Author's Note: Takes place in universe 616 starting from the off-panel discussion between Gambit & Rogue referenced in X-Men Legacy #275.

Chapter 1 - Magneto & Rogue breakup discussion between Anna & Remy

"Ah broke it off with Erik." Anna said and continued,"You were right, Remy. About all of it. Ah'm just not ready to be with anyone right now." They were walking along the campus grounds side by side. It was Fall now in Westchester but the weather was unusually warm despite the slight browning of the leaves across the trees of the campus grounds. The changing of the season marked that it was almost a year since they had been together romantically and since then both had gone their separate ways.

"Ah just need to figure out who I am. Ah must be crazy..." She said and touched Remy arm. He stopped walking, turned to face her and started to talk but she continued quickly, "Remy, your my best friend. Ah really don't know what I'd do without you in my life. Ah know this friend zone stuff isn't- ideal after all we've been through together..."

"Anna, I'm fine. We've been through this already, chere." Remy said and then winked adding,"Just don't project any images of you two having sex into my brain, k?"

Anna blushed and broke eye contact with him to look away in embarrassment. "Oh my god, Remy. Don't remind me. I still get funny looks from people over that."

"You get funny looks? Your memories didn't exactly censor my details." Remy reminded her but then laughed. "But, thanks for the advertisement."

Ana rolled her eyes and swatted him lightly on the shoulder. They laughed together and Remy checked his watch.

"Seriously, Anna. You're not crazy. I'm proud of you figuring out your powers and you're a great group leader. You helped a lot of kids this past summer & neither Magneto nor I were involved in that. So, just stick to what you are doing & stay alive. You'll be fine."

Ana smiled in return. "Thanks Remy. You always know how to put things in perspective & make me laugh. So, what are you up to tonight all dressed up?" She said referencing the slate grey deep v-neck polo shirt, navy vest and black pants he was wearing.

Before he could answer Northstar called out from behind them "Hey Remy, we're ready to go." They both turned to greet him and Jean-Paul landed on the ground a few feet away dressed up in a cobalt blue textured polo shirt with black pants. "Oh, hey Rogue. Sorry, am I interrupting?"

"No, it's ok. Ya'll go and have some fun." Anna said.

"Meet you by the gate in 2 minutes?" Remy said and Northstar nodded.

"K, we're taking my car."Jean-Paul said taking to the air but then turned back sharply snapping his fingers to add, "Oh, Bobby has designated driver duty tonight so rag him about it."

With that Jean-Paul flew off to get his car and Remy turned to Anna explaining, "Going out for drinks with the guys. You should go out & have some fun at some point, chere. Life isn't just about work. Night Anna."

"Sure, night Remy. Thanks again. Maybe Ah will." She said as he gave her hand a squeeze before turning away to head towards the gate where Jean-Paul's car just appeared. Kyle and Bobby were congregated around it about to file in. Logan crossed the courtyard and met Remy halfway so they walked over to the gate together to meet the rest of the crew by the car.