I Can't Stop Loving You

Chapter One

"Hey Jennifer please pick up your phone I'm sorry for what happened to you today just letting you know I didn't cause this." I left a message on my friend's phone.

Today started like any other day getting ready for school which means getting up as early as possible and practically looking like a zombie. So I go downstairs eat my breakfast up and head out to school our school was named after some dude called Benjamin Martin. So the full name would be Benjamin Martin High home of the rebels. But anyway my friend Jennifer really likes this guy named Zack well when were playing soccer today she tripped and fell on his face…and they sort kissed wait let me fix that when she fell on his face she kissed him. He didn't take it well because it turns out he has a girlfriend so he blew up on my own friend she started saying it was an accident. So yeah she went home crying and the whole school made fun of her and called her a liar and other things. As for me I felt bad for what happened other than that my day was fine. I get back home to my usual thing read for a bit about this one guy named William Tavington I never really told anyone but my friends that I love this guy even though in our time his gone. I liked his brutal tactics some people may find that weird but I think his quit an interesting guy. But anyway enough that moving on with my life let's see here my name is Penny Marksin I'm eighteen hair color is brown eye color is Violetyes its rare I know I live with my aunt and uncle cause both of my parents died due to a terrible car accident oh and can't forget about their dog named Fluffy a big Alaskan malamute.

"Hey Stephanie did you ever get a hold of Jennifer I tired but she won't pick up her dang phone." I sighed and slumped on the couch.

"Nada." She sat down to.

"Gahh she's driving me nuts here!" I shook my head in got my phone out to try again.

"Did she answer?"

"Nope not at all it went to her stupid voice mail."

"Hmm here how about this ill go over there and give her a nice chat you wait here so that way I can bring back the news."

"Ok." I got up to watch her go.

She went out the door walked to her car got in and drove off to Jennifer's house I hope she answers her door. I waited for an hour or two for Stephanie to come back from Jennifer's house. I heard a car door slam shut then Stephanie came in looking mad.

"What happened?"

"I can't believe her she…she says she switching schools because she keeps getting phone calls saying she's a liar and that she was trying to make him cheat on his girlfriend."

"Oh my flipping gosh!" I was spazing so bad I smacked into a wall.

"Are you okay?" She started laughing.

"Ouch umm nope I'm not man that really hurt." I put my hand on top of my head.

"Next time pay attention to what you're doing."

"Blah blah blah." I looked at her and laughed.

"Anyway how are we going to stop her from switching schools!?"

"I don't know how we're going to she just lucky that tomorrow is the bringing of spring break." I looked at the calendar.

"Maybe they'll forget about by then."

"I don't think so it's only just be gone." I sighed.

"Ok then.."

"I never noticed this tell now where are your aunt and uncle?"

"Oh them they went on vacation there heading off to Florida." I sat down on the couch.

"How come you didn't go with them?"

"I've been there plenty of times besides I think it's about time I get this house to myself."

"I see why you are still living with them anyway your eighteen now you can move out you know."

"Have you seen the prices of house lately there freaking expensive I can't afford one."

"Hmm maybe you can move in with me if wont to."

"That's a great idea ill move in when my aunt and uncle get back."

"Great anyway I better get going."

"Alright see you around Stephanie." I waved goodbye.

I sat there on the couch watching TV tell I passed out dreaming about my parents again watching them get in the terrible accident. I woke breathing really hard I began to cry. That morning I woke up went over to my kitchen made some coffee and went to take a shower. After all that I sat down and with my cup of coffee I picked my book up and began to ride it. A thought popped in my head I wonder what it would've been like if the British won the war? If William didn't get killed? If Benjamin got killed by William instead? Would my school be named after him instead? I wish I could go back in time then it hit me wasn't there a somebody working on time machine in our school oh what is his name Oh I got its Max! Oh great it's the nerd who has a major crush on me. I sighed oh well might as well see if his done with it right? I got my keys went to my car got in and drove off to his house. I parked in his drive way got out and knocked on the door I heard footsteps coming to the door. It opens he picks his head and gasps he closes it I hear him rummaging around then the door fly's open again this time his in a tux instead of his normal nerd clothing.

"Well hello there Penny what brings you to my house on this fine day?" He smiles at me.

"I came here to see if you're done with time machine?" I stood there looking inside his house.

"YOU DID I mean you did cause I didn't know you be interested in seeing it I thought things like that would be to un cool for you." He stands there looking down at the ground.

"Well I thought it was till I got this idea to try it for the first time you know go back in time with it.

"Really you want to try it out to go back in time!" He cheered up and smiled.

"Yeah really."

"Well it's not ready just yet I just need to do some adjustments on it but I'll let you know when it's done."

"Great here's my number and please don't go around telling everyone I gave you my number just to be cool okay." I gave him my cold stare.

"Ok I promise." He smiled at me.

"Anyway I'm going to go call me when you're ready." I walked back to my car.

When I got home I saw someone coming out from the door it was a police officer he saw me sitting in my car. Crap what did I do I thought to myself he came over tapped on the window.

"Hello Ms. Marksin you probably don't remember me my name is Bishop I was the one who investigated your parent's death and found who decided to crash into them. I just dropped by to say hello you know catch up a bit but you weren't home so I was about to leave tell you pulled into the drive way." He smiled at me.

Something about didn't seem right he was keeping something from me I can feel it. Yeah I'm also keeping something from him to but I'm sure he knows what it is.

"Oh I see well come on in I don't mind company especially when my aunt and uncle are gone they went to Florida." I narrowed my eyes at him.

I lead him inside my house I walked into the living room he sat down in a chair I asked if he would like anything to drink but he didn't want anything.

"Anyway what do you want?" I stood there with my arms crossed.

"You know why I am here." He sat there staring at me.

"Uhh what are talking about I have no idea why you are here." I gave him a confused look.

"Come on spit it out and I'll tell you my secret."

"Your secret?" I titled my head like a dog would.

"Yes my secret I'll trade it for yours."

"Alright but I'm just saying you should know it by now." I leaned against a wall and smiled.

"Ok let's see let me take a wild gander at this put it this way I know what you are."

"Oh I'm so scared not like I know what you are I've know that for a long time."

"Oh really you knew that I was vampire."

"Yes and I knew for a fact that you knew that I was I werewolf." I looked at him.

"Is that why you were here so that way you can that out of me did you want to know that badly or did you just want to make sure it's true."

"I just wanted you to say it now I know for a fact that it's true."

"For some odd reason I don't trust you even if you're a cop I think it's time for you leave now."

"Oh and before I do I'm warning you know if you go back in time I'm setting my vampire flock after you I don't need you to change the future even if you came from England."

Oh forgot to mention that i came from England so yeah that's why I wanted to go back in time was go to help the British army win.

"I don't care I'm doing it anyway besides I got some vampire and werewolf friends of mine that'll help me." I gave him my cold stare.

"You don't scare me hone." He came up to me and patted me on the cheek.

"Get out of here." I growled.

"Oh I'm so scared." He patted me again.

"I'm warning you know unless you want a finger missing then I suggest you stop petting me." I bared my teeth at him.

"Alright I'm going just remember if you do that I well hunt you down." He closed the door behind him.

I watched him get in his car and leave thank goodness to man he made want to bite him or maybe even kill him for that matter. I paced back and forth trying to calm down no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't work. I went outside for some fresh air I paced back and forth on the porch of my house. It finally worked I went back inside to get some sleep.