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History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on keep on changing parts -Ian Fleming

In the darkened night, the light glittered off the water and flickered as their tiny gondolas disturbed the stillness.

It had taken them a short ride in an unmarked, black vehicle of some sort and from Kendra could gather they were moving into the rich part of Macau. Her theory was proven true when she stepped out of the car to find herself staring at a marvelous looking casino which was separated from the busy city by a large lake. It was adorned with lights that seemed to swath the oriental building in an appealing 'come hither' type of way. It was certainly fancy and Kendra was certainly under dressed. The rather husky looking men who had ambushed them had separated her from Carter.

While Carter had survived his journey in a second car, Alec was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Trevelyan?" she hissed the words at him as he sat in a second gondola that was drifting beside hers. Like her, he too had a rather large, armed man standing right behind him.

"He wasn't important, they left him behind." The words were low and quick. From what Kendra had been able to gather in the last week, Carter was supremely laid back, but now he was tense, nervous even. More to the question of who in the hell they were going to meet.

Flanked by the two thugs, Kendra and Carter entered the casino. As expected they were heavily under dressed for such a swanky place, but the patrons knew better than to question the odd happenings of this particular club. Once they reached the main floor, the guards abruptly stopped. After a second of wondering why, it became apparent.

A woman, a painfully beautiful woman, descended from the second floor with some sort of rich, expensive fabric swirling about her body. Dark eyes surveyed the two of them as curiously as they could, "Carter, isn't this nice?" Her voice was deep and rich and accented, "Someone wants to see you."

"Lovely." Carter did not look as though he was impressed. With a nudge, a guard pushed him towards a shut door. Gritting his teeth, Carter disappeared through the doorway, leaving Kendra alone and utterly unarmed.

"Who are you?" Kendra decided to go straight answers.

"It's late, I'm sure you are hungry." The woman avoided her query and nodded at the guard, who melted away. With an elegant turn, the woman ascended the stairs, this time with Kendra behind her. The comparison was a stark one. While the woman floated up the stairs with a gait like a cat's, Kendra followed awkwardly with her heavy footsteps like and unsteady baby. While she would not admit it aloud, Kendra was most certainly hungry.

A small table had been prepared for them in a corner of the casino, away from prying eyes and ordinary disturbances, "Sit."

The distrust was obvious in Kendra's eyes.

"My name is Severine and I, at least, mean you no harm," the woman nodded and swept an arm towards the table, "Sit."

Something caught Kendra's eye as Severine extended her arm with a flourish. It was a certain tattoo on the inside of her wrist. Curiously, she sat down while distractedly trying to get another glance of the faded black ink. As soon as Severine herself was seated, a waiter brought their first course, a colorful salad that looked happier than Kendra felt.

"What's your name?" Severine asked after taking a sip of red wine.

Gritting her jaw, Kendra stared stonily at the perfectly white table cloth.

"Very well," she nodded in acknowledgment of the girl's hesitation, "In that case, perhaps you have a question for me."

With a guarded glance, Kendra picked up her fork; "Your tattoo."

It wasn't a question, but Severine understood it regardless, "A mark from a painful past. Nothing more."

"My mother had one too."

Severine's eye brow quirked, "Did she now?"

"Ah Carter, dear boy!" looking jovial, the white haired man under whose employ Carter was currently held, smiled widely, but it did not reach his eyes, "You made it to China without any troubles I assume?"

It never did.

For as long as Carter had known this man, he had only seen him a number of times. Every time Carter wondered what had happened to this man that made his eyes so cold and furious. There was no feeling in those eyes, just a dull hatred that would occasionally flare given the right catalyst. Carter was not a such a catalyst, his eyes were clear and amused, "Not in any effort to get in your way, Silva."

"Yes, yes, an unfortunate coincidence," Silva nodded docilely, which made Carter wonder if it was really a coincidence, "You've done beautifully, but I'm afraid the job is done." In response to the look of confusion on Carter's face, he continued; "I simply wanted a chance to see her in person in order to confirm a suspicion. Now I have."

"And I?"

Silva motioned to one of his guards and Carter tensed.

"006, where the hell have you been?" M sounded antsy. Then again given the fact that dozens of agents probably had their covers compromised all over the globe and endangered innumerable projects gave M justified reason to be a little nervous.

"I got cut off," Alec shook his head. After Kendra and her friend had disappeared into two unmarked vehicles, the remaining two guards had simply left him there on the side walk feeling utterly in consequential, "I didn't find the drive. It was a wild goose chase."

