(Hey guys I'm still new at this so it would help if you can give any constructive criticism, that would be nice)


"There he is! Come on guys, let's get him! DUNCAN I'M COMING FOR YOU!." Yelled the jock named Zak. Oh hi! Um, you're probably wondering what's going on, well to put it in simple terms, this bully was hurting my friend David and I went to try to stop him. Of course me being the skinny weakling he decided to change threatening directions towards me. Zak is the typical 6'5 muscle bound football player in 10th grade for the 3rd time, bully. You know blonde, letter jacket in red, white school colors, those 'perfect blue eyes, bold chin and physic body' that all the girls fall for. Here I am the 5'1/2 bookworm. Black hair, red eyes (for some reason) but let's get back to now, where at least I'm fast enough to outrun Zak for a couple of minutes as I dashed out the door and fled towards the garden at the courtyard of the school.

"Oh…ma…man I… need …to… outrun … tall, tan, and stupid." I pant as if my life depended on it, which it did. I've never paid attention to it but this garden seems pretty old, or at least the part I ran to. The area I was in was a circular area in the middle of the school but was condemned to a courtyard which later became a garden. The area of the place was at least the size of a football field, and the whole place was a maze with 8ft tall hedges. That's when the weirdness started, a faint glow was coming from somewhere in the maze, so what did I do? I went toward it of course. Then the sky, which was a nice blue hinted with white stripes with the ever going warm rays of heat emitted from the sun just went black, and I mean, very powerful dark sky that was hinting of an emerging thunderstorm kind of dark sky, you get me? Well anyways that faint glow wasn't that faint anymore. It was now getting about as bright as a headlight coming towards you kind of bright.

I make a right turn over the almost shifting looking of garden décor' which went from modern plastic lady bugs kind of things, to marble (cracked, yellowed looking) statues which looked like…Cyclopes? Minotaur? Then some weird, fat looking frog. Then there was a stone tablet and caved on it was a corroded picture of a seemingly large bird that was on fire…THE PHOENIX I thought. Then one of a snowman but with a knife (ooh evil frosty) basically they were all filled with magnificent creatures that I thought were something only imagination would only sculpt form it's magnificent marble of creation, something that would take my breath away. Finally did I find the source of that magnificent glow and I stared at it in awe wondering how this common everyday public high school could hold such beauty.

Where the light illuminated there was an old 3ft high pedestal and the source of the glaring bright blued light was a book. An old, ancient book with that exact appearance, a brown 2in thick book with an old, withered, peeling of parchment, cover and a very corroded…(GOLDEN?) spine. I gently and soundlessly walk towards it and gingerly take hold of the antiqued book. My hands, by themselves seem to do what I wanted to do but couldn't cause of my mind gazing upon such magnificence, and open the book with the utmost care. Then a huge flash comes out as if the source of light it held had finally been freed of its imprisonment. I fall and trip back while dropping the book and watch as it floats, opened on its first page and it almost seems to sense my soul and a huge burst of fire comes out of it arranging themselves in such a pattern and once it stops with its movement I see an unbelievable sight.

In front of me…floating midair was lines of fire in a formation I instantly (for some reason understood and knew) that the lines formed a FLAME SYMBOL as if to announce that I am a…a...


On the bottom of the symbol was some other langue I (unknowingly) but instantly knew:

Venificus lunctum, En Magus Nos Fides!


Wizard Unite, In Magic We Trust!

Next thing I know a huge crackle of lightning came down on me and I'm on my back seeing an old man in pajamas.