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The Internal Struggles of Christopher Halliwell

Chapter Eight:

How he found Out

Part Two

"What the hell did you do to my son?!" Piper screamed up at the ceiling. After twenty years, it was pure instinct to blame the Elders. It was usually their fault. The fact that they weren't answering, that one of them hadn't orbed into the living room to calm her down, made her all the more suspicious. "Come on you meddling bastards! I know you can hear me!"

Leo stood up and stepped in front of her, halting her pacing. He placed a hand on her shoulder, making sure he had her attention. "I think we need to focus on the matter at hand."

She glared. "I am focusing on the matter at hand! I will not have them destroy my life anymore! You don't mess with my family and get away with it!"

"How do you know it was the Elders? It could have been a demon." He placed his other hand on her shoulder and caught her gaze again. "We need to stop blaming the Elders for everything and instead focus on finding Chris."

Wyatt was confused. He didn't understand what was happening with his baby brother, and he was more than ready to place the blame on the Elders, but he agreed with his dad, knowing they had to find Chris and figure out what was wrong, not go yell at the Elders for what they might not have done. Emphasis on the might. "He's blocking me," he spoke up to his parents. He frowned. "I didn't know he could even do that."

Piper took a deep breath and turned to her oldest. "Do you know where he is? Where does he go when he's angry?"

He gave his mother a doubtful look. "We're not that close."

"What are you talking about?" she asked, taken aback.

Surprised he asked, "You haven't noticed? Mom, he's never been comfortable around me. He doesn't tell me these types of things."

"Comfortable?" Piper repeated. "Comfortable? You two are siblings! You can't get more comfortable than that!"

"Piper," Leo once again interrupted, placing a calm hand on her shoulder, to which she shook off. "Now's not the time." He turned to Wyatt. "Who would know?"

He bit his lip. "You're not going to like it."

"Chris," Bianca murmured. He was at their spot, sitting on the bench, his head in his hands. She quietly sat down next to him and took his hand in hers. "Talk to me."

He looked up, tears of frustration running down his face. "You betrayed me."

"How?" she asked simply.

He used his free hand to run at his aching temples. "You took me to Wyatt."

Playing along, she explained, "It was for your own good."

"What I was doing was good for the world!" he snapped. But his anger quickly disappeared. "I remember this happening, but at the same time, I don't." He gripped his hair in annoyance, angry at himself for not knowing. "Why am I feeling this way? I'm so confused."

She wrapped her arm around his waist, pulling herself to him. "I know, baby. I know. We're going to fix this. Your parents are talking to the Elders and your aunts and Wyatt—"

"Wyatt?" Chris interrupted. He shook his head, pulling away from her. "I can't trust him." His uncertainty vanishing as quickly as it came, confidence taking place.

"Why can't you?"

He glared. "Have you completely forgotten? Has he brainwashed you again? He's killed thousands of innocents. He's killed his own family! How am I supposed to trust him?"

"You trust me, don't you?" she asked. He nodded his head. "Then trust me on this. Okay? Wyatt would never hurt you, or his family." She smiled reassuringly. "Besides, I would always have your back if he were to ever do that."

"No!" he yelled, standing up. She nearly jumped, having not been prepared for his outburst. "I will not go through that again! Last time you did that you were impaled on a broken piece of wood." He shook his head and started pacing. "I'm not going through your death again."

She frowned and stood up, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Chris," she said, concern in her voice. She looked him in the eye, making sure he was listening to her, seeing her. "Baby, I'm right here."

He blinked. "I—I know. B-But I saw you..."

Worried more than before, she slid her hand off his shoulder and into his hand. "I know, baby. Come on. We're going to get you help."

He narrowed his eyes, suspicious. He slipped out of her grasp. He shook his head. "I—no. No. You're going to take me to Wyatt."


Before she knew it, his orbs were flying upward in the air and she was too late to grab them.

"All right, you pretentious assholes, what'd you do to my son?!"

None of them were surprised to find Piper Halliwell Up There, but it didn't mean they liked it. They had been preparing for it for years. They were surprised it hadn't happened sooner.

