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In Which Harry's Name is Actually Harry

The Prolouge

Harry Potter and Wednesday Addams got along exceedingly well for a pair of small 5 and 7 year olds (respectively) living in a house full of homicidal maniacs. Wednesday taught Harry how to survive in her house after he was dumped off on the Addams' porch by a woman with a strange resemblance to a horse. Horse-Lady as she is known as, claimed the babes mother was the biological sister of the Addams family who was given away for being "normal." The Horse-Lady proclaimed she was giving away the child now because he had been too strange ( and therefore too Addams for regular people ) and little Wednesday took a liking to the tiny three year old boy immediately. Everyone was extremely happy with the arrangement. Granted the young boy had to adjust to the families new way of showing affection, but after he realized that being hurt in this house was only a result of your own stupidity, he was happy to dodge axes and learn to fence with deadly precision and skill for a young child if only because Wednesday hugged him close at night and started him on only small doses of poison. The hectic mentally instability of the Addams family was the sweetest time Harry had ever known.

Now Harry was a shy boy, unnaturally so really, but that was why Wednesday liked him. He didn't talk, but he got his point across. Though getting his point across was often just was him staring at you until you did something. It unnerved most people, but the Addams loved it. Really, the Addams house was the perfect place for Harry. He learned to hunt, and to sacrifice, he learned to torture, maim, all pureblood wizard customs and even adopted the noble inflections expected of the household for formal occasions even though if he couldn't or wouldn't speak them. After all, you should be polite when chopping someone's limbs off right? Harry knew he'd like to be offered the choice of which god he was to be sacrificed to, and he'd like to know he was caught by a well brought up killer; after all getting killed is no excuse to abandon family pride.

It was an all in all fun place to live for Harry, and for two years he simply adjusted to the life of the Addams, for two years he learned to love Mama Tish and Papa Gomez and Grandmama and Uncle Fester and Wednesday and Pugsly and Pubert and Lurch and Thing. After two years, Harry was defiantly the sweetheart of the family. The adults were charmed with the shy smile and completely endeared with the attention Harry paid to each of their crafts. Gomez's dueling was watched and imitated, Grandmama's potions and cooking were always with a little helper around, Fester met his match in small pranks and explosions, while Lurch found small hands often helping in his gardening, and the most loved of all, Tish was practically being stalked. Her magical arts often drew quiet giggles and gasps, and Harry was seen actually waltzing with Tish's grace one day when Wednesday and Pugsley were practicing Shakespeare. Speaking of the children, they made significantly less attempts on Harry's life than they did on Pubert's when he was born. Wednesday was constantly reading to Harry about the Bermuda Triangle and Torture techniques and Pugsley more often than not would ruffle Harry's hair whenever he passed. Even Pubert loved Harry, as it was Harry who could rock him to sleep when Tish was out and Harry who would play with Pubert when everyone else was busy. Yes, Harry was well loved in the Addams family and the Addams family was well loved to Harry.

So when it was decided that regrettably, an adorable 5 year old Harry had to go to school, the family had a large reunion as a party and Harry's past as a British Wizarding Savior was discovered. Now the Addams family was in no way disconnected from the world or unaware of its proceedings; they were very much a part of it as they were well looked up to purebloods and they had celebrated the Dark Lords demise as much as any other self respecting black magic inclined family in America could. They had scoffed at the ignorant British Ministry and made fun of Voldemort's idiotic methods and lack of real black magic. They had toasted the Potter boy's triumph but had never really cared much as it didn't concern them. It hadn't occurred to the Addams that the Potter boy's name was Harry or that the famous Harry Potter was their Harry until a British Uncle had pointed out the scar and explained the significance. The Addams had been shocked and a little distant with Harry for the next week or so, until Thing found Harry crying in the bathroom and the Addams realized that Harry was still Harry and he was an Addams in both blood and soul. The family became very possessive and protective of the young boy, thinking that some day an old coot by the name of Dumb-as-a-door would come and steal Harry away. Still though, the family let Harry play and severely maim and be happy as any other Addams child.

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