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Are You My Daddy?

Chapter 18

"Momma, I don't understand?" Akiyuki asked.

"I'm still your Mother Akiyuki no matter what but I'm not your birth mother. Your birth mother was someone else, nice and strong... she was madly in love with your Daddy" Mrs. Dragneel said.

"You're not my real Momma? I'm not your real daughter?" she asked.

"What did I just tell you Akiyuki?!" Mrs. Dragneel asked crushing her daughter into a hug.

"Just because we're not related by blood doesn't mean we love each other any less. It doesn't make you any less of my daughter and it doesn't make me any less of your Mother"

I'm not Akiyuki's Momma? I'm not her Mother... then who is?

"What happened to my Mother then?" Akiyuki asked.

"She... died along with Daddy, they both tried really to make sure you'd live Akiyuki"

"HOLD IT!" Gray yelled finally speaking.

"Who's her Mother then if it isn't Lucy?!" he yelled.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm surprised we didn't notice earlier, her curls reminded me of her everyday" Mrs. Dragneel said holding up Akiyuki's hair.


"Oh no, oh no, oh no! Shit!" Gray yelled.

"Not in front of the Akiyuki! What's with you Gray?!" Mrs. Dragneel yelled.

I whined and held my head in my hands.

"What did we do?!" I moaned.

"What? What happened?" Mrs. Dragneel asked.

"You couldn't have come 20 minutes sooner huh Lucy?" Gray yelled at me.

"Shut up! I'm in a stupid wheelchair! You should be happy I came at all!" I yelled at him.

"SHUT UP!" Mrs. Dragneel yelled.

The room went silent.

"Now can someone tell me what happened?" she demanded.

"Well since you never told me the truth about Akiyuki, Lucy here thought she was the mother and broke it off with Natsu" Cappy said.

Mrs. Dragneel gasped.

"Why?" she asked.

"My fault. I didn't want Akiyuki to disappear and Lucy was so vent on Natsu being the Daddy. I kind of told her to choose between Natsu and Akiyuki"

"And she choose Natsu right?"

"... No? They broke up this morning"

"WHAT?! WHY?!" Mrs. Dragneel yelled.

"I thought she was my daughter, she was only 7 years old. I couldn't just make her cease to exist like that, I loved her too much. Everyone loved her..." I argued.

"What about Gray?" Mrs. Dragneel asked.

"Lucy went towards him and told him the truth. Gray denied it at first but then slowly realized he was her Daddy so they hugged. Lucy asked Gray for help but Gray didn't to hurt Juvia, in the end Juvia came over and Gray broke up with her too" Cappy said.

Mrs. Dragneel froze. Her eyes widened, Akiyuki started waving her hand back and forth in front of her.

"Momma?" she asked.

"This is bad, this is very, very bad" Mrs. Dragneel said.

"What is?" Natsu asked.

"Why are you still here Akiyuki?!" Mrs. Dragneel yelled staring at the girl.

"What do you mean Momma?" Akiyuki asked.

Hold on, if Gray's her Daddy, and if Juvia's her real Momma then if the two of them split up... oh no.

"We need to find Juvia! Fast and get this whole thing straightened out!" I yelled getting up.

"Would somebody tell me what's happening?!" Natsu asked.

"If Gray and Juvia aren't together then that means Akiyuki was never born! So if we don't get them back together then she's going to vanish!" I explained to him.

"Oh... let's hurry then" Natsu said getting up.

"Hold it... this doesn't make any sense. Akiyuki should have vanished the second Gray broke it off with Juvia. Akiyuki was born in this exact year... which means...! She's already pregnant!" Mrs. Dragneel deducted.

All eyes turned to Gray.

"Congrats on having a healthy baby girl!" Mrs. Dragneel cheered.

Gray fainted.

"Oops, now we have less people to find Juvia" Mrs. Dragneel said shaking her head.

"Looks like it's up to you two now, how hard can it be to find a pregnant lady though?" Mrs. Dragneel asked.

"Huh?" we asked.

"Well what are you two waiting for? Go! I'll wait here until Gray wakes ups, I wouldn't be much help anyway. We'll meet up at the guild when we find here... oh the guild. I wonder if it looks how it used to?" Mrs. Dragneel pondered.

"I'm going with you Momma! Dear Sweetie Baby!" Akiyuki said getting up.

"Come on then, let's go!" Natsu said.

"Good luck!" Mrs. Dragneel called out.

Juvia, I'm so sorry about everything. Please don't be too far gone.

