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Chapter 2: Break-Ups Part II

Becky's POV

I just picked up Raven from and she looks really happy when she got out of her house for the very 1st time.

" Hey, Rave why do you look so happy today?" I asked her confusedly.

" Well, yesterday I caught Jennifer Warren and Alexander making out-" she started.

" Wait, What! Your happy that your boyfriend cheated on you with the biggest slut from our school." I pointed out.

" Hey, you didn't let me finish!" she argued back.

" Okay just hurry up Matt told me he has something he has to tell me." I said excitedly.

" Alright, it was totally romantic Becky like really romantic. I didn't know Trevor was behind a bush until, he popped out at one of the bushes and he just punched Alexander at his torso and I swear there was blood coming out of Alexander's mouth. And, I got hold of Jennifer and kicked her a$$ for the very 1st time!" she said, with a huge grin on her face.

" WOW! That's really great!" I exclaimed.

When we got at the school Raven immediately got out of the pick-up truck and ran to the bathroom as fast as she can.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything but what the hell's wrong with her.

I met with Matt at the bleachers bench.

" Hey, sweetie is something' new today." I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

" Oh, nothing." He said back nervously, showing a nervous smile.

" Are you okay?" I asked him worriedly.

" Yeah." He replied.

When we got there jocks and cheerleaders surround Trevor and beside him was…Raven?

OMG! It's really Raven!

Is she wearing a pink mini-strapless dress, and pink 4-inch high heels?

And, her hair was absolutely straight, a hot pink little bow beside her hair.

Raven ran up to me and hugged me really tight that I have to pull her out of me.

" Raven what happened to you?"

" Do you like my new look?" she asked me twirling around so I can see if I like it or not.

" You are so pretty, I wish I can look just like you now." I said sadly.

" Don't worry, Becks I can help you look very sexy." she said proudly.

" Thank you Raven you're the bestest friend I've ever had at least you're my only best friend besides Matt." I replied, with a huge grin on my face.

" Meet me at my house okay and after-school we can go shopping for hot dresses." she exclaimed.

" Sure, I call Pink Cutzie ( A/N: I made this up my own!)" I said with a smile.

" That would be perfect!" she exclaimed.

At Pink Cutzie!

Raven and I were digging through the racks but, we can't find the right dress for me.

" Raven, can we please go home now. We can't even find the right dress for me." I whined and said exhausted.

Raven's eyes widened.

" Becky, look at that dress it's really perfect for you!" she shrieked.

When I look at my right side. My got wide too. Right beside was the perfect dress for me.

It was a blue sparkly dress with ruffles it the bottom of the dress, also it has glitters everywhere.

I screamed and so did Raven. We ran up to the dress and I held the dress so close to me.

We went to the cash register and we paid it. Damn, I didn't know this dress cost like a fortune.

When I looked at the price tag it said:


Can you people believe it!

We went out of the store when something caught my eyes.

My eyes got really big I thought they would fall off!

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