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The answer to last chapters challange was... The Seven Cardinal Sins! Lust, Envy, Glutteny, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride. Next challenge at the bottom!

The class was dark and gloomy, puffs of odd colored smoke rising to illuminate the scowling yet contemplative face of the Potions Master. The scratch of a quill was heard, emanating from the piece of parchment on the Professors desk. Furious scribbling at first, then a harsh line. It spelled doom for the students, their morale dropping with every flick of the quill's nib.

Severus Snape's Scroll of Scientific Synthesis...It wasn't catchy. Severus Snape's Spectacular Scroll of Synergy...Sounded too chipper. Severus Snape's Scary Scroll of Scorpion Solutions...Now he was just trying too hard. Severus sighed almost inaudibly. How was he going to come up with a good name for his new potions collection? And why did his name have to start with a S- It wasn't like the author of "Paragog's Potions for the Pathologically Promiscuous" had a hard time coming up with an interesting theme for his potions collections now did he? A growl made its way through his throat, momentarily paralyzing the nearest student in fear. Maybe if he tried a different letter, something easier to fit words with. Like the letter C! C started words like cannibalism and cadenzas, they should make for some eye-catching titles. C, how about...cuddlefish! No, no, no, NO. Cu..mbia mi lord, cumbia. Bad Severus, no muggle songs. C...co..cooooo... cookies? Absolutely not. Much too conspicuous...wait. Aha, conspicuous! Wonderful word, that. Conspicuous...Conspicuous Concoctions ...of Catastrophic Consequence. Perfect!

Perhaps his excitement had gotten the better of him though, for at that moment Severus' magic preformed a bit of accidental magic- causing the sensitive potion his class was brewing, Alihotsy Draught, to explode in Dean Thomas' face. Snape, despite his unmoved exterior as he chewed out the first year and deducted a large sum of points, was inwardly very flustered. Imagine, accidental magic, at his age. Why, that was like premature..he better not finish that thought.

With a languid stroll, he turned and made his way to the Slytherin side of first years. Snape watched the cauldrons as he passed, slyly pointing out certain directions and ingredients his students had missed. Each table was making a vaguely passable potion, except for young Addams. The boy was sitting with his face practically in the ingredients and his hand actually in the potion, stirring the mixture. Severus blinked. He looked about the classroom. Was no one else noticing this? Apparently not, because each other occupant of the room was carefully minding their own business. Severus debated on commending himself for conducting such a focused class, and screaming at the dunderheads for being so unaware of their surroundings.

He settled for a minor notice-me-not charm and crouched down next to the boy.

"Harry?" He whispered. Harry looked up. "Why are you stirring with your hand?" Green eyes blinked at him, once then not at all. An empty hand pulled out of the cauldron and Harry grabbed another sticky handful of Ammoniacum. Still unblinking he again stuck his hand in the solution. Severus noted that the potion was changing a more potent color and still not blowing up. When Harry was done he turned around again to look at the book. "You...just fixed the problem of gradual exposure. Potions Masters have been trying to do that for decades" Harry smiled sweetly and nodded. The knife in his hand chopping some of the more poisonous plants. A choked noise went through Snape's throat. "20 points to Slytherin." The only response was a heavy blush.

Daphne Greengrass spent much of her time alone. She enjoyed the subtle things in life, a good book, the gallop of her favorite stallion, the gentle calmness of bubbles in her family's brewery. Each thing had a sort of poetic softness, it wasn't like the constant jabbering of normal pureblood society. She was an intellectual, though that often was understood as aloofness, and that aloofness didn't really earn her many friends. The only person she had was her childhood friend, Blaise Zabini, who was very much like her in many aspects. And though Zabini was a good friend, Daphne often wished she had another- someone to talk to and allow her out of her shell. Her chance for this arrived in the form of Harry Addams.

Yet, due to her solitary lifestyle, she never really had to make friends before, so she did the only thing she understood. She watched the younger of the two Addams, and she urged Blaise to watch him too. What she found was rather odd. He seemed shy to an extreme point, yet when he was with his sister he exuded a sort of confidence that never failed to enthrall Daphne. She suspected it had the same effect on Blaise. It couldn't be denied that this Harry was a person to be watched, to be befriended. The only problem now was how.
Daphne was dubbed "Ice Princess" of Slytherin already, and Blaise was worse off than even her in the socializing department.

