Bounty Hunter


"I've thought about this moment for many years," she murmurs, flicking her wrist as she held him in place.

He tries to look disinterested.

"How sad for you."

"You Fire Nation scum are all the same," she says, enunciating each word as she slowly freezesthe blood in his veins. "I've often thought about what I'd do if I ever had you at my mercy."

Zuko doesn't answer. He only continues to stare at her with that infuriating, insolent gaze of his.

"And here I have you," she purrs, raking her nails across his chest until they come away bloody. "The banished prince."

Zuko internally winces at her tone, how casually she uses his title, tainting it. He is finally able to turn his head and catch her eye. She looks a bit mad. There's something slightly unhinged about the way she moves, the way she looks, the dangerous gleam in her blue eyes.

"And now that I have you all to myself, you're going to sit here while I enjoy this."

That is when he laughs at her. "Really, Bounty Hunter? Is this your revenge?" He stares at her defiantly. "You know I'm worth nothing to you dead."

Katara's lips curve into a devilish grin. "Who says I'm going to kill you?"

His golden eyes flicker in the lamplight, still hard and defiant, looking at her as though she is nothing, means nothing. In that moment his face resembles many—so much like the men who have ruined her life, who have used and abused her.

Something unnamed and awful then rises up inside her and she gives into her baser instincts. Reaching her hand back, Katara hits Zuko as hard as she can across the face.

Tactile release.

This is only the beginning.


Author's note: Obviously this is AU, and at some point I might expand on this. Katara the Bounty Hunter. It's got a nice ring to it. ;)