She was so close minded. She didn't realize that what they had done was a good thing. Giving Christopher those memories, they not only helped him become the leader he was meant to be, but made him aware of the greatness he had done. Piper, though, she would never realize that

"We don't know what you're talking about, Piper," Sandra spoke up.

But at the same time, Odin explained, "It was for the best."

"How do you decide what is best for my son?!" Piper demanded, walking forward angrily, her hands twitching. "Where do you get off?!" Her hands flicked and three nearby columns blew up, causing numerous Elders to duck. But neither Sandra nor Odin flinched, having expected it. Leo gave her a look, but she ignored it.

"To be fair, you never wanted him as your son in the first place," one Elder reminded.

Piper and Leo froze, hurt at what the Elders were suggesting, and silently wondering if it was true. No. It wasn't. They were good parents! Piper's anger heightened even more, which didn't seem possible at first. "How dare you." Her voice was deadly calm. Leo wasn't far behind in seconding that. "What did you do to him?"

Sandra decided to keep her mouth shut from that point on. Even though the Charmed Ones were a pain, they did more good than bad, and she had taken a liking to them over the years, and their offspring. In doing so, she realized when to not poke the bear. Odin, however, detested them ever since they gained their powers back. He thought they could do nothing right and were more of a nuisance than anything. Not poking the bear was a lesson he never learned.

"We had to take the responsibility in our own hands, seeing as you would never tell him. You wanted to forget what happened in 2004. You wanted to pretend it never happened. We couldn't allow that! We took on the parental responsibility you didn't want to deal with."

Leo, utterly mortal, couldn't blow them up, couldn't orb them inside an erupting volcano, he couldn't have predicted this in a million years like Phoebe. But he had been in a war and he could throw a damn good punch. Next thing he knew, his knuckles were throbbing and Odin was on the floor, looking up in shock at the barbaric of it all. Everybody else stood in shock as well, until Piper started to laugh. She shook her head and latched onto Leo's arm. She sent one last glare to the Elders.

Piper could only assume what they did to Chris. They told him. Everything. "Don't you ever do anything like this again. Or see what happens." She then called Paige's name and they vanished in orbs.

Once they were gone, the Elders were at a standstill, not knowing what to do or say.

Odin glared as best he could around his swelling eye. "Somebody heal this!"

Bianca wasn't stupid. She was an assassin for crying out loud. Her job was to hightail people, to figure out every little quirk, and then let it be their downfall. She knew where Chris was going, and he didn't seem all that surprised when she found him on the Bridge, sitting on the ledge, letting his legs swing.

"It's like my head's a jigsaw puzzle, and I had every piece in the right place, but then all of a sudden I find more pieces that don't go anywhere and I don't know what to do."

Bianca was never one for philosophizing, finding it a waste of time, but she mustered all of the strength she had and offered, "Maybe it's time to start a new puzzle."

"What does that even mean?" he asked.

She laughed and shook her head. "I don't know. To be honest, I barely understood what you said. I don't know what's happening to you, Chris, but I promise you, I will find out. Piper and Leo went to talk to the Elders and your aunts are looking through the Book. Why don't we go back to the Manor and find out what's wrong?"

He nodded slowly. "Okay."

"Do you think we're bad parents?" was what Piper first said as soon as she landed in the attic.

"No!" Phoebe and Paige protested. "Why would you even ask that?" Phoebe continued, concerned.

"Because we didn't tell Chris or Wyatt the truth."

Phoebe shook her head. "It would have traumatized them that young."

"Oh God," Piper moaned. "We made it so much worse by ignoring it."

Phoebe gave them a quizzical look. "How did you do that?"

"The Elders told him."

Wyatt, walking through the doorway, asked, "Told who what? Chris? The Elders told Chris what."

"Nothing, Wyatt," Piper replied breezily. She ran a hand through her hair and smoothed down her shirt. "Did you find anything in the book?"