It was Blaise's idea. Daphne would never come up with such an embarrassing thing on her own, even if it would be most effective. The very thought of it was shameful, I mean really. Going to your mothers, asking how to make friends? Disgraceful. But still, that's what Blaise and Daphne did. Lady Greengrass found it sweet that her perfect little doll, who always was quiet and mature, was so frazzled by the one situation she never thought she'd be in. She was exited as well, Daphne never really had good friends on her level and from the letters she received, this Harry was a perfect match. The sedate noble-woman sent sweet butter beer and assortments of nice things for Daphne to share with her new friend. Lady Zabini on the other hand was rather intense about the whole matter, and while no less exited that her baby boy was finally being sociable, it was for the reason she wanted her son to be a bit more flirtatious and join in the family business of seduction. Daphne couldn't deny though, the look on Blaise's face when he got advice back like "impress him with your killer body," "pin him to the bed with your shirt off," and "lay on his bed naked," was more than enough to pay for the fact that this was all Blaise's idea in the first place. The few suspicious packages that had the composed Italian sputtering and blushing like a young girl were just the icing on the cake. What exactly did those small things implicate anyway?

Once the awkwardness of Blaise's failed plan to befriend the young Addams wore off, the two friends were ready to try again to befriend the odd boy known as Harry. The time to act came on Halloween. Professor Quirrell had burst into the room and fainted. More like feinted in Blaise's opinion, but that wasn't the point. The elder of the two Addams, Wednesday, was off with Marcus Flint, most likely in a broom cupboard somewhere. The feast that night was long and lively, something the sternly braided girl couldn't abide, and so Harry was left to his own devices, eating and humming placidly. When the troll was mentioned, the houses scattered. Through the mayhem Harry looked oddly calm, the only expression on his face confusion as he attempted to first find his sister, then find a way to get back to the Slytherins. His small body was being pushed and herded out the door to the Ravenclaw common room.

Daphne tried to call a prefect at first, but they were each too busy coordinating the others to help. The writhing body of Addams was disappearing behind the doors. Blaise made a split second decision and bolted to the doors. Pushing past the bigger bodies all around him, he used his slightly lesser body mass to weasel into the spaces available to him. Daphne had an amused flash through her panic, how Slytherin of him. Daphne tried to get past as well, twisting her body in ways only open to one who had taken dance classes for as long as she had. She didn't have Blaise's talent for finding advantages though and was often blocked as she tried to follow the pathways he had inadvertently marked. She soon lost sight of the boys and was left stranded in the now dwindling numbers of students. She rushed forward now, trying to find them, but there was of course no trail to their path. She stomped her foot. Boys, always running off everywhere. A soft melody echoed through the halls and Daphne took a minute to recognize it. Blaise's mother's lullaby. It was the one often sung when Blaise was lonely or terrified, she knew it because he always sang it with a Scottish accent for some reason.

Daphne followed the echos through a twisting pattern of small hallways. She followed it past statues and paintings until she came to a dead-end. No matter which way she went in this narrow hallway, the song got quieter. She wondered if it was a trick of the school, perhaps Blaise was nowhere near here after all, perhaps the echos had led her to the wrong place.

"Blaise!" She called out, frustrated. The movement of the tapastery behind her made her jump. The dark hand of her friend gripped her mouth and pulled her back behind the giggling of some Chinese Emperer's concubine.

The startled face of the young Addams stirred a sense of motherly affection Daphne never knew she had. Even though Harry didn't speak, they knew that seeing him so vulnerable made them Harry's new protection committee. And both Blaise and Daphne were ok with that.

Sorry for not updating more people but I really don't know where this is going. Any ideas will help speed the process so contribute! Pairing votes are still open, but this is the second of the implemented challenges. Here goes - With every great "evil" there is always something to counteract it. The Seven Sins have a counterpart called The Seven Cardinal Virtues. Where the sins are described as "deadly" these virtues are heavenly. Chastity, Abstinence, Liberality, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility are each the opposite traits of their corresponding sin. The challenge is, where will these traits be showcased?