The sound of M clenching her jaw was almost audible. This would not be good for any of them.

"Is that all?"

"Yes ma'am."

For now at least, Alec would keep the younger Bond's involvement a secret.

Somewhat dazed by a rather heavy conversation, Kendra found herself back at the airport with a one way ticket back to London paid for in cash.

Carter was gone. Despite the many times she demanded to know where he was, Severine refused to yield any information. Truthfully, Kendra very much doubted the woman knew herself exactly. From what she could gather, Severine was employed by the same person or persons that Carter worked for and judging by the fact that the woman had no idea who Kendra was, things were on a strictly need to know basis. Though Kendra did not want to leave the country without first finding both Trevelyan and Carter, Severine made it clear that Kendra's free pass would end if she did not take the first flight back to England.

Actually as she fingered her tattoo, Severine had explained in a low voice; "Young women get lost here and can almost never escape. Never. Leave while you are still able."

Apparently, her mother, like Severine, had been a sex slave in Macau in her earlier life. Due to some unknown circumstance about which she refused to speak about, both Severine and her mother had been saved from the life and her mother further broke away from Macau entirely, something it seems Severine had not been able to do. Kendra got the feeling it was do a man, not a lover, but a jailor. Of course she had no proof, so all Kendra could do was listen patiently as Severine explained it all.

"You're mother, it seems, could not fully escape from this place either," Severine released a puff of smoke, "You say she died and you were sold to a trafficking ring in Amsterdam?"

A rather ironic smirk appeared on her face. Severine did not doubt it was Silva's revenge. Decades ago, he had 'saved' them for their terrible fate and then Serena had turned heel and vanished so completely that not even he could find her. Kill the one that got away and sentence her child to the same fate as her, it seemed like the type of revenge he would perpetrate. But once again, Serena Belfort and now her daughter, proved to be more resilient then anyone expected.

"I suggest you leave town, Kendra," Severine smiled at the tiny girl, it was a smile that was somewhat close to kind, "Leave this place before you too become trapped."

Having found out only a handful of details to do with her mother's secret past and almost nothing about her father's death, Kendra was hesitant to leave Macau. However there were some risks that she even she was not willing to take.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilites decreasing, regrets mounting - Haruki Murakami

Three Months later:

Knock, knock

An ominous sound.

Since MI6 headquarters had exploded earlier that day, the whole of London seemed to have entered a state of unofficial martial law. The streets were utterly empty and desolate save for the occasional cop car and everything was quiet, both out of mourning and worry. For her part, Kendra had hidden herself away in her apartment as she had done so for much of the last three months. Aside from school, there was very little Kendra sought from the outside world.

Carter was gone, he never returned from Shanghai and she never had the courage to go back.

Alec had not called.

James was still dead and despite her cyber snooping, she still did not why.

The mysterious man who was responsible for sending her to the hell hole in Amsterdam was as mysterious as ever.

which led to the question of who on God's green earth was knocking at her door.

Keeping her gun tucked against her side, Kendra stood by the door, "Who is it?"

"Q." the letter was smooth and quick and Kendra recognized it an instant. This was the same Q who had helped her many months ago. This was a man of MI6.

unlatching the door, Kendra stood back. He was most certainly not like the other agents she had seen. Tall and leonine, he had scruffy hair and looked more like a graduate student than a spy. He also did not look like a threat in anyway. Judging by the sling his arm was on in and the dirt on his clothing, this man had been in the neck of the explosion at MI6 headquarters.

"What do you want?" Kendra gritted her jaw.

"No pleasantries?" he asked with a rather dry demeanor and judged by the look on her face that the younger child of a famous James Bond was not amused, "Help, Young Kendra, we need help."

The flight back to London was longer and more arduous that Bond had ever remembered a flight being.

Granted he was traveling economy instead of first class and was still recovering from the perpetual hangover of the last three months, James still had not expected the flight to feel so jarring. Having given up the notion of staying away from MI6, London and Kendra, James took the first flight out of Istanbul was soon as he heard about the explosion.

It was a personal move, someone would need intimate knowledge of MI6 to orchestrate an attack upon it and Bond needed to go back, he knew he did.

Too much needed to be squared away.

Swallowing back the taste of bile, he slipped the laser engraved metal key from his security deposit box out of his pocket. The thing seemed so innocuous, but it had been like a lead weight in his pocket for three months. It was a constant reminder of all the failures he left behind.

But still James Bond was coming home. That had to count for something.


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