"AAHHHHH! Elizabeth we could really use a healing spell about now." I'm groaning because I was just defeated by One of Krokopatra's high ranking servants. I see Kevin and Alex in the same position I'm in; kneeling upon one leg and heads bowed breathing heavily with Alex clenching his staff as Kevin was holding on to his axe wand. Luckily it is now Elizabeth's position for casting. She puts a spell in her sword (Don't ask me how that substitutes for a wand) and summons a, well… Bartleby and what he does is a bit odd, he lifts Elizabeth like some exorcism and it seems to have healed her which then he repeats the steps with us, thus giving each of us a shield at the end of the round.

Here comes Alex "Don't worry guys, I've got it." So what he does is almost creepy. A Scarecrow, A scarecrow is what he summons and it looks at the first guard and seemed to have been absorbing his life and gives some back to his owner then repeats his move with each guard. Once Kevin was up I knew it was over for the guards, he summons a blizzard and after each blow, since their health was already so low, each one (after the shout to disintegration act) lost showing that we won.

"Thanks Elizabeth we would've been toast, and for that I'm giving you an honorary nickname like Healy, or, or, oh, how about green?" she looks at me like as if she were wondering if I was serious. "Really? Green?"

"How about LIFESAVER? Get it? Cause yo-"

"Yeah, I get it, but call me that and I will personally send you to the after life myself. Get it?"

"Fine, fine, fine I get it…So where to next Lifesaver. HAHA"

"OHHH SKULLRIDER COME HERE!" she actually thinks she can catch me in the purple lilted maze leading to Krokopatra. I 'm able to maneuver through the labyrinth without getting us caught. I'm feeling so free like I've lost her but then she comes from the left of the intersection we ended up at and, well end up slamming to each with her body on top of mine. We both pant heavily from the game of speed and as her soft turquoise hair falls down to the floor… and for a moment we both stop laughing as her perfect brown eyes stare to my uncommon red, so my inner genius kicks in and I brilliantly say; "Ummmm… you… use conditioner?" Hmph well there goes another intruder passing through my lips and into open ears. "Sorry let me just…" so as we get off Alex goes and blurts; "Well don't let me intrude!"

"Whatever Alex. Look let's just hurr-" BOOM!


"Alright Kroko-ugly! Get ready for the worst battle in your life!" I try to intimidate her but my voice cracked in between the threat. Then what she says completely surprises me (And that's saying something from the past week and a half).

"Why would I waste my time with a normal battle with you fools I'll just kill you with a new technique that you wizards are not familar with" This is just where things went south. She raises here scepter and on top forms some purple aura of energy which became a circular shape similar of a CD then she seems to be making some impression of a batter then swings the thing towards me and that's where my instincts took over and told me to move. 1 second longer and I would've lost my arm because the thing made a horrible deep gash through my armor and I was bleeding like crazy now. I kneeled trying to ignore the pain, unable to scream.

"Duncan!" all of them almost shouted in unison. Alex comes rushing towards me, "No get back or she'll-"ZOOM Alex takes a scratch on his chest and now filling his armor to the color of red. "AHHH" he shouts then drops to his knees clutching at his chest. "Get ready for this "says the scratchy voice of the Krokress. Raising her scepter the whole roof glows purple and forms a whole area of stalactites, then all fall down in a shower of spikes scraping all of us only to be saved by Kevin's quick thinking to form an ice shield.

"You pathetic fools, why do you still attempt to win, all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. "She taunts, there's no way I'm losing to this life size purse. I decide to run towards her, breaking though Kevin's shield and tackling the reptile sliding about 5 feet from where she fell. I try to run towards her but she was faster than what I thought and ends up running to ME and slices a cut to my arm. I'm bleeding like a fountain, trying to gain consciousness but part of her raining spears spell fell towards me getting a cut on me on my right leg so it looked like a red line throughout my whole right leg. I'm feeling the loss of tremendous blood. Then I remember TACO! I skim through my deck and find the spell and try to put it on my staff but Miss. Scales wasn't going to take any chances in waiting on me and summons a huge bolt of electricity towards me and the impact was just brutal. I'm thrown about 10 feet from the battle and hit the wall with such force that I create a crack on the wall and fall down hard on the unforgiving the surface. So this is how I'm going to die? Huh I figured I die of some heroic death.

