Jack couldn't believe he hadn't seen it coming. One second he was flying freely above the trees, then the next his staff had been wrenched away. His eyes widened in panic as he started to fall, his head whipped around, looking for his missing staff. As he spotted his staff and started reaching for it, a stream of nightmare sand wrapped around it. Pitch was now hovering in the air, twirling Jack's staff in his hand. Jack was about to let out a stream of curses when a Nightmare crashed into him and everything went black.

Jack pulled at his restraints, which were made of nightmare sand and every time he moved it burned his flesh. How had this happened? He thought. The shadows that filled the room flickered and there was Pitch. His amber eyes stood out among the shadows.

"Oh Jack! So nice to meet you again." Pitch said in a mocking tone. He jerked his hand up and Jack was pulled by his restraints until he hung at eye level with Pitch, his feet couldn't reach the floor. Then Pitch slammed him into the wall. He raised his other hand and grabbed Jack's face, so his palm was over Jack's mouth and his fingernails could dig into the skin of his cheek. Jack winced against the pain. It doesn't matter, he thought, I'm immortal, I can't die. Pitch glowered into Jack's icy blue eyes and scowled, they were filled with everything besides fear.

"We'll just have to change that now, won't we?" He asked Jack. Jack fought against his shackles as Pitch let go of his face.

"What do you want, Pitch?" Jack yelled. Then the restraints fell away and he hit the floor with a thud. His head struck the tile and stars danced in his vision. He couldn't even tell where Pitch was. He gave up and layed down on his back, trying to find his sense. A hand shot down and grabbed the front of Jack's blue hoody.

"What the-?" Was all Jack could get out before he was backhanded across the face. His head was still fuzzy but he gingerly touched his cheek. A shooting pain went through his whole body and he gasped. He couldn't move at all.

"What's wrong Jack?," Pitch hissed, "Can't handle the pain? I can help with that Jack." Then he kicked Jack in the stomach. Tears sprang to Jack's eyes but he dared not shed them, he wasn't weak.

"Get used to this Jack. The Guardians have no idea where you are. You're stuck here." Pitch began to walk away.

"And by the time you are found, you will be a broken shell of who you once were. You will never be the same." With those parting words Pitch disappeared and Jack was left alone. His breathing was heavy and a bruise was starting to form on both his stomach and cheek. He hated Pitch so much. I'll never be the same? He thought. What was Pitch going to do to him?

Jack had been trapped in Pitch's lair for who knows how long. He had scratches, cuts, and bruises all over his body. Dried blood covered his skin because Pitch wouldn't wash it away. He could swear some of his bones were fractured.

Right now he was sitting against a stone wall, shackled to it. His arms hung limply at his sides and his legs were sprawled out. His chin rested against his chest, he had no strength to lift it. He was sleeping, he had no dreams, just darkness could be seen. Pitch appeared and looked at the sad excuse of the ice spirit. I almost feel bad, almost. He thought. Pitch reached out and placed a finger on Jack's forehead. Jack flinched against the touch and Pitch grinned a cruel smile. He focused and Jack was thrown into a nightmare. Pitch watched as the ice spirit flinched and mumbled, screamed and pleaded. Then, all too soon, Jack's eyes flew open and his hands flew to his face. He tried to hide the tears that were falling down his face but Pitch already knew.

"What do you want?" Jack pleaded in a voice that wasn't at all like his old self. It was like music to Pitch's ears.

"Give in to fear Jack." Pitch's voice was like silk to Jack's ears. Jack knew he should fight back and keep taunting Pitch but it was all too tiring. Jack slowly nodded his head and Pitch let out a cruel laugh. Jack winced away, having heard that laugh at horrible times. Pitch knelt down in front of Jack and took a fist full of dirty white hair, hitting Jack's head on the wall. Jack grunted and looked Pitch straight in the eye. His amber eyes glowed brightly and Jack's mind was getting fuzzy.

Pitch stared into the hazy blue eyes in front of him. Jack was giving up. Then, slowly, the color of amber leaked into Jack's blue irises. Jack screamed as the fear and darkness filled his mind, then he slumped against the wall for a moment. Then Jack's whole body language changed, he sat up straight and stared unseeingly at Pitch.

"Will the Guardians come soon? We could have so much fun." Pitch was actually quite surprised but smiled. He waved a hand and the shackles disappeared. He picked up Jack bridal style and took him to a room with minor necessities. He set him down on the cot and left him to sleep. Jack's sleep was filled with nightmares of the Guardians trying to take him away.