Cold dark and scary that's what exile felt like. Exiled off from my own home of Aradia all because of a rumor spread by my own kin. My worst fear has finally come true exile in the mortal world where I will slowly fade into nothing. Keirran promises that he knows of someone who he said will take me in. Leanansidhe. The exile queen she of everyone is known to despise all fey including summer and winter. Keirran the iron prince the one I love. No not love only a mortale with a soul can love. So I don't know what you would call it. All I know is that I feel for him. All I have to do is wait I think as I stay in the shadows of New Orleans. Keirran promised when he was sure no one was watching the would come to get me. So that's what I'll do...I'll wait. Wait for the Iron Prince the boy who can't take his eyes off me. The boy I know as I was told many years ago. the boy who will break my heart, my body and everything that is good and pure and turn it into nothing but despair.