Krokopatra quickly crawls toward me on all 4s like an actual crocodile and grabs me by the neck and forces me to stare at those hideous eyes;" Fool do you think you were a worthy opponent for me, much less Malistare? Well I guess you wizards are capable of noth-"

"Hey it's called a distraction!" then we both hear a blood chilling; "RROOOAAARR!"

An Ice Giant, I gave enough time to Kevin to create him and now he was swinging his hammer towards the villainess and with the final swing he swung at the reptile villain and she disintegrates to sand about 5 inches from me.

Wow… another… victory, then I fall down and see, well nothing.

I slowly gain consciousness to see a dog in front of me (Marlybonian, so I was sort of use to it by now since some were in Krok) and put a sponge over my forehead. I'm lying down in a small dark room lit only by a candle. I see a portrait on every wall, each like a normal portrait but instead of a human I's a dog. The door opens at the right side of me and I see Alex coming in, his armor repaired and when I tried to get up off the warm bed I … I couldn't feel my legs." Alex, wh…why can't I move my legs?" he look at me and seems depressed and sighs;" We couldn't get you medical attention soon enough, your legs… are paralyzed, for life. I'm sorry."

WHAT! No, no that can't be true, it just can't. I get up and grab Alex by the shoulders "I can't be paralyzed… I just ca-,' look down and suddenly feel so stupid. "HAHAHA Dude, come on, you really think that a few cuts and bruises will paralyze your legs? Nah man it's just the meds wearin' off."

"You have the cruelest sense of humor. Man, am I glad you're not my enemy, what you would laugh at then, the decapitation of them?"

"Probably." Then he turns and walks, apparently I'm on the second floor or so, downstairs. "Don't worry; you'll be better in no time." I turn to see the person (or dog) that helped me out and she was wearing clothes that looked a bit like an olden London style. She walks past me as I decide to follow her down just noticing I'm in my original clothing; a red shirt with jeans and my mechanical pencil still in my pocket with the hook sticking out, and cuts almost invisible.

Once down I'm greeted with a giant brown dog (I don't know every dog's breed, so sue me) wearing a green jacket with white lines squaring in a pattern with an odd looking hat like the kind of detectives wear in those old black and white movies, which was also green with a pipe in his mouth. In his hand was an oversized magnifying glass, the room was tiny but only because it was filled with parchments of WANTED posters and police reports.

"Um…. hello. Nice, uh… place you got here?" He looks at me and seems to be inspecting me then must've comes to a conclusion and replies; "
I am Sherlock Holmes, You are a..14, 15, 16 maybe, year old, Pyromancer, but you don't seem to have been here long, and your name is Duncan Skullrider. "I'm just shocked at that statement. How could he have known all that at a glance?

Kevin passes by me with a tray of cookies;" Hey Duncan, don't worry we've already told Sherlock about you."

Mr. Bones looks at me and flatly says;" I never said I got all that by "looking" at you." Ok well after that moment I look for my armor and can't seem to find it in the living room when suddenly Elizabeth comes in through the front door and announces some grave news to me. "The Krokonimijger wasn't in Krok, right before Krokopatra disintegrated she told us it was shipped to Marlybone, which is where we're at."

"KROKONONMICON!" announces the "oh so wonderful" Mr. Wintercloud.

"So we started this new quest by asking the post office people about what they have been shipping lately. They said they've noticed nothing out of the ordinary, and that they can't see what inside the containers, it's a rule."

After that we all that we decide we would need some rest, Mr. Bones allowed us to stay the night, so we all went to our own separate room for the night.

Well of course my life is anything but relaxing, because that's when the assassin came.