Hey everyone! So here's my new story I promised you guys! So some thing you guys should know...

1) Athena is The first of the birds and Roan and Jakeob are very protective over her...

2) There's no dialect in this first chapter but there will be!

3) This Chapter doesn't really have significants to the story but its just background info to Athena!

Ok? Got it? Good! No on with the story!


Athena looked around the dim lit street. She leaned up against the wall of Hallow's Inn. A cigarette hung from her lips and her hat dipped low on her face, darkening her eyes. Her dark green eyes peered out into the streets. She patiently waited for someone to walk through her field and into the inn.

Patience didn't disappoint her. Athena saw a dark haired, boy, who was sauntering into the bar, a cigar hung from his lips. The burning ember gave somewhat of a light for Athena to follow him. She pushed herself off the wall and walked casually into the inn.

The inn's bar smelled of old whiskey, drunken men and tobacco. It wafted inside of her nostrils and gave Athena a sickening green feeling but she pressed on. Scanning the bar her eyes gazed over to the sauntering boy and she made it clear to him she was there. Sitting down at the end of the bar, her black cowboy hat dipping low onto her face, shielding her features in darkness. Her fingertips tapped impatiently on the smooth surface of the countertop and the bartender, who had noticed Athena, became nervous as he slowly inched over to her, his palms producing clammy hands he had to wipe his hand on the towel he was using. Once the bartender had reached Athena he swallowed hard, which gave Athena a sickening smile. Raising her hand, Athena pointed over towards the boy who was scribbling something down. The bartender nodded and waddled over to the boy, who looked over at Athena, nodded at her and Athena left. The darkness wrapped around her and swallowed her whole outside.

The boy slithered against the wall of the bar and looked across at Athena. The two stood in silence for awhile before the boy cleared his throat. Athena looked at him with cold eyes.

"Athena." He said coldly.

"Mark" She complied. He held out a dark shadowy hand to her and she shook it. A crumbling sound pricked her ears. When their fingers let go, she quickly put her hands in her pockets. He nodded his head towards her, bid her good day and proceeded out of the alley. Athena counted in her head and waited for a signal. After counting to the approximate time she looked around the alley. Seeing a fire escape Athena scurried up the fire escape ladder. When she reached the roof, her shadow ran across the rooftops, making sure her silhouette was invisible to the naked eye. As she came to a gap between building, the faint but distinctive sound of a fist fight pricked her ears. Athena ducked down, crouching onto her stomach and perched her head over towards the fight. There were four newsies. Three burly, muscular ruddy mass of a body and a less muscular body. The two bodies were taking turns bloodying the other body. Athena watched in pure anger. She grabbed her flute from the waistband of her trousers and played a gloomy, haunting tune, ending in a very eerie high note. The three bodies below looked up and around for the strange piper who played the music. The found no one in the alleyway.

Shing. Thud.

The bigger one of the two ruddy masses looked next to him, his eyes widened in pure terror. A hunting knife. Two inches from his skull. It gleamed in the moonlight of the alleyway. In that short time of the two gawking at the knife, studying the hilt of it, looking for identify of an owner, the third boy unmatched himself from the boys clutches and made a bolt for the other end of the alley. When the two boys notice the kid's absents, they realized he had escaped. One looked at the knife and saw an initials.