"Thor, give it back!" whined Loki, as he stumbled after the unbearably irritable, diabolical, archenemy that was his older brother.

Laughing heartily, blue eyes flashing, Thor called out, "You'll have to catch me first!" He looked back at his irked little brother with satisfaction, but failed to look where it counted: at the wall he presently collided with at top speed. He grunted, in pain and embarrassed. Wasting no time, Loki pounced on him.

The two boys scuffled furiously, until a sharp reprimand rang out: "Thor and Loki Odinson! Stop. Now." In a panic, the boys stood up and watched fearfully as Frigga advanced towards them, a disapproving expression on her face.

"But Mother, Thor had stolen my book! I was merely-"

"You wouldn't play with me! I was bored. Why do you never-"

"I don't care who started it, or why," interjected Frigga, "The ambassador from Vanaheim is arriving shortly, and the two princes of Asgard are battling in the hallway like brutes! You two should be in your chambers."

Thor scowled, "But Mother, we never are allowed to meet visitors from other realms! We represent Asgard as well! One day we… one of us shall be king. We should be willing to observe important political affairs." Loki nodded along with his brother defiantly.

Shortly after, they were both sulking in their shared bedchamber. Frigga had locked the door with a spell, and although Loki had tried valiantly, his magic was still too insufficient to even budge it. Both princes were bored out of their minds. They wrestled again, briefly, but even that game grew old. Now, there was nothing left to do. Loki didn't even want to read.

Suddenly, an odd noise permeated the silent, sullen atmosphere. A sort of breathing in and out, or gears scraping. Lights flashed, and as Thor and Loki stared, a large, blue box presently appeared in the center of the room.

Jumping up excitedly, both boys ran towards the odd box, but before they could reach it, its door opened. Thor grabbed the back of his brother's shirt and pulled Loki behind him, stepping forward with fists raised. "How dare you enter the chambers of the princes of Asgard?" he demanded with an attempt at a growl in his throat.

Out popped the head of a man. He regarded them, in a bemused manner, and then slowly opened the door all the way, revealing himself fully. His hands were up in a gesture of surrender.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any harm," he insisted, "I was trying to get to Paris." Both boys blinked at him, having no idea what a Paris was. "I'm the Doctor. Hello!"