A/N: Welcome one and all to my new story (and my first story that has to do with Pokémon)!

I find it that it's a little odd that there are 10 year old's running around in different regions capturing (practically cute and adorable) monsters, so I decided to change the ages a bit.

Ash - 16

Dawn - 15

Gary - 16

Brock - 18

And now, I have to put the disclaimer that I don't own Pokémon but I wish I did someday. Enjoy the first chapter! Trust me, it gets better as it goes along.)

The Pokémon Center in Twin Leaf was unusually busy on that particular crisp fall day. Nurse Joy had been spending the entire afternoon trying to give Pokémon checkups, going over charts and ordering medicine all while trying to keep the kids that were waiting for their Pokémon occupied.

Thank goodness, there's that magician coming in today, Nurse Joy thought to herself. It's unusually busy here. Nurse Joy remembered that she had booked a Pokémon magician the other day after an incident last week where there were 30 cranky kids waiting for their Piplup, Turtwig and Chimchar. The one thing she learned that day? Never leave 30 kids that were anxiously waiting for their Pokémon by themselves. Nurse Joy continued to take care of the orders when the doors to the Pokémon center opened. The man dressed in all black, with a cape around his neck entered inside the Pokémon Center and started looking around, as if he was looking for someone. Nurse Joy quickly nodded her head and started to get back to work, however she was interested to see what he was going to do. A young girl who looked about 10 turned her head with a confused look towards man.

"Who are you?" The young girl asked. The magician went behind the girls' ear and pulled out a small coin as if it was almost—magic.

"I am a Pokémon magician." The man introduced himself. He then flashed multiple cards, which made the kids look up from what they were doing to stare at him. It was almost as if he was hypnotizing them. The kids quickly all sat around the magician as he took his hat and pulled out a Roselia. "And I am here to make all of your dreams come true." The magician took out a Pokéball from his back pocket, opened it up to show the kids that there was nothing inside and that he was going to make something appear. "I'm going to make a Pokémon disappear—but I assure you, the Pokémon will come back." The magician said as if he was trying to assure the children that it was all a small joke. A girl in the back row came forward with a Pokéball, holding it out for the stranger.

"There's a Vaporeon in here." The girl smiled. The man's face then made a devilish grin but he quickly regrouped himself to put on a nice smile for the girl. He took the Pokéball and fiddled behind his back with the empty Pokéball in his back pocket. He handed the empty Pokéball to the girl while nodding his head as if to say for her to open it. The girl quickly opened the Pokéball to see if there was magic within. To the amazement of the other children, the Pokéball was empty and Vaporeon was gone! The girl then handed the empty Pokéball back to the magician, waiting for her Vaporeon to return.

"All right, now we're going to say some magic words to make Vaporeon reappear." The magician said. The girl quickly clapped her hands, waiting to see what she had to do to get her friend to return. "Say the magic words: Pokémon, return and just like that, Vaporeon will come back." The room full of kids quickly said the "magic words" hoping that Vaporeon would return. No one expected what was going to happen next. The magician pulled out a cloud of dust from his back pocket, slammed it down while the children went into a gigantic coughing fit. As the smoke cleared, the kids noticed the magician disappeared. Nurse Joy was positive that it wasn't a part of the act and that there had to be a thief in the midst. The girl with the now missing Vaporeon started to scream at the top of her lungs while Nurse Joy headed towards the nearest phone. It was time to call Officer Jenny. Nurse Joy heard a couple of rings before the clicking noise that someone picked up came to her ear.

"Hello?" Officer Jenny's voice came from the telephone.

"Jenny? It's Joy." Nurse Joy said frantically. "A Pokémon magician came in and stole a young girl's Vaporeon." Officer Jenny made a 'tsk' sound—as if she had heard of this before.

"That's the third theft from that guy. I'm on it." Officer Jenny replied, but then she sounded serious. "You need to make sure that you're careful with who comes in the Pokémon Center."

"Got it." Nurse Joy sounded a little guilty. It was because of her that the girl's Vaporeon was missing. She really did have to be careful. Any other Pokémon could go missing. The question was, which one would go missing next?

Officer Jenny slammed the phone down and headed out the door to look for the thief. If there was something that she hated, it was the fact that someone would try to steal someone's Pokémon. A little girls' Pokémon was crossing the line for her. As she continued to look for the suspect, she noticed a train that wasn't supposed to be on the tracks—a train that wasn't a train for passengers. It looked almost like a circus train. Officer Jenny proceeded with caution, trying to see if the criminal was inside the train. Before she had a chance to look through, the Pokémon magician appeared before her. He didn't look as nice as when he first entered the Pokémon center.

"Give back the Pokémon that you stole from the Pokémon Center, this instant!" Officer Jenny yelled. The Pokémon magician pretended not to know what Officer Jenny was talking about, and even took the moment to try to annoy her.

"Whatever are you talking about Officer Jenny?"

"Don't play innocent with me!" Officer Jenny quickly retorted. "Nurse Joy and 30 other children said you were the one that stole a Vaporeon. You stole from an innocent child! And now you're going to pay dearly."

"You see, that's where you're wrong Officer Jenny." The Pokémon magician gave a slight chuckle. "I'm not the one that's going to pay dearly. It's going to be you—along with the rest of the world."

"I've had enough of this." Officer Jenny took out a pair of handcuffs. "Hands behind your back!" The Pokémon magician looked as if he was going to oblige, but he pulled out some dust from his back pocket.

"Now you see me." The Pokémon magician threw the dust on the ground, which sent Officer Jenny in a coughing fit. "And now, you don't." While Officer Jenny continued to cough, she began to notice that the train was moving, which meant that her suspect was getting away. Officer Jenny pulled out a Pokéball in haste so that she could at least have a chance to get her suspect.

"Stunky, go follow that train!" Officer Jenny yelled as the Pokéball flew in the air. Out came Stunky from its safe haven as it started to run after the circus type train. Stunky was gaining faster and faster on the Pokémon magician, but as it got close, the magician threw his dust into Stunky's eyes, blurring its vision and sending it into a coughing fit. The train sped up faster and faster, and just like that Officer Jenny knew; her suspect had got away. Officer Jenny returned Stunky into its Pokéball and in the same swift motion, pulled out her walkie-talkie. "This is a message to all of Sinnoh. The Sinnoh region is under a code red! I repeat the Sinnoh region is under a code red." Officer Jenny angrily removed the walkie-talkie from her mouth, watching the train and her suspect take off into the night.