"Piper," Leo whispered. "You just said you made it worse by not saying anything. We should tell him. We need to tell him. He deserves to know what his brother did for him."

He gave them a look. "What did Chris do for me?"

"We should tell them together," Piper stalled.

"Chris already knows."

She nodded. "Exactly! That's why he should be here, to explain…it better." The nod turned into a shake of her head. She gripped the roots of her hair. "Oh, God, I can't do this. They shouldn't have to go through this! This is why Chris went back, so they wouldn't have to know. So they could live a better life and they're going to have to suffer through knowing everything that happened."

Leo caught her gaze and gently pulled her hands out of her hair. "I know, Piper, I know. The Elders are right—" she glared. "—we need to take on the responsibility. They deserve to know."

"Who deserves to know what?" a voice spoke up behind Leo.

Piper started to cry in relief. "Chris!" She ran over to him, taking his face into her hands, inspecting every inch of his face, and then moving on to other visible skin. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Chris muttered, squirming awkwardly.

"Oh, peanut," she murmured. "I know how independent you are, but we're here for you. I know what they told you must have been a shock, but—"

"What are you talking about?" Both Chris and Wyatt asked.

She frowned and took a step back. "The Elders, of course."

"What do they have to do with all of this? You think they did this to me?"

Wyatt growled in frustration. "What is this?" He spun on his heels and pointed a finger at Chris. "What's wrong, man? Why can't you just trust me? I'm your brother!"

"Because you killed everyone I loved!" Chris yelled. "Mom, Aunt Phoebe, Aunt Paige, Henry! You killed all of them on my birthday. Then you tortured Melinda until she died of blood loss and brain washed Prue a-and you killed Bianca." He shook his head as his confidence wavered, mostly all of the people he claimed dead, alive. The cousins weren't there, their parents not allowing them to be. But what about Melinda, where was she? "Where's Melinda?" he croaked.

Piper, of course, thought of the little girl she saw years ago in an alternative future. The little girl who had to hide her heritage or be killed, the little girl whose parents were divorced. "Who's Melinda?"

"Phoebe's oldest."

Phoebe frowned in concern. "Chris, sweetie, I only have one child."

"I know," he snapped impatiently. He started to pace. "In my head, it's like a jigsaw puzzle—"

"Ooh, no," Paige interrupted. "No analogies. Say it straight to us, Chris. You got schizophrenia?"

He glared. "No! I don't!" He paused. "At least I don't think I do. I remember growing up. I remember Dad taking me to the park and you guys teaching me how to sneak cookies and Wyatt being the best brother ever. But then every year I'd get these memories where Dad really wasn't there, and everyone would spend so much time with me to compensate for that and then Wyatt would push me and shove me. And then on my fourteenth birthday he killed everyone. And he became the Source of all Evil and he completely took over America and Canada. He told mortals who we were and let demons roam free. And so I went back in time to save him from turning evil—"

They all let out a little gasp. "Oh God," Piper moaned. "They didn't tell him what happened, they gave him the memories."

"I don't know what's real and what's not," he finished. His eyes started to water in frustration. "I need help."

Piper shook her head. "Oh, peanut, no you don't. We haven't been completely honest with you." She looked at Wyatt. "Either of you."

So they went to the kitchen, where she made tea and the rest of them impatiently waited for the story. Chris and Wyatt listened quietly the first five minutes. Piper, Paige, and Phoebe told the story, with Leo interjecting when he could, but he wasn't around much when Chris had traveled back. Chris silently compared what he knew with what they knew and it matched up too well for it to be a demon messing with his head. So it was true. And then he started to pace, and Wyatt blew some things up. Paige and Leo finished the story in tears because they were the only two to witness him dying.

"I'm so sorry we didn't tell you sooner," Piper apologized desperately. "Please forgive us."

Wyatt shook his head and rubbed a weary hand over his face. He simply orbed away. Wyatt may not have known Chris well, but Chris knew Wyatt inside and out, each version of him. He was too paranoid; he had to know his enemy well. And he knew exactly where he was going. The Underworld.

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