Let me begin with a disclaimer.

I do not own any of these wonderful characters or the stories made by E.L. James, with the FSOG Trilogy, this is just me having some fun with them and mixing in some new characters of my very own!

I'm not a writer. This is my first Fan-Fiction. I had not heard of fan fiction until I finished reading The FSOG Trilogy. I wanted more & found this place. I'm not sure exactly how to do this but I hope it works. Please review & let me know what you think! Thanks! Although Ana didn't interview Christian they still would have eventually met. Graduation remember? Let's see where this takes me!


One of my favorite commercials to sing as a kid was the Toys R Us song. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid!" That is or rather was most definitely me! I suppose I can't fight it anymore. Today is the day! I now consider myself an adult although legally I became an adult on my 18th birthday. The reason for my transition of thought is due to the fact that today, I, 21 year-old Anastasia Rose Steele will graduate from WSU. I normally see myself as a goofy, gawky, sports loving geek who has no intention whatsoever of being a grown-up. No more, I am throwing caution to the wind & I am going to have some fun, the fun I should have had in high school & college I suppose. I still have some time before I join the work force so why not?! Ok, enough silent thoughts Steele, now go & find your seat! Let's get this graduation ceremony started!


Why did I ever agree to do this?

Mental note to Andrea & my PR people, I am not doing this again, ever!

I need this over with & fast! Here I sit like some idiot waiting for the ceremony to begin in order to shove these diplomas to this year's graduating class at WSU. Boring, boring, boring!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, here is your fancy piece of paper saying what a special person you are for sitting through 4 years of bull shit! Good for you! Yes, I see you gaping at my face! It's nothing special, just a face, get over it! Sorry, not a chance in hell. No sorry fella, contrary to popular belief I am not gay-not that there's any wrong with that!

Christ, I need to find a new sub. I need to give a little brown-haired girl a good hard...Whoa!

What the hell?! I feel a sudden jolt of electricity running through me as I hand a diploma to the lovely young lady before me, "Congratulations Miss?"

"Steele, Anastasia Steele."

"Congratulations Miss Steele. I wish you all the best."

"Um, thank you Sir."

Fucking hell!

It's her!

It's my Angel!