Author's note: This epilogue is for House Calls, my kind reviewer who requested it. It was totally unplanned, until the review inspired it.

Epilogue: The Doctor Comes To Tea

Brian sat in his favorite chair reading. He'd been sitting in his favorite chair reading for hours, fortifying himself with cup after cup of tea. It was a very thick book, but he was a persistent man, and anyway, it was a very good book. Harold had suggested he try Oliver Twist next. He'd just got to the part where Bradley Headstone was stalking Eugene Wrayburn and Eugene was leading him on a merry chase through the streets of London, to Mortimer Lightwood's increasing disquiet. He felt quite a lot of sympathy for Bradley, but Eugene amused him. Mortimer was his favorite character, though. Or maybe Jenny Wren, who reminded him, highly unexpectedly, of Harold Sparrow. Or maybe Mr. Boffin— He chuckled and read on.

There was a tap at the kitchen door. Who came to the kitchen door at this time of night? Reluctantly he put the book down and went to open it.

The Doctor stood there, leaning a long arm against the door post. He looked exactly the way Brian had felt a month ago and now, looking at him, felt welling up inside him again, like he had lost what made life worth it. He looked like a child, somehow. Well, he was Brian's grandson-in-law.

Brian put out a hand. The Doctor flinched, as if he expected Brian to strike him. He didn't expect Brian to take him by the arms and pull him forward into a warm, gentle, comforting hug. It didn't matter that this alien man was something like a thousand years older than Brian. Brian was his grandfather.

The End.