Carlos: Oh my God you guys! Guess what!

Ada: You got your first boner?

Leon: *Laughs* Good one Ada,

Ada: *Glares at Leon* Fuck you man whore...

Leon: *Walks away sadly*

Claire: *Smirks*

Carlos: *Frowns* No! I get boners all the time you Asian asshole!

Kmart: Ouch,

Carlos: I think i'm pregnant..

*Everyone looks at Carlos*

Sherry: Huh? O.O

Rebecca: Wha -? O.-

Ada: Holy shit... ._.

Claire And Alice: Fuck to the what?!

Leon: ... .

Carlos: Yeah there was this thingy on the counter and I put it in the toilet and then after I was done it said I was Preggo.

Kmart: Shit...

Claire: Watch your mouth young lady!

Kmart: Okay..?

Ada: Where's the ummm... Thingy...?

Carlos: *Throws it to Ada*

Ada: *Catches* I'm going to ignore the fact that it is soaked in your piss.

*Jill comes in*

Jill: Why the hell do you have my pregnancy test?

Ada: *Immature girly voice* Ewwwwwwwww!

*Steve and Barry laugh from the kitchen table*

*Alice Sighs*

Alice: Oh what a day...