and her cat.

"Cappy a little help" Akiyuki said.

Cappy sprouted wings and lifted up Akiyuki. He flew her over to the bar counter.

"Ke-kem! Hello everyone! I'm Akiyuki Heartfilia and this is my friend Cappy. My Momma's over there but I don't know who my Daddy is... Have you seen my Daddy?" she asked.

Everyone turned and stared at Natsu.

"Natsu... did you have a kid with Lucy?" Master asked.

"... um no" he said.

Natsu got a fist to the face by Master.

"YOUR ONLY 17 YEARS OLD AND YOU HAVE A, excuse me little one how old are you?" Master asked sweetly to Akiyuki.

"7" she answered.

She was 7, I was one year off.

"Thanks... AND YOU HAVE A 7 YEAR OLD... wait that isn't right" Master said.

It isn't. If Akiyuki was our kid then that would mean I had her at 10. I hadn't met Natsu till 2 years ago so that was impossible.

"Ha! You punched me for nothing Jii-chan" Natsu yelled staggering his way back.

I walked over to Natsu and helped him up. Once he was on his feet I walked him back to the bench. I carefully lowered him as he sat down on it then took the available seat next to him.

"Momma!" Akiyuki yelled climbing off of the counter.

She ran towards me and laid her head on my lap.

"I'm sorry Akiyuki but there's no way I can be your Mother, I'm too young" I said.

Akiyuki stared at me.

"WHAT THE?! SHE'S FROM THE FUTURE!" Warren yelled.





"Say that again Warren?" Master asked.

Warren put his hand down from his head.

"Her mind, she was saying that younger Momma wasn't as smart as Momma" Warren said.

"I AM TOO SMART!" I yelled.

Akiyuki giggled.

"Momma!" she said hugging my legs.

"Now she's thinking you certainly yell like Momma" Warren said with a laugh.

Some of the guild members laughed with him, including Natsu.

"Am I the only one who wants to know how she's from the future? If that's even true?" I asked.

"No you're not" Erza said walking towards me.

She lifted up Akiyuki with both hands and glared at her.

"Where did you come from kid?" she asked.

"Momma!" Akiyuki cried.

"Erza! Stop scaring her" I yelled getting up.

I snatched Akiyuki from Erza and held her against my chest.

"Scaring? I was only smiling at her" Erza said.

"Red lady was scary" Akiyuki mumbled.

I sat down with Akiyuki on my lap and rubbed her head.

"Akiyuki? Would you mind telling us where you came from?" I asked nicely.

Akiyuki nodded and got up.

"Cappy!" she yelled walking into the middle of the guild.

Cappy flew over to Akiyuki and sat on her head. They started looking around the guild whispering to each other, walking a few steps around the guild. They ended up taking two steps back, one forward, and four to the left.

"I'm from right here!" she yelled.

Everyone sighed.

"Could you be more specific?" I asked.

Akiyuki shook her head.

"Akiyuki and Cappy are from right here. We live here even though this place is much bigger than our home" Akiyuki said looking up.

Cappy started slipping down her head and fell on the floor.

"Oh Cappy!" she said picking up her cat.

"I'm okay" he said.

Cappy coughed and looked towards me.

"Akiyuki and I are from a town called Magnolia Oblivion" he started.

"Magnolia Oblivion?" some guild members repeated.

Cappy nodded.

"As the pointy guy said, we came back here from the future to find Akiyuki's Daddy. From the time we're from, he's no longer around" Cappy said.

Akiyuki frowned then ran over and hugged me. I hugged her back, comforting her.

"You always talked about Daddy, I just wanted to meet him once in my life. Please don't be mad" she said.

"I'm not mad just... confused?" I answered.

Akiyuki sat beside me and started kicking her feet back and forth. She played with her thumbs as she talked.

"Every night before I go to bed, I'd ask you about Daddy. You always told me Daddy was strong and that he had a Fairy on him. I wanted to know more but you never told me so I asked Dear Sweetie Baby. He said 'why tell you when I can show you' and helped me come back to meet Daddy" Akiyuki said.

"What I don't understand is HOW she came from the future" Gray announced.

Akiyuki held out her arms. She pulled her sleeve back from her left arm and started drawing on it with her right hand. Suddenly the symbols she drew started lighting up. When she was finished, gold symbols were all over her left arm.

"Grandpa Clock said as long as I have this, I can stay here" she said rubbing her arm slowly.

I studied the symbols; Grandpa Clock?

"Problem solved! We just need to wash it off of her then she'll return back" Natsu said.

"No! I want to see Daddy! I'm not going back until I do!" Akiyuki yelled stomping her feet.

Grandpa Clock?...

"It's up to Master, what do you think?" Erza asked.

Master sat crossed legged and held his hand to his chin, rubbing it.

"What do you know about your Father again little one?" Master asked.

"He's strong and has a fairy on him" she answered.

"Fairy? You mean this?" Natsu said showing her his Fairy Tail mark.

Akiyuki's head nodded up and down. "Yes! That's it!" she yelled.

"Her Daddy could be anyone in Fairy Tail based on her description" Gray said.

"Not really. She said strong, I assume Future Lucy meant he was stronger than her. That cut downs about half of our members" Erza said.

"It's Natsu's! Just look at her eyes" Jet said.

Natsu paled and looked towards Akiyuki. I looked down too, I had noticed her eyes were charcoal black, just like Natsu's. Maybe he was the Father? And if that was true, maybe I was the Mother?

"How would you know who your Daddy is little girl?" Master asked.

"Dear Sweetie Baby said I'd just know the longer I stayed with him" Akiyuki said.

"This Dear Sweetie Baby sounds like an idiot" Natsu said.

"So you're basically asking if you could spend time with each member in my guild to find your Daddy?" Master asked.

Akiyuki looked up at Master with teary eyes.

"Please?" she said.


"OF COURSE!" Master yelled, steam flowing out his nose.

Those symbols... Grandpa Clock? I pulled out my Celestial Keys and looked through them. I stopped at Horologium; I looked at his symbol then looked at Akiyuki's arm... It was the same.

"Open, the Gate of the Clock! Horologium!" I said.

I stunned everyone when Horologium came out.

"Grandpa Clock!" Akiyuki yelled.

Horologium looked at the little girl than back at me.

"Yes Master?" he asked.

"Horologium is it possible for you to sent someone back to the past?" I asked.

Horologium opened his eyes slightly.

"... It is possible but it was banned by the Celestial Spirit King centuries ago" he said.


"She came from the future claiming you were the one who brought her back" I said.

Horologium looked at the little girl.

"Hi Grandpa Clock" she said waving.

"Those symbols, come here little one" Horologium said.

Akiyuki walked up to Horologium.

"Hold out your arm" he said.

Akiyuki nodded and held out her arm; Horologium reached down and touched her hand. I felt a sudden shock of electricity pulse through me. I started shaking and fell down from my seat. It burned, everything burned. Why is it burning?!

"Lucy? LUCY!" Natsu yelled.





I heard people calling my name, I couldn't respond though. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, something was pounding in my head and it wouldn't stop. My hands clawed into the hard wood floors as my breathing became heavy.


I felt the sudden urge to turn my head upwards and stare at Horologium. When I did I saw something inside his glass, it was faint but there was someone in there. I saw... me.

"AKIYUKI! Is what she said"


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