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Gary sat by himself in the Twinleaf Town Pokémon lab, looking at his research and findings about Eevee. All for the sake of science, Gary almost inadvertently destroyed the world. Gary continued to ponder what to do with the information that he almost didn't notice Dawn and Zoey entering the Pokémon lab, hoping to find the budding Pokémon researcher in there. Sure enough, they found Gary was sitting in front of the computer with Eevee taking a nap by his foot.

"Hey boyfriend." Zoey let out a smile towards Gary. Gary turned around, to see Zoey and Dawn standing before him. Boyfriend. It was going to take Gary a while to get used to that one. "Are you ready to get going?"

"Almost." Gary blushed at Zoey before turning back around to look at the computer. "There's just something that I have to take care of first." Dawn walked to one side of Gary to watch what he was doing. Sure enough, it was Gary trying to decide what he was going to do with the research.

"What are you doing? All that research and hard work you put into it." Dawn put a hand on Gary's shoulder while staring at the computer. "I thought that this meant the world to you."

"My research almost killed Eevee, Ash, you, Zoey and everyone else around us." Gary turned to Dawn with a serious look on his face. "Maybe there are just some things in this world that shouldn't be tampered with." Gary turned back around, sure of what he was going to do.

"You're right Gary." Dawn nodded her head. Gary pressed the delete button on the computer, and just like that, the information and all of the trouble was gone. The hard part was over, and it was time to get out of there to celebrate.

"Come on, we still have to plan everything for the party later." Gary tried to lighten the mood. He picked up a sleepy Eevee before turning back to the computer. He let out a satisfied smile, sure that even though he wasn't going to be able to finish his findings, he found that he did the right thing by his Pokémon and by his friends.

"Gary, do you mind if I carry Eevee back to the house?" Dawn wondered. Gary turned his attention to Dawn, seeing that she was serious. Gary let out a grin, handing Eevee to Dawn. He didn't see the harm in letting Dawn dote over Eevee for a little while. While Dawn exited the room with Eevee, Gary was held back for a moment by Zoey, who was intent in trying to get his attention.

"Are you sure you're all right Gary?" Zoey wondered.

"Yeah, I mean I can always do more research on something else." Gary assured Zoey. "Maybe I could do an ancient Pokémon next."

"That's not what I meant." Zoey let out a slight chuckle before her face turned serious. "I mean, are you okay with everything that's happened? With the fact that your friends sacrificed everything just to make sure that you were safe? Are you okay with us?" Gary finally understood what Zoey was talking about.

"With the fact that everyone was almost killed for me, it's going to take a while to cope with everything." Gary admitted. He then took Zoey's hand in his, intertwining their fingers together. "But with us, I'm just fine." Zoey blushed while Gary leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. Gary and Zoey parted from their kiss, looking at one another as if they were the only beings left on the earth. Zoey soon started to pull Gary out of the lab with a smile on her face.

"Come on, if we're going to still be there for the party then we better get a move on." Zoey led Gary out of the lab. Gary couldn't help but have a wide smile on his face. I don't know what's going to happen, Gary thought to himself. But I'm liking what's happening so far.

"Come on, why can't I look?" Ash begged while Dawn had her hand over Ash's eyes. Pikachu was leading Ash towards Dawn's house, already knowing what the surprise was.

"Because I said so." Dawn tried to be stern, but found herself smiling instead. Ash and Dawn reached the back entrance to Dawn's house, while Dawn uncovered Ash's eyes.

"Why are we at the back of your house?" Ash scratched the back of his head.

"Because, there's something inside the house for you." Dawn revealed. Dawn and Ash entered the house where the lights were turned off. Ash wasn't sure if he was going to like his surprise. He wasn't big on surprises. "Gee, I wonder why the lights are turned off." Dawn pretended that she had no knowledge as to what was going on.

"Dawn, either you really don't know what's going on or you're a bad liar." Ash joked.

"Hush you." Dawn playfully scolded. Dawn then went for the lights to reveal that there was a party—for him! Ash wasn't sure what it was for until he read the sign that was hanging on the ceiling. The party was because he had placed in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League. Ash didn't feel like it was a reason to celebrate, but if his friends thought so then he might as well accept the fact that they were doing this for him.

"Congratulations Ash." Brock walked over to Ash and patted him on his back. Ash turned to Dawn, and automatically knew that she was most likely the leading woman of the operation.

"Let's get the party started!" Gary exclaimed, pulling his good friend in the middle of the scene, hoping to get some congratulations in order. Dawn couldn't help but chuckle at Ash. After all they had been through, they were finally happy.

After spending some time mingling with everyone at the party, Ash went outside by himself to get some air. He needed to think for a moment about everything he had went through. He wasn't exactly sure what had happened the past few days, but as long as everyone was all right, then he didn't care. Ash was into his thoughts that he didn't realize that Dawn walked up to him, sitting on one of the logs next to him enjoying the night sky.

"Everything was to your liking?" Dawn wondered. Ash turned his head towards his girlfriend, beaming with pride.

"Everything was great. Thank you." Ash acknowledged Dawn. Dawn blushed and leaned in closer to cuddle with him.

"You know Ash, you really are remarkable." Dawn whispered. Ash looked over to Dawn, actually impressed that she thought he was remarkable.

"Why do you think that I'm remarkable?" Ash questioned. "I think that you're amazing."

"Me?" Dawn pointed to herself.

"Are you kidding, of course." Ash leaned back on the log, Dawn following his lead. "You saved my life Dawn. You took on the Pokémon magician and a Mewtwo in order to save me."

"Yeah, but look at the lengths you went through just to bring Eevee home. You felt that it was your responsibility to bring Eevee back to Gary and you did." Dawn grinned while looking at Ash. "I'm so proud of you."

"I'm actually proud of you." Ash pointed to Dawn. "I underestimated you a little too long. You're completely fantastic. Seeing all the things that you did made me realize why I'm so in love with you." Dawn reddened at Ash's comment, turning away.

"Aww, you really mean that?" Dawn asked.

"I mean every word." Ash pulled Dawn closer to him, but there was a thought that was lingering in his mind.

"Ash, is everything okay?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, I was just wondering, no matter what you'll still be there for me, right?" Ash looked afraid that there might be a day where he wouldn't have Dawn. Dawn grabbed Ash's hand while looking deep into his eyes.

"As long as there are Pokémon Ash Ketchum, I will always and unconditionally love you." Dawn stared at her boyfriend before pulling him in for a long, passionate kiss. There were a lot of things that made Ash passionate about his dream of being a Pokémon master, but hearing those words come from Dawn's mouth made Ash realize that the one person that he wanted by his side throughout the journey was Dawn. Like she said, as long as there were Pokémon they could continue to love each other, as long as they both shall live.