Another request for Mystic Authoress. Sophie and Pierrot go trick-or-treating.

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Set sometime after Monaco

This was already the strangest Halloween Sophie Balzac Kirisaki had ever had. And it hadn't even really started yet.

"Well, how do I look?" The Crown Prince of Monaco asked her from her porch.

"You look like you're wearing a dress. A big, gaudy, frilly dress. Why?" She was dressed modestly as a witch herself, she'd never been one to go all-out on Halloween or any holiday, something that more than likely came about from her poor upbringing.

"I am a prince, you know. It would be bad if someone recognized me!" He gave her his giant, bright white, dark red lipstick-ed smile.

She had to give him that one. The last time he had been discovered hanging around in Paris with her, the paparazzi had discovered him and didn't let them take more than two steps out of her shop before ambushing them. She had gotten pushed over in the fray and skinned her knee; that was when she discovered how scary the Clown Prince could be.

They weren't exactly "dating", per se, but after the Japanese team went back home after the Monaco Cup, they both felt pretty lonely. So one day Pierrot just kind of showed up in her shop, and he'd been sneaking across the French border to play ever since.

"And you decided to dress up as Queen Victoria, why?"

"I'm Elizabeth I, not Victoria. And I was afraid that if I didn't dress up in the biggest most gaudiest costume I could possibly think of, I would be spotted again. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

"Of course not. But aren't you just drawing even more attention to yourself?"

"That's why I put on a lot of make-up!"

"Even more than usual?"

"Yes!" He gave Sophie his biggest smile again.

It certainly looked like it. Thick, white liquid base all over his face, which was pretty normal for him, but without the regular black eyeliner and club design it made his eyes look much smaller than usual. Most wouldn't recognize him with just that, but with the dark red lipstick around only the center of his mouth made his lips look much smaller, too. And he had a big red-haired wig to top it all off.

The man knew his make-up.

The dress was pretty well-made, too. He made all of his costumes himself; he learned at a young age that no one was ever able to make them look exactly the way he wanted them to. His ideas were too fanciful for normal tailors to even try to attempt, and so he learned to sew. And sew he did. This particular costume, which Sophie couldn't think of a reason he would possibly use again so would probably given away or something after tonight, must have taken a very long time. It was huge, with a gigantic lace collar, what appeared to be multiple layers of skirts, a flower-patterned bodice, and big puffy sleeves. There was also very intricate beading all over, making patterns on the sleeves and skirt. Multiple pieces of jewelry and a crown that was far gaudier than his regular one completed the costume.

He had way too much fun with this one, Sophie thought.

"Well then," she began, "let's get going. There's candy to collect and children to scare." She then, with a fair amount of difficulty, tucked her arm in his, carefully avoiding the gigantic sleeve's beading.

"Yes ma'am!" He replied, in the overly-enthusiastic way only he could.

They stepped off the porch, she locked the door behind her, and they went off into the cold November night.

Happy Halloween