Love Knows No Bounds

Epilogue: The End?


Hikari regretfully stared down at Primary Village, her heart still aching to some extent. She was sitting quietly on top of a small bluff above the Village, allowing her a good lookout point and a far enough distance away from the town of baby Digimon. The Chosen Child of Light could hear the other Children's happy cries as they played, especially Daisuke' loud, obnoxious shouts.

With today being a big hatching day, the Digimon had specifically asked for the Chosen Children's services. Not only could they help with the hatching, but they had the ability to garner other Digimon's support so that they could also help with the birthing and caring of the new baby Digimon to come. Of course, the Chosen Children could not refuse to help the Digital World and all of them agreed to come. That is, Taichi submitted everyone's consent except for his sister's.

He knew, like some of the others, that Primary Village held too many memories for her to bear at this point in time. She still needed some time before she could ever return to the Village without feeling pain or heartbreak. So with that, Taichi commanded Hikari to patrol outside of Primary Village and for her to do as she pleased until they were done. They would message her when everything was complete.

Hikari sighed tiredly as she relaxed against a huge rock behind her back.

"Are you all right, Hikari?" Tailmon questioned with worry, rubbing her furry head against her partner's arm. "You look beat." Ever since the Dark Mist had taken the human girl prisoner, Tailmon had been glued to her partner's side.

Turning affectionately to the feline Digimon, Hikari gave the white cate a reassuring caress. "I'm fine, Tailmon. And you're right, I'm just feeling a little tired," she answered with a gentle smile. Done exploring their small area, Salamon appeared from the brush and plopped a seat beside Tailmon and Hikari as well.

"Miss Hikari, why don't we join the others in the Primary Village?" the Digimon asked curiously as she stared down to the place where she had been born.

A soft, inaudible whisper then escaped her lips. "Takeru." Hikari, with her chin resting on her knees, gazed sadly at the Village. A light breeze blew through her delicate strands of chestnut hair. Ever since Takeru's untimely death, the young lady could not stand to ever enter Primary Village again. Although she had found her peace and had come in terms with her loved one's death, she could not yet enter the Village. It hurt her heart too much to go near the place where Takeru had been murdered while he tried protecting her.

Footsteps could be heard climbing up the rocky trail behind Hikari. As rocks tumbled down the trail and mountain, she could hear that the person was quite clumsy with their footing. She sighed deeply in annoyance, knowing that no other person except one could be as so clumsy. "Daisuke, for the last time, I am not going to Primary Village," she stated out loud. "Thank you, but no. I've explained it five times already why!"

The footsteps continued towards her. Hikari spun around, about to yell at her friend. Everyone, even the Digimon, knew that she wanted to be without the others right now. She just wanted to remember and to forget without distractions. "Daisuke, I said—" She gasped.

"I thought I'd say hi," Takeru whispered sheepishly, his face tainted with a rosy haze. He stood awkwardly at the edge of the trail, wondering if he should continue or retreat.

Tears brimmed Hikari's ruby eyes. "Takeru, how are you—I don't understand. What's going on?" She wiped away the falling tears, hoping to stop them; however, her efforts were futile. One by one, her tears fell like rain.

Seeing her cry, Takeru quickly ran to and embraced Hikari, never wanting to let her go. He nuzzled his face into her sweet smelling, soft hair and held her body close to his. The young man could not name a time when he was happier. "I don't know either, Hikari. I really don't know what's going on," he attempted to explain while resting his head against hers. "All I know, Hikari, is that I'll never let you go. I'm never letting you go, even if you belong to someone else."

"Which is impossible, silly," she managed to giggle while touching noses with him. "I'm only yours."

They both laughed as they kissed like they had during their final farewell.


Taichi silently watched Takeru and Hikari's reunion from afar, glad his sister was finally happy again. The danger had finally passed, and Yagami had nothing left to fear; there was nothing in this dimension to threaten him or his security. "Now, the Darkness will not harm anyone," he sighed with relief. "The others will not awaken their powers or memories, and the repetition of Time will be avoided."

