Leo POV.

I leap down the stairs excitedly, and knock on Hazel's door. The smile on my face grows. Oh she's going to love this! Jeez, I try to empress her too much. And she keeps saying "Leo, we're dating now, you don't need to try and empress me" and everything. But she doesn't understand how cute she is when she grins. I love her so much. Plus, she's just my type! Who would have thought I could actually get a girl who has my favorite kinds of looks, and my favorite kind f personality? Which is of course sassy, hyperactive, and jumpy. Like me! But Hazel's different. She has that adorable smile. She has that sparkle in her beautiful gold eyes. She's strange and loud and spastic. All the other girls that I've had a crush on have been girls with no personalities, but Hazel is interesting. I mean, I had a crush on Piper when I met her. She was pretty and kind, but we didn't have very much in common. She was so calm, and when we talked with each other, it wasn't interesting. But with Hazel and I, she had all these things that are so sweet about her and cute, and she always brings up interesting topics. She surprises me all the time, when people like Piper don't bring up conversation that's even remotely new to me. I still can't believe Hazel picked me. I guess my personality finally got to her, and she had to chose me over mister boring sad panda man. And the best part is; Frank and Hazel ended on good terms. They're still friends. But Hazel is my sweetheart, instead of Frank's. And everyone loved it when Hazel and I got together. Piper even through us a strange party type thing, that she was crying at. Piper always tries to hide the fact that she's an Aphrodite girl, but she can't hide it when it comes to love.

I slide past Hazel's room by accident. I end up falling right on top of Jason.

"Sorry Sparky!" I say, brushing myself off. I open the door to Hazel's room and peer in. "Haze?"

"Hey Leo! I was just on my way to see you! Piper has been teaching me twentieth century slang, and I was going to use it in a conversation. Isn't that fantastic?" Hazel asks. She blushes.. "Yeah, still just warming up to it."

"I think that you're the top mcshizzle" I say. Hazel chuckles.

"I still have no idea what that means..." Hazel says.

"Hazel, I got something to show you" I say. Hazel's eyes brighten and she smiles.

"What is it?" She asks. I take a small CD player out of my tool belt. I also a CD that contains only one thing on it. One song.

"It's a song that I think fit us really well" I say. Hazel jumps up with joy. I put the CD on.

We were strangers, starting out on a journey, never dreaming what we'd have to go through. Now here we are, and I'm suddenly standing, at the beginning with you.

I pause it. "See? We were thrown into a journey, we had no idea what we'd go through. You see?" She nods and smiles brightly. I play it.

And life is a road and I wanna keep going, love is a river I wanna keep flowing. I'll be there when the word stops turning. I'll be there when the stories true. In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning, with you.

"I love that part. I want to be there with you, when we die. I want to keep flowing" I say. "I'm really bad at this."

"You're better then you think" Hazel says.

"Really?" I ask. Hazel nods. I play it again.

No one told me I was going to find you. Unexpected what you did to my heart. When times looked rough, you were there to remind me, this is the start.

"No one told me I was going to meet you. I didn't know how you'd make me feel. Whenever I felt really upset, you reminded me that you were still there for me" I say. Hazel kisses my cheek. The chorus plays again, and Hazel grins. I say more super cheesy things like this. It just makes Hazel grin and laugh. Soon Hazel pauses the song and hugs me.

"You're so sweet. The song is perfect" Hazel says. "And as I do believe, I made you that gumbo. And you promised that if I made you some of my mother special gumbo, you'd dance with me. I really don't care if there a dance or anything like that. I want to dance now."

"Okay, but I'm going to warn you, I might step on your toes. I'm really sorry if I do. I just can't dance very well. These feet were made for flying and steering Festus" I say. Hazel giggles, and replays the song. She giggles happily.

"You're so cute" Hazel says.

"No, you're so cute" I say. Hazel laughs and rolls her eyes. I grab her hand, and start to spin her. We waltz around the room. Hazel laughs. I spin her as much as I can, and dip her. I do end up stepping on her toes a few times, which Hazel of course says is her fault. It makes me feel really bad. I apologize multiple times, but Hazel says she really doesn't mind. By the end of the song, I dip her, and Hazel puts her hand on my cheek, and kisses me sweetly. When we pull up from the dip, I hug her. She feels all warm, and her hair smells so nice. It's sad since she's almost my height. Well, all the girls besides Hazel (kind of) are taller then me. Especially Annabeth. She's like...a giant. And Hazel is still growing, so she will be taller then me, which really sucks.

"I really like this song" Hazel says, happily. "You have really good taste."

"Thank you" I say. "It's from a princess movie called Anastasia. I watched it with Piper. I feel asleep during it, but I woke up during the credits. That's when the song played. I really loved it then. It reminds me of you. It is just so...Hazely."

"Thank you" Hazel says. She replays the song, and we start to dance again. For me, I just really hope that this is the song that Hazel and I play at our wedding, when that day will come.