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It was a busy evening as usual at Hotel Transylvania. Wolf pups were running around, Murray brought in more sand, Eunice was her loud self, Quasimodo was running the kitchen, families were wandering throughout the hotel, and a happy Dracula was running the hotel and greeting a monster here or there.

Meanwhile, Mavis was pacing in her room as her zing, Johnny, watched in wonder.

"Dad, I figured that, you know, since you've allowed me to date a human, maybe you'd let me go around the world." Mavis rehearses.

"But, Mavy, it's a dangerous place out there." Johnny pretends to be Dracula, helping her rehearse.

"I know, dad; but that's what you said about humans. Now look! You've allowed a human into my life and you even got to see for yourself that humans have changed! You have to trust me and just let me go out and explore! I have to determine these kinds of things for myself!"

"Well, I understand. If you think you're ready, you can go."

"Do you think my dad will give-in that easy?" Mavis questions.

After thinking about it, Johnny says, "Hmmmm probably not; but I still think you're ready to tell him."

"You think?"

"I know."

"Okay. Wish me luck." Mavis says and brings Johnny into a hug.

"You don't need it." Johnny reassures, embracing her.

"Thanks," With that, Mavis exits the room and goes downstairs into the lobby to find her dad. She finds him talking with Wayne and Wanda- the mother and father of all the werewolf pups that ran around the hotel.

"Dad, am I interrupting?" Mavis asks her dad, otherwise known as Dracula- the head of Hotel Transylvania.

"Not at all. What is it, my little mouse?" Dracula asks, turning away from Wayne and Wanda so that he could have a proper conversation with his daughter.

"Well, you see, you've allowed me to date Johnny, and that's great. I thank you for that."

"No problem. You two zinged! I couldn't keep that apart."

"Yes, well, I was think that, maybe, you would also let me travel around the world?"

"I don't see a problem with that."

"I had a feeling you'd say that, but I don't see what the problem is if you let me be with a human. Besides, you had promised, and- wait a minute, did you just say yes?" Mavis questions.

"Of course. I've experienced the humans for myself and they have changed. You may go."

"This isn't another trick, is it?"

"Not at all. I haven't made another fake human village, I assure you."

"So, I can go around the world to real human places?"


"Holy Rabies!" Mavis cheers, using her usual exclamation whenever she was excited. "Thank you, dad!" Mavis thanks and hugs Dracula.

"No problem, my little mouse. I trust you and Johnny now. Plus, you are 118 years old; you're old enough now, and I need to let you go."

"Thanks, dad. Well, I guess I should go pack!" Mavis says excitedly and uses her vampire speed to rush back up to her room. Dracula smiles after her, but unfortunately he was in front of a door with a shrunken head hanging from the doorknob.

"Yeah, of course you trust her." The "do-not-disturb sign" says sarcastically.

"What do you have against me? I do trust her!" Dracula lashes out and swiftly walks away.

"Yeah, you just keep pretending! Let's see how that turns out!" The head calls after him.

Mavis finds Johnny messing around with a suit of armor. Mavis giggles at the sight and walks up to him.

"Johnny!" Mavis addresses her zing.

"Oh hey, Mavis!" Johnny greets before giving the suit one last good punch. Mavis giggles again.

"Guess what! He said yes! We're going around the world! Just the two of us!" Mavis gives him the good news.

"That's great!" Johnny beams and pulls Mavis into a hug.

"Let's go pack!" Mavis says and the two rush off to their rooms, holding hands.

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