Now with the Child of Hope's revival, Taichi's debt to Takeru had been repaid. In return for protecting his sister's life, he had found a way for the young man to return to their World. The Ones from high above had arranged everything, as long as Taichi had agreed to follow their terms. Naturally, he had agreed to such easy terms. Now that all was fixed and harmonized, he, Yagami Taichi, would not have to fight the one person he could never defeat, even if he had the whole universe by his side.

"What are you doing, Taichi?" Yamato asked as he walked to his friend's side. "Everyone is looking for you down in Primary Village."

"I'm admiring the horizon," he honestly replied while returning his attention towards it. "The sunset's beautiful, isn't it, Yamato? I can't help but smile at that fiery orange and red; it makes me feel happy but sad at the same time."

Yamato smiled at his friend and looked to the horizon as well. "It reminds me of Sora; she makes me think of the sunset all the time."

"Yeah," Taichi sighed, his eyes slightly narrowing with sad thoughts. 'A sunset marks an end of time, a final farewell to the time within Light… when will my time in the Light end?' He clenched his fists, frustrated that others limited him in his pleasures and happiness. 'When will I have to return to the Darkness, to the place without sunlight or a new dawn?'

Yamato immediately noticed the change in his friend's mood and asked, "What's bothering you, Taichi?"


Ishida frowned and grabbed Taichi's arm, forcing the brunette to face him. Stormy cerulean glared into impassive swirls of mahogany. "Taichi, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to yourself, to us? What are you hiding to make you willing to lock yourself away from us, from me? Does it have to do with Sora?"

Taichi chuckled woefully at the blond man's question, waving his friend's left hand off with an indifferent one. "No, this isn't about Sora, Yamato. I've realized how Sora feels; like I've said before, I'm all right with the two of you."

'I've given up my feelings for her. She wasn't the one, from the very beginning, and I knew it.' He smirked on the inside. 'It was just a silly attempt by me to change… to change fate before history repeated again.'

"Then what is wrong, Taichi?" Yamato demanded through clenched teeth. "Let me help you with whatever you're facing. You've told me once that I'm not alone, and that I don't have to deal with my problems on my own." He wanted to take a step closer to his friend but felt the distance Taichi imposed on both of them. Instead his other hand grabbed Taichi's other arm. "Now I'm telling you the same thing. You're not alone in this, Taichi."

'Let me help—if you don't want the others to help, fine. But at least let me help you!'

"There are just some problems that I have to deal on my own," Taichi replied, firmly pulling Yamato's other hand off of his arm. "And when I mean on my own, I mean without anyone else involved; having someone else involved would only complicate the situation."

'Yes,' he thought sadly. 'There's no need to further complicate the situation. If anything gets complicated further, then we all might be in danger. Right now, it's only on me.'


He turned towards Yamato and smiled; he smiled as if their conversation had never happened. "Don't worry about me, Yamato. I'll be fine, I promise." Looking down the cliff, he noticed their friends waving at them for attention. "Eh, and it looks like the others want us. We better get down."

Pushing and shoving Yamato ahead, Taichi laughed at his friend's reaction and followed him down the trail towards Primary Village. Before the horizon was out of sight, the brunette took one last glance at the setting sun and sighed.

'My sun is setting; my time in the Light is done.'

Taichi looked forward with a set, stern expression.

'But I promise not to let the Darkness take hold of me ever again.'


Author's Note (28.12.2007): All right, after five years of working on this story, I have finally made it into something that I can be proud of. Granted, it's a little too dramatic and cheesy for my new taste now, but I'm still proud that I wrote such an epic and completed it in a satisfying manner. I hope that everyone has enjoyed this and hopefully—maybe someday—I will post the sequel to this story. Thank you, everyone, for your support: praise, criticisms, flames, etc. You've made this writing experience wonderful.