Hello, my fellow readers! I'm sure some of you haven't heard of Vampire Kisses but, I love this book and well, I just didn't put on my favorite books list on my profile! Well, hope you enjoy! Especially, you RomanianBookwarm!


Trevor/Raven = Traven

Claude/Becky = Blaude

Chapter 1: Break-ups

Raven's POV

I was crying in my bed cause, my gothic prince, handsome, and vampire boyfriend just broke up with me.

( FlashBack)

I was on my way to the Sterling's mansion when I saw some paper on the steps.

It said:

Dear Raven,

Meet me at the cemetery I have to tell you something.



I wonder what's happening. Why did he say Sincerely, Alexander instead, of Love, Alexander . Well, anyways I went to the cemetery and when I got there I saw a familiar face. OMG! There was Jennifer Warren making out with my lover. And, now she dresses like ME!

I ran toward them. I pulled Jennifer out of Alexander's body.

" What do you think your doing?" I half yelled and half asked.

Tears are nearly in my eyes.

" Raven, it's not what you think it is." Alexander said, he tried touching me but I won't let him again EVER.

" Don't dare ever touch me again, Alexander, I hate you!"

" And, Jennifer you're an $$hole and a BITCH!"

She gasped and, she just took my hair and she pulled. I yelled for help. And, I felt someone coming nearby. Then, popped out TREVOR from the bushes.

Alexander flashed his fangs at Trevor but, before he can do anything Trevor punched him in his torso and blood dripped out of Alexander's mouth. And, I got hold of Jennifer and kicked her in her private part. She hold it and cried out in pain.

Trevor ran up to me and said, " You okay, Rave?" did my nemeses since, kindergarten just asked me if I was okay? And did he just called me by my real name and not " monster girl".

" Yeah, I'm fine you?"

" Great, as everyday!" he exclaimed with a huge grin in his face.

I didn't expect this to happen but, I just hugged Trevor Mitchell with all my might.

Especially, he hugged me back.

He drove me home on his fancy red camaro.

( End of flashBack )

So, did you guys like it. I hope you guys like it.


Victoria P.

Oh, and I almost forgot the next chapter will be about Becky/Claude = blaude!

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