"Here I go." I say to no one but myself. I went to the same school with the same kids for years, until now that is. I had moved here from Washington 3 days ago 1 week before school ended. My mom got a job down here in L.A. and couldn't refuse. So I'm walking to my new school, alone. Jorah! You forgot your lunch!" "Thanks Mom." "Have a good day." "I will." I hope. As I walk to school a pack of boys walks a head of me. They're going to slow so I go around them. Almost instantly I hear the whistling "Hey gorgeous!" I turn around to see who would call me that. The boy's leader walks up to me "You must be new. Hi I'm Phillips." "Nice to meet you if you'll excuse me I need to get to class." He grabs my arm. "What's the rush?" I turn around and slug him in the nose and start running. I turn a quick corner to a dead end. "Oh shit!" Phillips comes toward me ready to pumble me. When I hear someone "Leave her alone Phillips." as a tall Mexican boy blocks his path. "She's not yours Rodriguez." "Leave her alone." "Just give her…."As he reaches for me the boy grab his and starts beating him up! " Now don't kill the boy" As I help Phillips up "That's my job!" I kick him in the nuts and knee him in the stomach