"JUVIA! ARE YOU HOME?!" I yelled banging on her door.

No response.

"Juvia's not here?" Akiyuki asked.

"No, let's keep looking" I said running away.

I just hope Natsu was having better luck then us at the moment. Where could Juvia be?

"Let's try the guild Momma" Akiyuki said.


"She might have gone to Fairy Tail" Akiyuki said.

... "Alright it's worth a try" I said.

"I'll look for here in the sky" Cappy said flying upwards.

"Momma! Slow down!" Akiyuki yelled.

I slowed down for her to catch up.

"Why did Juvia leave?" Akiyuki asked.

"Because she was very sad" I said.


"Because Gray and I thought the wrong things, it was all just a huge misunderstanding! Once we find her everyone will be happy again!" I said.

"Except for me" Akiyuki said.

I stopped running and looked at her.

"I'll go back to our time with Momma, I'll never get to see everyone again, or feel the warm sun or the cold snow. I won't be able to make snow balls with Daddy and Momma or watch fireworks with Laxus, or read with Freed, or play with Bickslow! I won't be able to play with Elfman or Gajeel, or see Lisanna and Cana and Mira! I don't want that to happen, I love everyone to much Momma!" Akiyuki cried.

We didn't have time for this! I walked back to Akiyuki and stroked her head.

"What you think was going to happen Akiyuki?" I asked her.

She rubbed her eyes.

"I would find Daddy, tell him I love him then go back to see Momma. Instead I got to know all of Momma's friends! I understand why she was always sad with Dear Sweetie Baby when we would visit their graves. I know why Gajeel would almost cry, and why Jii-chan would cry and- and"

"There, there, Akiyuki... you really love us huh?" I asked.

She sniffed and nodded.

"And we all really love you too" I mumbled rubbing her head.

I couldn't imagine living in a future like that, I wouldn't want to.

"What are you two doing?! Let's go! Natsu's found Juvia!" Cappy yelled above us.

"Did you hear that? Juvia's found, let's go" I said picking her up.

I jogged carrying Akiyuki over to the guild. When we finally arrived there was an extremely pissed off Juvia, a Gray and Natsu underwater, another me sitting in the background with Happy, and many, many shocked guild members. Now let's think about our situation here, if I were to try and help Natsu and Gray I would probably end up like them. Juvia wasn't loving me too much at the moment. Maybe that's a different story if it was Akiyuki though.

"Akiyuki listen to me. You see Juvia over there?" I asked her.

Akiyuki looked over and nodded.

"She's your birth Momma. Right now there's a little baby, you, inside of her stomach"

Akiyuki's eyes widened.

"Really?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded.

"Yes, now all you need to do is walk up to her, call her Momma, and hug her and everyone will be saved!" I said.

"And if I don't?" she asked.

"Then Daddy and Dear Sweetie Baby are going to be uck" I said crossing my thumb across my neck.

Akiyuki gasped.

"That's all I have to do to save them" she asked.

I nodded. Akiyuki bit her lip before turning around. Slowly, step by step, she walked towards Juvia. Hmm... I'm sure Gray and Natsu could hold there breath for a few more minutes.

"Momma?" Akiyuki called out.

Juvia turned her head and stared down at Akiyuki. She was able to walk all the way to Juvia without being attacking. Very slowly Akiyuki extended her hands and wrapped them around Juvia. Natsu and Gray fell on the floor, floundering around like fish out of water.

"Momma" she mumbled rubbing her face on Juvia's dress.

"What?" she mumbled.

"She's your baby" I said walking up.

Juvia glared up at me, I held my hands up.

"She was yours this whole time, you were her Mother and Gray was her Father" I said.

Juvia's eyes widened as she touched her stomach.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know Juvia" I said.

"Juvia, I'm sorry too. I just... I love her" Gray said getting up.

She walked up to Akiyuki and patted her head. His free hand rested on Juvia's stomach.

"I'm sorry Juvia, I love you" Gray said.

"Gray" Juvia said.

She suddenly smacked him really hard on the head. He went flying across the guild into the wall.

"If you ever try to go on a break with Juvia again, Juvia will kill you" Juvia said.

I smiled and walked up to her.

"I'm sorry, I never wanted to hurt you" I said.

"Juvia understands, Akiyuki's hard not to love isn't she?" Juvia asked.

"Congratulations on the baby" I smiled.


Our heads turned, the entire guild was looking at us.

"Jii-chan! Hey! You look so young!" Mrs. Dragneel said breaking the silence.

How we're we going to explain this one?