This is NOT an update! I really wanted to end my story on Chapter '69' for obvious reasons. I had even planned on writing a nice lemon scene involving the number 69, but alas, my mojo has died. I wanted to end chapter 69 as the beginning of BOOK II, but it is such a HUGE cliffhanger and that fact that I've not yet begun to write it, I didn't think it would be fair to make you all wait.

Having said/written that, I would like to thank you all for all the lovely reviews and massive support for me and my very first fanfiction story, this is my baby. It's been fun.

I'm thinking about a title for BOOK II, "Family Ties Cannot Be Broken But They Can Be Shattered." It's a long title I know so I may have to think about it.

This story started out ok, but then it went bat shit crazy! Lol! Just a warning, I'm going to stay with the bat shit crazy theme, so if you can't go there with me, please jump off my crazy train! :D

Thanks to my friends on Facebook, they gave me the strength to hit the 'complete' button.

I love you all,

Rosie :)