Quick update! Obviously. Haha. I forgot to save the previously written chapters before I deleted the story, but luckily I have them still on my computer! :) Well, I have this one for sure, but I'm pretty sure I have the other one as well. Well, enjoy!

"You need a shower at a time like this?" Eli called to Adam as he heard the water of the shower. "Just grab a shirt," he said, slipping his leg into the other leg of his pants. "put on some deodorant, and let's go!"

Eli could hear him groan, but no more than three minutes later, Adam was standing in front of him, ready to go. "So, where to first, boss?"

"Well, we could look up and down the halls. She could have been drunkenly stumbling around the hotel."

"Okay, I guess that's a logical thing to do."

"Just grab whatever you need. Keys, money, credit card. You never know what kind of situation we could get into….Oh, ID, too. You don't want a recall of what happened last summer, do you? I mean, dammit, they couldn't tell I was 21?"

Adam shrugged. "Let's just quickly search the hotel for her. If she's not here, then we can go look by the pool."

The two men left their hotel room, making sure to lock the door. They glanced up and down the halls on their floor—11—and then they quickly found an elevator. As soon as they stepped into the lift, Eli's hand flew toward the buttons. He pressed multiple, so that they could visit more than one floor. When they reached the 12th floor, they stepped out, looked both ways, and stepped back in. But before there next stop, there was a long wait, because a large group got onto the elevator. They got a little mad when there was a stop at every floor, but that was beside the point. Imogen was lost in Las Vegas—Las freakingVegas—and Eli could only blame himself for the mishap. He'd promised his dad that he would protect his sister to the best of his ability.

By the time they reached the lobby, there was no sign of Imogen anywhere. She was also not in the gym, near the pool, or in one of the restaurants that the hotel had.

"Shit," Eli uttered. "Uhh…hand me your phone." Adam complied, handing over his phone. "What was the name of the place they were at?"

"Milo's Inn, I think."

Eli quickly typed in the name and waited for search results to come up. "Okay, I got it. It shows up as Boulder City, Nevada, so I assume we have the right place. Let's go!" They both headed out to the parking lot, Eli fumbling with his keys as he tried to quickly get into his car. He handed Adam's phone to him so he could read him the directions.

"So, I assume that they'll be coming here, huh?" Dave asked, scratching the side of the room key with his nail. Despite the heightened situation, he was struck with boredom.

"Most likely. You know how Eli can get attached to something," Drew said.

"True," he agreed, continuing to make noise.

"Can you please not do that? It's annoying."

"It's not doing any harm though."

"I know, but look at this situation. We're not in Las Vegas, like we were last night, which obviously means some drunken charades were taken part in. Imogen is missing. What else? I think that all we can do is sit and wait, and silence is good for that type of thing. We need to try to think back to everything that happened yesterday. We need anything that can give us a hint to where she could be."

"Well, if we're going to have to give it some thought, can we at least have breakfast?"

"Do you ever think about anyone else?" His question went unanswered. "Fine, but we have to make it quick."

Dave hopped off of the bed, and then slipped his feet into his shoes.