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Are You My Daddy?


The sounds of ticking echoed through the air. Strange? Is it always a ticking sound in the Celestial World? Ticking in the background for all eternity? That would drive me nuts!...Hold on, we were Horologium. I laughed lightly to myself and watched the scenery pass us.

"Momma? I'm sorry for leaving" Akiyuki said.

I stared down at Akiyuki and smiled brightly.

"It's okay Akiyuki... I'm sorry for never telling you the truth" I sighed rubbing her head.

"It's alright Momma, Juvia was really nice" she said.

And she'd never get to know her real Mother. She never get to know all of my friends, I hugged Akiyuki closer to me.

"I really wished you would have stayed home" I told her.

"Why Momma? I got to meet all of your friends, all of the people we always visited. I also got to play with you and Dear Sweetie Baby" she said.

"But now you'll never be able to see them again" I said.

"No worries Momma! Lucy promised me that I'd be able to see everyone again" she said.

"And if we know you Momma, Lucy always keeps her promises" Cappy said.

"That's a big promise" I sighed.

Cappy and Akiyuki looked up at me.

"But I'm sure we'll be able to do it" I quickly covered.

"Lookey, lookey! The Celestial World is so pretty" Akiyuki said looking outside of Horologium's glass.

Stars dashed towards us, random colors shining around, bright lights, I think I saw Leo pass by and wink. It really was a sight to behold, it was like space... if it was bright and had spirits roaming around.

"Are we almost there Momma?" Akiyuki asked.

"I'm sure we are Akiyuki, don't be alarmed if Dear Sweetie Baby looks a little... scratched up" I giggled.

"There it is Momma!" Akiyuki yelled.

There was a bright light ahead of us, and we we're heading right towards us.

"Close your eyes Akiyuki, Cappy" I said hugging them close.

Last time I did this I was blinded by it. I close my eyes and took a deep breath. It was nice seeing everyone again, all my friends were exactly as I remembered them. I can't believe I was able to see them all again, it's been so long without them. I've almost forgotten what it was like to be at a Fairy Tail party.

"Thank you Akiyuki"

There was a sudden rumble. I opened my eyes and smiled.

"Akiyuki, we're back home" I said.

Akiyuki and Cappy opened there eyes and jumped out of Holorgrium.

"Dear Sweetie Baby! Jii-chan! We're back!" Akiyuki cheered.


Why was it so loud? Did Natsu invite friends over or something? I peeked out of Horologium and gasped.

"M-m- Momma Juvia? Daddy?" Akiyuki asked.

Not just them... Levy! And Mira! Wendy, Lisanna, Romeo, Reedus... But how?

"Welcome home from your mission Akiyuki" Gray grinned.

Akiyuki ran over and hugged Gray, crying into his chest.

"Juvia hopes Akiyuki wasn't to much trouble for you Lucy" Juvia said patting her daughter's head.

Everyone was back, even the others that left Fairy Tail years ago. What was going on here?

"Papa!" Cappy yelled flying over to Pantherlily.

He stretched out his arms and caught her in a hug. Everyone... everyone was here. Fairy Tail was here! The guild, my friends... wait a minute. Where was-

"Lucy, how long are you going to stay in there?" Natsu asked walking up towards me.

"Natsu" I whispered.

He held out a hand out towards me, "come on" he said.

"But I-"

I couldn't, my legs were- Natsu grabbed my hand and helped me up. My legs started moving, they were moving! I giggled in amazement as I stood up, well tried to stand up.

"Easy there Lucy, take it slow" Natsu said helping me up.

My eyes wandered downwards. I lifted my hand and rubbed over the bulge on my stomach; I coughed a sob and laughed.

"Our own little Igneel" Natsu said placing his hand over mine.

I smiled up at him and kissed his lips. Natsu smiled back and wiped my tears of joy away.

"Natsu" I said.

"Yes Mrs. Dragneel?" he asked.

"Where do we live now?"


BlackLynx17: Now it's the end. Thanks everyone for reading this and reviewing! Just in case some of you are lost Natsu and Lucy built a house over Fairy Tail's ashes so they lived over the guild.