Bad dream

Hazel POV,

As I get ready for bed, I start to regret it. I know that I'll just dream of Gaea trying to kill me and destroy the world. I shiver, because I know that if she could see me right now she'd smile.

I put on my pajamas and climb into bed, fearing that the worst might happen in my dreams...

I am sitting on the Argo II, and for some reason I'm steering. I look behind me and I see that all of the other passengers are fighting off the Half-Bloods of CampJupiter. They are being killed, and Leo is telling me not to look at them, to keep steering.

Just as I turn my head back to the wheel, I see Nico fall dead at the feet of Octavian. "NO!" I scream, but it's too late, and when I try to take my hands off the wheel, they stick there, as though glued to it.

I look back to the sky and see Roman eagles circling us, one comes down and takes Piper with it.

I scream. Leo runs over to me saying "Keep steering Hazel, you are our last hope; hold onto the wheel, you're doing great."

"Leo, help me, I don't know how to drive" I say.

"When you see something, turn the Wheel in the opposite direction and don't go over land, only in the sky and water" Leo says. "I need to keep fighting, we need to make it out of here, I need at least you to survive. I will come back in a few minutes...if I can."

"No, Leo, DON'T LEAVE ME!" I scream. He kisses my cheek, and then runs into the fight.

When I try to move my feet, they stick to the floor. When I try to move my head, it won't turn, and then I realize that I have been captured by Gaea. "LEO, HELP ME!"

In answer, I hear a scream and I feel blood hit my back. "No, no, no, no, no, NO!"

Fear rushes through me. I can't leave, and Reyna has killed Leo. I know this because she laughs evilly.

"Reyna, why?" I ask.

"Destroy the Greeks" Reyna says.

"B-but they're my friends" I say as tears fall from my eyes.

"You were never a true Roman, Hazel. I am ashamed of you, trying to save a bunch of Greeks" Reyna says.

What is going on, Reyna is strict but she isn't cruel! She is starting to sound like Octavian! Reyna must be being controlled!

"Now die, daughter of Pluto" Reyna says.

When I shut my eyes, I can't open them, I can't move anything, and I can't breathe.

Eventually my eyes open, but I am in a grave yard, sitting on my knees in front of a tombstone.

I look at the name on it. "Leo Valdez."

I press my hand on the stone and tears drip from my eyes. The tears drop into my hand and I see that they're blood.

I yelp.

I look over and see another tombstone with the name of "Hazel Levesque."

I whimper, cower down and lie beside Leo's tombstone.

"See little demigod? See what some demigods can do? Reyna has killed you and the son of Hephaestus" I hear Gaea's voice say.

"No" I whisper.

"Yes! Now ride on to your death, you and the boy will be the ones that wake me, and that will be the end of the gods. Ride on little demigod, come to your death!"

I scream and try to run, but suddenly I am inside a coffin, dead forever.

"Hazel" I hear Leo say.

"Leo" I say.


Someone is shaking me as I wake up.

"Ahh! Help me! I'm going to die in Greece! If we keep moving I'm going to die! Reyna is trying to kill me too!" I scream.

"Hazel, Hazel, its okay" I hear Leo's voice. I look up. Leo is standing there looking down at me with his hands on my shoulders, shaking me awake.

"You're okay" I whisper, putting my hand on his cheek. I never felt happier, and I never felt so scared.

"Hey, it was just a bad dream, Hazel. You're alright" Leo says.

"I-is Nico alright?" I ask.

"Yes" says Leo.

I breathe out, relieved.

"It's time to eat, and we're almost to Greece" Leo says.

I pull Leo near me and kiss him. I am scared to leave him; I don't want anything to happen to him. When we pull away, Leo grins sheepishly and says, "I love you Hazel Levesque!"

"I love you too, Leo Valdez!" And I do, I really do.

Leo pulls me back into a kiss, and I feel like I could stay there forever!

Beat that Gaea!

The end!

Okay, this one went a bit too fast in such a short amount of time, but I still want reviews! And don't worry, my next stories aren't as dark as the last one, the rest are happy! But this is the darkest that I've written.